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DeafDigest – 22 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 22, 2021

— appropriate or not appropriate sign language

On a sign language website, it says:
Deaf People Graciously Demo Sign Language for Swear Words and Insults

Is that appropriate or not appropriate?

You decide!


— contact lens for the deaf

Contact lens for the deaf to fix their vision
issues? Yes, but there is a diffferent type
of contact lens. It is for the ear of a
deaf person! Something to do with relaying
outside sound into the deaf ear. The
Ear, Nose, and Throat physician is saying
it does a better job than the hearing aid!


— a over dozen police cars arrive at scene of deaf incident

A deaf employee and hearing employees could not
understand each other at a work place. It resulted
in over 12 police cars arriving at the scene!
Police was carrying long guns and wearing tactical
gear. Once communications was clarified, the police
said that it was a miscommunication issue and that
there was never a threat to anyone, especially the
public. Embarrassing? Very much so.


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