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DeafDigest – 26 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 26, 2021

— deaf mechanic’s unusual method

Yesterday’s DeafDigest mentioned a deaf
mechanic that solves engine problems that
hearing mechanics couldn’t. Here is
another one – a deaf mechanic that
worked with diesel engines. He was
high in demand by auto repair shops
in Midland, Texas and around West
Texas. He would use a broomstick
with the brush cut off. One end would
touch the vibrating engine; the other
end would touch his cheekbones! Tracking
down the problem, he would immediately get
the engine fixed.


— Prime Minister tries to push interpreter away

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister was
giving a speech at a press conference, and in the
process, tried to push the interpreter out of
the way, but the interpreter resisted. This
Prime Minister then issued an apology but the
damage was done.


— ASL-speaking emergency alert devices

Do emergency alert devices use ASL? There is
a new such device that is being used in
Austin, Texas and Travis County. It is
called the Accessible Hazard Alert System.
Does it show captions for the benefit of
many, many deaf people that don’t use
ASL? It was not mentioned in their
press release.


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