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DeafWire Edition – 11 March 2023

DeafWire Edition of DeafDigest

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Deaf student sues

Miguel Luna Pérez, a Deaf student sued the public education system in New York for providing inadequate education. Miguel’s lawyer, Román Martínez, said that for 12 years, the system of public schools in Sturgis, Michigan, denied Miguel an education by not accommodating to his needs and lied to his parents about Miguel’s progress in school. . Judge Elena Kagan said that she believed in the argument that Miguel had done “everything right” by continuing his case.


ASL Community Housing

The American Sign Language (ASL) Community Housing, a residential building has opened at University of Connecticut for the 2023-2024 school year. Deaf, DeafBlind and hard-of-hearing students, as well as hearing students who know ASL can apply to live in the building. It was co-founded by a 4th-year ASL major Lauren Gobler and Donna McNeill, a UConn alumni who currently works at the American School for the Deaf (ASD).


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ASL Instructors – University of Rochester
Senior Director Outreach Consortium – NTID
Clinician, DHH / Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Charlotte, NC
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapist, HH Wilmington, NC



Learning LSM becomes popular

The Inclusive Center for Regularizations, Advice and Workshops (CIRAT) has been giving Mexican Sign Language (LSM) workshops since 2018 and graduated over 100 graduates of San Luis Potosi. Interest in LSM has been increasing since 2020. Daniela Aranda said it is because of further dissemination of LSM and Deaf characters appearing in more films and film and television series.


Deaf Club Rebranded

Bury Deaf club in Greater Manchester has been renamed Bury Hearing Hub which caused confusion and frustration amongst the local Deaf community. Emma Memoirs, a CODA content creator, tweeted her feelings and is upset that the name of a local Deaf club has been changed to the Hearing Hub by hearing people. The post received over 350,000 views. The charity’s trustees are all hearing and cannot communicate in British Sign Language (BSL). The charity defends itself citing its financial struggles for six years and the need to rebrand to support people with different degrees of hearing loss and Deaf people of all ages.

The Old Fogeys

See this week’s cartoon.

THE OLD FOGEYS – View cartoon


Deaf Baristas Come To London

Four Deaf baristas from Cape Town started new jobs in February at I Love Coffee, a cafe in London. Gary Hopkins, 58, who hails from Cape Town, South Africa, founded a cafe named “I Love Coffee”. which recruits and trains Deaf individuals to become baristas. Since 2016 when Hopkins founded I Love Coffee in Cape Town, the business has govem more than 100 Deaf individuals “the confidence to reach their goals and explore other job opportunities”, including computer science and project management courses.

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