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DeafDigest – 07 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 7, 2021

— elite law firms are accused

There was a story of elite law firms that do not
hire deaf attorneys. Yes, a few do, but most don’t.
For that reason, Facebook, HP, and Novartis
and other huge corporations are telling these
law firms to go into diversity or they will
take their legal business elsewhere! Will
these such law firms become diversity-compliant?


— something not required during implants

there is one thing that is not required during
CI implants. It is that brain surgery is not
involved. If this is the reason why deaf people
are scared about brain surgeries, they should
relax about it.


— space landings and the deaf

USA is working with few other nations on a
joint space landings. One big concern
is that either Russia and/or China may
target these satellites for destruction.
If this happens, communications may be
disrupted – leaving the deaf without
means of electronic communications.

Wording is this:
any escalation of hostilities, leaving countries
“deaf, dumb and blind”.

DeafDigest is not sure if this is a fact or
a bad joke because the choice of the words
“deaf, dumb and blind” may show it as a joke?


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