Known deaf members of European royal families

Lady Joan Stewart, 1428-1486, Princess of Scotland

Queen Alexandra, 1844-1925, Denmark

Princess Alice, 1885-1969, of Battenberg (town in Hesse, Germany)

Prince Eddy, Duke of Clarence, AKA Prince Albert Victor, 1864-1892

Prince Henry Ghica, Romania, early 1900′s

Infante Jaime of Spain, 1st Duke of Segovia, Grandee of Spain, son of King Alfonso, 1908-1975

Princess Maria Cristina, Spain, died 1996

Princes Katherine Plantagenet, England, 13th century

Queen Mary, Eddy’s mother, was congenitally deaf

Prince Emmanuel Philibert de Carignan, Italy, 1628-1709

(royal lineage in Italy may be overrated because many Italians claim
such royal blood in their genes)