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DeafDigest – 29 October 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 29, 2021

— golf course architect

Ben Stephens, who is deaf, is a golf course
architect. He just gave a presentation on
golf course design at a meeting of the
European Institute of Golf Course Architects
in Wales. It was in sign language. He probably
is not the first deaf golf course architect.
That honor goes to Charles Crowe who bought
the land, designed and built with his own
bulldozer a 280-acre land into a Skiqwaqui
Golf Course in North Carolina in the 2000’s.
Skiqwaqui, however, was a 9-hole course, not
a customary 18-hole course.


— photoshopping a hearing aid out of a picture

Should hearing aids be photoshpped out of a picture?
A student, with hearing aids, was photoshopped out
of it during a class photo session with a local
photographer. The parents are angry about it,
saying their son’s hearing aids are nothing to
be ashamed of!


— preferring subtitles over captions

Which is more preferable – captions
or subtitles. DeafDigest editor thinks
it does not matter to the deaf as long as
they are able to follow what is being said
on the screen. But it also seems that,
according to a survey, that hearing people
prefer subtitles!


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