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DeafDigest – 17 November 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 17, 2021

— no more drive-in fast food orders for deaf

Many deaf drivers love to order food at KFC,
especially through the drive-ins. There are
always some hassles between deaf customers
and the fast food staff, many of whom never
met a deaf person in their lives. To speed up
the orders, KFC is experimenting with the
closing up of these drive-ins at certain
locations. This means all drivers, including
the deaf must use their KFC apps to order
their food and go inside for pick ups.
Good for the deaf, or bad for the deaf?
Time will tell!


– title cards for the deaf

In these early days, silent movies were shown,
and title cards were inserted between filmed
scenes. The deaf (and the hearing) loved
watching these silents during the 1920’s.
While silents were replaced by these talkie
films, there were no more title cards (and
therefore no captions for them). Emerson
Romero, who was deaf, came up with these
same title cards to caption these talkie
films. Seems no one gives Romero credit
for his hard work with a few films.
Eventually he gave up on this time
consuming efforts.


— no longer “the only deaf actor” any more

An insider in Hollywood said:

no longer “the only deaf actor” any more

This insider is correct, but it leads to
infighting and bitterness among deaf
actors rejected for roles that other
deaf actors won! Same as with these
hearing actors.


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