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DeafDigest – 07 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 7, 2021

— hearing aid specialist says most deaf are lipreaders

Many of DeafDigest editor’s friends do not lipread
that well. A hearing aid specialist told a
newspaper reporter that most deaf are lipreaders.
Actually if lips are easy to read, it is great;
if lips cannot be read then deaf people do get
by through different ways.


— intelligent deaf person sent to school for mentally disabled

An intelligent deaf person, himself a Gallaudet
graduate was sent, years before PL 94-23 came
into being, was sent to a program for mentally
disabled students! Fortunately the school
district discovered the error of their ways
and had him transferred to a regular school
program for the deaf. Shocking? Yes!


— sign language kiosks

Railroad stations are coming up with new kiosks
for the benefit of the deaf that use sign
languages. These are avatars, not real live
human beings. Will this work? Yes and no.
There are deaf travelers may use sign language
that is not in the avatar programming. Plus
not every deaf person knows sign language.


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