Years before ADA became a law, a deaf man, himself an oralist,
was the branch manager of a statewide bank in a southern

He supervised the banking operations at the branch office
and dealt with banking customers.

When dealing with hearing customers the bank security
guard would “steer” difficult-looking customers away
from him and towards another customer service person.
With easy-to-deal customers, the security officer
would lead him to the deaf manager.

While the manager was an oralist, his speech was not
always that easily understandable. Instead he would
show them the computer screen and point out these
banking transactions, allowing them to see for
themselves with a minimum of explanation.

Everything was going great for him – until –
something happened! It was ADA, as the new law.
The panicky bank administration offered him a
huge settlement to force him to leave his job!

He thought settlement was great, allowing him
to comfortably live off his retirement years.
While this was true, he quickly got bored at
home and had not been able to find employment

It was a bittersweet retirement for him.