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DeafDigest – 01 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 1, 2021

— Deaf Sand Bottle valued almost one million dollars

The American Furniture, Folk & Decorative Arts
auction featured a sand bottle featured by
Andrew Clemens, who was deaf. A private collector
paid $956,000 to win the auction.


— hearing loss professor mocks hearing loss student

Do deaf hate the deaf? Well, there was a tale at
George Washington University (DC) of a professor,
himself with a hearing loss, mocking his student
that has a hearing loss. The professor held
his microphone and a receiver above his head
in front of class, and said:

I’ve been informed that there is someone in this class
with a hearing impairment that is larger than mine

The student felt very humiliated by this


— In appreciation

An article in the Forbes Magazine was headlined:

Let’s Stop Fixing Disabilities And Start Appreciating Differences

the writer is correct!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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