A remarkable individual was the late, Dr. Robert M.T.
Simmons, of South Africa.
    Dr Simmons, a deaf person who relied on sign
language as his primary means of communication,
taught classes in Neuroanatomy and Neurolingiusitics
at The University of the Witwatersrand Medical
School. How was he able to teach these courses for
28 years at the world’s third best medical school
and train many of these world’s best doctors from
everywhere in the world?
     Interpreters? No. Lipreading? No. Said son
Paul, himself deaf:

My father was a creative instructor using a wide
variety of teaching tools to ensure that his students
learned the subject that he was assigned to teach.
He made use of a lot of “hands-on” activities.

     At one time Dr Simmons moved to USA and hoped
to launch a teaching career at Gallaudet
University. Unfortunately things didn’t work out
at Gallaudet and he returned home and went back
to his old teaching position at the medical