DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 14, 2019

— a troubling comment by an interpreter

An interpeter made this troubling comment:

She said:
There are just more businesses not providing
deaf people with interpreters

The implication is that businesses, despite
knowing ADA, would just not provide
interpreters. This is just troubling.


— deaf play more complicated than hearing play

A deaf play can get more complicated than a
hearing play. With the hearing play, voice and
surtitles (depending on the theater) are
both used. But with professional deaf plays,
there are four factors – voiceovers, sign
language, captions and voice. And it is not
always perfect – missed lines for the deaf
and also missed lines for the hearing!


— important deaf man behind famous country singer

Dolly Parton is one of the world’s most famous
country singers. When she is on stage, she wears
different kinds of dresses. The person responsible
for setting up her dresses is Steve Summers.
He is deaf, but functions as a hearing person
and does not know ASL.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 13, 2019

— seven text-to-911 messages in one month

Horry County is South Carolina’s fourth largest
county with population of nearly 333,000 people.
How many of these people are deaf and cannot
use voice telephones? Anyway the county said
their dispatch center received seven calls
in its’ first month of operation. How many
were from the deaf and how many were from
the hearing? No matter – the system is there
for these county residents.


— new app for deaf people that tour museums

There is a new app – called MUSEAI, which is
supposed to help the deaf enjoy touring the
museums. It pulls up information for each
exhibit window. It probably will work with
all major musuems, but not sure if it will
work with smaller museums.


— the deaf with the artist and the photographer

A deaf artist said that he looks at deaf hands first
before doing a painting of a deaf person. A
deaf photographer said he looks at deaf faces
first before taking the pictures. These two
different deaf perspectives!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 12, 2019

— a new word of the week

There is a new word by a newspaper columnist. It is
surdophobia which means hearing people that hate the
deaf or are afraid of the deaf. DeafDigest coined different
phrase few years ago – Deaf Phobia, and both mean
the same thing!


— cop doing right way or wrong way

There was a demonstration of what a cop is supposed to do
when he stops a deaf driver and is being told of his
deafness. The cop would then go back to his car
to get a special communications card. At this point,
did the cop tell the deaf driver, via gestures or
notes, to stay in the car for a few minutes? Or
is it the assumption that the deaf driver
understands what the cop is going to do?


— no response from the deaf community

An independent living center reached out to the
deaf community, asking for advice and feedback
on how to improve communications (interpreters,
captions, video devices, etc). The response
from the deaf community was zero. DeafDigest
is not sure what to make of it! This story
surfaced in a newspaper today.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 11, 2019

— wrong vocational choice

A vocational program for the deaf have been
training deaf students to become dental
technicians. Only one thing wrong –
it is just dental technican courses,
but no other courses in other vocational
fields the deaf may prefer – such as
auto body work, carpentry, brick laying,
etc. These students have no choice even
if they protest!


— Purdue is afraid of hearing students’ complaints

Purdue University is one of the nation’s best
universities. Yet, that university will side
with the hearing if there is a deaf vs hearing
issue. A group of deaf students asked the
professor to turn on captions on classroom
videos. The professor refused – as he was afraid
of getting hearing students, those that hate
captions, angry! Do not know why these deaf
students don’t make a legal issue out of it.
As a historical irony, Purdue’s first football
team, so many years ago, was coached by a
deaf man (himself a Gallaudet graduate).


— deafness not mentioned in deaf man’s successful life

An indie short film profiled the life of a deaf man,
but only one thing went wrong – it did not mention
his deafness. He functioned as a hearing person, who
did not use sign language, a fact that the producers
were easily able to cover up.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 8, 2019

— importance of first responders in emergencies

There was a story of a weather disaster that
left the deaf abandoned for quite some time.
The first responders arrived, “knocked” on the
doors and left, thinking no one was there!
Didn’t happen in USA, but happened in Japan.
Yes, the Japanese local government authorities
weren’t too happy about it.


— refusing to show the presidential insult of Marlee Matlin

Mark Burnett is a TV producer, who is supposedly
close to the White House people, including the
president. Yet, when Marlee Matlin was insulted
by the president, producer Burnett refused to
release the video that supposedly showed it!
DeafDigest is not sure exactly what this means –
either to protect the president from his
uncalled for comment or to spare Marlee the
undeserved humiliation.


— to learn sign is to 100 percent accept the deaf

An activist said that if all hearing people learn
sign language they will 100 percent accept
the deaf in all phases of everyday life.
Really? What if the hearing person learns
signs and still hates the deaf?



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