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DeafDigest – 25 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 25, 2021

— Five greatest ASL movies

The Hollywood Insider has listed
five greatest ASL movies. These are:

Switched at Birth – (2011-2017)

Children of a Lesser God – (1986)

A Quiet Place – (2018)

Hush – (2016)

Sound of Metal – (2019)

Did the Insider overlook other great
ASL movies? Or that is it?



— the old deaf auto mechanic

A hearing driver had a problem with his
car that he couldn’t fix. He complained about
it with his friend. The friend recommended
an old deaf mechanic at a run-down garage
located on the other side of town. He tried
a nearby hearing mechanic who couldn’t fix
and gave up. He then went to the run-down
garage. The old deaf mechanic, who couldn’t
talk, had the car fixed. So, is it a choice
between hearing mechanic listening for motor
noises or a deaf mechanic that feels the


— AMC accused of an afterthought with captions

Did AMC add captions as an afterthought on
behalf of the deaf? The dictionary said
afterthought means an issue that is added
after an original decision (not to caption)
was made? DeafDigest worries that if captioned
movies are not shown during prime hours, then
attendance may be low. Deaf people have jobs
or chores or errands that may cause them to
miss early hours captions!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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