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DeafDigest – 24 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 24, 2021

— a crypto sets up sign language video

CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, is setting
up s sign language video to teach deaf investors
how to use the cryptocurrency system. It is
located on blockchain. Just a warning – learning
cryptocurrency is not a get-rich quick plan, not
just for the deaf but also for the hearing.


— subtitling helps with rising popularity of movies

In Malaysia, a newspaper story said that subtitling
has helped boost the popularity of movies. This
is a pleasant surprise since many hearing people
hate subtitles as well as with captions!


— Year 1805: a book on a tale of Martha’s Vineyard deaf

Ann Clare LeZotte, who is deaf and is a new author,
has written a book – Show Me a Sign, which is about
the deaf in the Year 1805 in Martha’s Vineyard.
DeafDigest editor has not read the book so cannot
comment about the story.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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