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DeafDigest – 05 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 5, 2021

— many do not know about this FCC rule

FCC requires all TV captioned programs to be captioned
if shown over the internet. Captions must stay on;
cannot be removed! If we are talking about streaming?
Yes, must be captioned no matter if distributors,
providers and owners of such videos scream themselves
blue in their faces. This is the rule that many people,
not in the entertainment field, are aware of.


— ugly compromises

it is an old story that the living room only has
one TV set; the deaf watching it wants captions
turned on at all times; the hearing person wants captions
turned off at all times. Two suggested compromises,
both ugly – is that sound is turned off and captions
also turned off. Second compromise is that one of them
watch on the house 2nd TV set that is located in a bedroom.
Compromise is supposed to be win-win, but in these
TV cases, it is lose-lose and very ugly!


— these so many words

An interpreter said there are so many words that do not
have ASL signs. It is always a challenge for the
interpreter to quickly invent signs that deaf clients
never saw before! ASL-knowledgeable deaf clients will
catch on quickly; deaf that know ASL but may struggle
with it, may never catch these quickly invented signs!




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