DEFINITION: The Recreational/Leisure Specialist (RLS) will follow the
responsibilities of the Child Care Worker’s job description
along with assuming additional responsibilities. He/She
will assist the Child Care Supervisor in carrying out
responsibilities to be sure the program is structured and
running smoothly.

• Associate Degree or BA/BS in Human Services related
• 1-2 years direct childcare experience in residential
treatment with deaf and hard of hearing children.
• Familiarity with community recreational resources.
• Ability to plan and organize group events and activities.
• Ability to safely supervise students.
• A second language fluency in American Sign
• Verbal and written communication at sufficient levels
to ensure effective and appropriate communication.

SUPERVISOR: Residential Director

The Recreation Specialist will oversee the activities program on a day-to-day basis seeing
that staff carries out their responsibilities. He/She will be responsible for the recreation
planning for units within WS, guide/instruct staff on daily routines associated with these
activities, and the supervision of children. Duties include, in addition to all Child Care
Worker responsibilities.
Monitor leisure programming to ensure structure and safety.
Be sure logs and activity reports are completed daily.
Report to supervisor any concerns i.e.; poor staff performance, policy violations, clothing
needs for children, etc.
Work with Child Care Supervisor to develop monthly activity schedules with direct input
from students.
Model therapeutic interventions, which reflect the treatment philosophy of Walden
Participate in program planning sessions with other site staff (including OT/PT)
to develop activity, healthy exercise, and lesson plans.
Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with students,
faculty, staff and the public.
Ability to multi-task by working on several projects; ability to work under pressure to
meet deadlines and objectives.
Highly motivated; task oriented.
Maintain an up-to-date calendar of events readily available to all students.
Keep accurate records of all student activities.
Assist with the supervision of events.
Maintain accurate records of all volunteer programs that students participate in. Develop
and support volunteer program and verify student volunteer hours.
Coordinates student volunteers to participate in on and off campus volunteer programs.
Organize specialized presentations for the site or program. Prepare news releases, flyers,
newsletters and posters for recreation activities or programs. Contact outside community
agencies to increase public awareness.
Conduct daily recreational activities such as sports, games, dances, exercise, arts and
crafts classes and other special events for program participants. Organize and implement
daily recreation activities for program participants of various age groups.
Maintain inventory control on all games and equipment.
Teaching rules and procedures of various arts, crafts, games and sports.
Organizing and maintaining large groups; maintain discipline at indoor and outdoor
recreation areas.

Must be physically able to perform all duties of the job including restraining assaultive
students when necessary, pursuing running students, and participating in sports and
recreation activities with students. Job may also include prolonged standing, frequently
lifting up to 50 pounds, pushing, pulling, bending, stooping, twisting, reaching above
shoulder level as well as reacting quickly to minimize escalating behavioral outbursts.
Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are most qualified
will be invited for an interview. The Learning Center for the Deaf is an Equal
Opportunity Employer.