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DeafDigest – 13 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 13, 2021

— a big mistake for deaf student wanting to learn ASL

A deaf student was faced with a choice – to attend
George Washington University (GWU), in DC or to attend
Gallaudet. She chose GWU, thinking she could pick up
ASL by taking ASL classes and by visiting Gallaudet,
hoping to hang out with students, and picking up
ASL here and there. She immediately regretted her choice.
Why stay at GWU? She said their’ political science program
was the best in the nation, and it was her goal to
get involved with politics after graduation. But
is GWU political science classes that really better
than Gallaudet? DeafDigest editor thinks it is not
always that so.


— Superintendent resigns at Atlanta Area School for the Deaf

It was politics that gave Lisa Buckner her job as superintendent
of Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, despite her lack of
knowledge about the deaf and of deafness. Uproar forced
her to resign. The State Schools Director said it was
her choice, not his choice to get out of the job. He
also said students, staff, and community members would
“again” be allowed input on the next deaf superintendent.
What bothers DeafDigest editor is one word – “again”
Would have been OK if it is again, but not “again”



— missing out on subtitles

Captions are shown on American films; subtitles
are shown on non-English speaking films. This
being said, a student, that studies different
cultures, explained that subtitles do not
catch everything such as different numbering
systems and different meanings from one
word or one phrase. And also subtitles may
not be able to catch up with long conversational
sentences. And so on. It does not mean
subtitles are better than captions; just
means there are pros and cons! Also involved
are personal preferences.


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