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DeafDigest – 27 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 27, 2021

— never to do with a deaf person

A newspaper article listed eight different
things never to do with a deaf person.
Two examples are – never talk directly to
the interpreter and never show pity. The
question is – even if hearing people attend
workshops on how to deal with the deaf,
will they remember? DeafDigest editor is
not sure as bad habits are hard to break!


— impossible job or possible job

Dave McOmie, who is hard of hearing, but
would not describe the extent of his
hearing loss (really deaf or really
hard of hearing) is a professional
safe cracker. He is considered to be
the best and he travels everywhere to
open “impossible to open” vaults and
safes! Does he listen for clicks?
He wouldn’t say – trade secrets!


— hearing person with no pity learns a lesson

A powerful businessman, who was rude
to the deaf and disabled, has learned a
lesson. His newly born son was found to
be deaf. He went to a supermarket to
some shopping and needed to go to the
bathroom. The cashier, who was
deaf, could not understand him and
asked another employee to help her out.
He admitted it was a painful lesson
for him.


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