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DeafDigest – 28 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 28, 2021

— employer promises deaf employees better quality jobs

Employers say they hire the deaf but basically it is
dead-end, no-opportunity, low pay jobs. One employer is
different; a tire factory said they will continue
to improve the quality of the jobs offered to the
deaf and the disabled. This is the first
DeafDigest editor has read about it! And it is


— Could a deaf person dance to the music?

Of course, it is a silly question because deaf people
love to dance.

Yet, there was a question from a dance instructor:
How can I do this for those with hearing impairments?

We’ve had professional dancers that were deaf. One of
them was Sam Edwards who gave a TV performance of his
dancing skills during the seventies.


— brutal police officer “punished”

There was a story today that a brutal police
officer was “punished” by breaking his own
leg while beating up a deaf man during a routine
arrest. And that he claimed the defenseless
deaf man “broke” his leg! He is facing a
lawsuit over this violent incident.


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