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DeafDigest – 10 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 10, 2021

— winning an election by few votes

Neil McDevitt, who is deaf and was a volunteer
firefighter, won the election for mayor of
North Wales Borough, a tiny town, just above
3,000 residents, located outside of Philadelphia.
He did not lead in the regular vote but write-ins
helped pull him ahead of his opponent. The latest
update is that McDevitt is still leading as the
write-in counts have not yet been completed.
Firefighting? He resigned after finding it
so time consuming.


— deaf-owned winery in Siena, Italy

Fattoria La Muraglia, owned by two deaf brothers,
Giovanni and Paolo Convito, is located in Siena.
The winery is harvested on a 74-acre farm, which
has a hotel that can house 8 tourists. This winery
produces one big batch and one small batch on
an annual basis.


— deaf truckers must tell the government they are deaf

There is a rule that drivers must tell the government
of their medical conditions before being allowed
to drive. The deaf do not have to tell the government
if they just drive cars, but with trucks they must
tell – or face a heavy fine. Not in any of these
50 states but in the United Kingdom.


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