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DeafDigest – 27 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 27, 2021

— eating alligators

Do deaf people like to eat alligators? DeafDigest
editor ate a serving of alligator and it was
delicious and he kept coming for more the
following day. The Deaf Alligator Roast has
become a new annual Deaf Event at a privately
owned campground in Florida, where alligators
are aplenty.


— Disabili-tea, as a new phrase

A deaf student attending hearing college
in one of these New England states,
has come up with a new phrase to
describe his deafness. it is
Disabili-tea. It stands for
inaccessibility, ableism and
continuous description of what
disability is all about. Will it
win over these hearing people?
Why did he pick a hearing college
instead of Gallaudet or RIT? He
simply felt he can do better mingling
with the hearing instead of with the


— a weird interpreteing situation

As a kid, a Coda once interpreted for his deaf
father when a stranger rang the flashing
door button. He was soliciting donations
for Greenpeace. Flustered by the appearance
of the Coda who totally had no idea of
what was being discussed and the father
who got more confused, the Greenpeace
person showed them a can of green peas
hoping they would understand what he
was talking about. They didn’t understand
and the Greenpeace person left and moved
on to the next house. It was only until
later when they realized the stranger
tried to explain he was working for Greenpeace!


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