For two decades (1950’s through 1970’s) in one field,
the employment rates were high and which also offered
travel opportunities for those that wanted it. This
was the International Typographical Union (printers’
travel cards). If there were vacancies at union
shops, then printers with these ITU cards had the
first priority in hiring. It was a boon for these
deaf printers that sought employment security and/or
travel opportunities. Many young deaf printers
traveled from city to city, from union shop to
union shop during these years. Many Gallaudet
graduates, disdaining the degrees they have
earned, became printers for that reason. One
said “ITU card is money in bank for me.” Times
have changed – union shops have downsized
because of technology, printers have been
bought out, union shops went out of business,
etc. As a result, printing is no longer the
lucrative employment opportunity for the deaf.