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DeafDigest – 29 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 29, 2021

— a nightmare at a residence for low-income disabled tenants

A residential building in New York City for
low-income disabled tenants is a nightmare.
Elevators break down too often. Emergency
buttons do not work, and deaf tenants cannot
scream for help. A resident said:

it is a deaf building and everyone is deaf;
no one hears these screams and ask for


— 62 complaints

Ofcom is a British agency, just about doing the
same thing as our own FCC. It got 62 complaints, but
nothing to do with communication issues – just about
the way the script was written up for the “Coronation
Street” – a popular soap opera. The script revolved
around a mother of a deaf child, being pushed into
a CI for that child. The mother refuses and is forced
to hide herself for that reason. These complaints
all bark up the wrong tree; these complaints should
go to the script-writing staff.


— an unethical doctor

A doctor has been friends with one person, who fell
down the steps in an accident. They agreed on a
prank – to convince the wife that her husband
became deaf because of that fall. The wife
believed it and for years she communicated with
him through notes and gestures. She eventually
found out the husband was faking his deafness!
For that reason, she filed for divorce. The doctor
admitted that it was all a medical prank that they
never shared with the wife for years!

Unethical doctor? Yes!


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