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DeafDigest – 28 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 28, 2021

— almost same as ravioli

Many people love to eat ravioli. There
is a dish that is almost same, but not
quite so. It is Pierogi, and it is
a pasta dumplings with unique fillings.
A restaurant in Royal Oak, Michigan
serves up Pierogies. The owner is
deaf, and the restaurant is named
Gosia’s Pierogies.


— mocking the deaf, arrested and then charges dismissed

Two young women, riding a bus, mocked a deaf
passenger for her deafness. They were arrested
on hate crime. Yet, the court dismissed the
case as the prosecutor declined to file formal
charges. Why? Just ask the prosecutor, not in USA
but in Great Britain!


— McDonald’s plays games with frustrated deaf customer

A deaf woman drove up to McDonald’s in Marlin, Texas.
There was a sign that asks the deaf to just drive up
to the order window to place their orders instead of
using the voice kiosk. She did exactly that only to
be told to drive around to go to the order window
again and again and again. She has filed a complaint
with the management, which said they are “looking”
into the incident(s).


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