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DeafDigest – 30 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 30, 2021

— watchdogs and the deaf

Just about everyday we read of new ADA-related lawsuits
filed by deaf litigants. One word caught the attention
of DeafDigest editor – watchdogs. Do these watchdogs
catch these ADA violations? Or does EEOC itself function
as a watchdog on behalf of the deaf? DeafDigest editor
does not know how this works.


— fired for discovering that $200 million was missing

In California, state auditor Alice Stebbins, not
deaf and a career auditor and budget analyst, lost
her job. She discovered that $200 million were
missing. That money was for state’s Public Utility
Commission, earmarked for deaf, blind and poor residents.
She would have kept her job if she kept her mouth shut!

Shame on California.


— shouting no ears, or shouting me deaf

A deaf man, stopped by police, shouted “no
ears” in an effort to tell them he was deaf.
“No ears” may mean he lacks real ears and the
cops may think it is that way. Would it have helped
if he shouted “me deaf” several times until the
cops realize his actual deafness?


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