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DeafDigest – 19 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 19, 2021

— last name is Deaf

There was a big auto rally race in Spain.
The last name of one of the competitors
was Deaf. His first name was just
abbreviated as C. Interestingly
enough, one other competitor was
Dani Sordo. The last name Sordo –
means deaf in Spanish. Did the
writer get both names mixed up?


— lying and forgery

Kenny Cheong Chyuan Lih, a police officer,
was accused of forging accident statements
from families of victims. One such victim
was a deaf driver who was hit by another
vehicle and died in hospital. His sister,
who was deaf, was mentioned in the accident
report. This deaf woman never said anything
and said she was never interviewed by
the police officer. For these reasons
the police officer was suspended. It
took place in Singapore.


— the Corn Maze

There is a Corn Maze in Allenport,
Pennsylvania. It is owned by Tim
Jackson, and it is 8-acres, part of the
100-acre farm plot. Tim is deaf, but
does not use ASL. On first day
130 people showed up; 80 people
showed up on second day, which
was competing with the Steelers
that played that day!


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