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DeafDigest – 14 April 2019

DeafDigest Blue – April 14, 2019
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube
This week’s ASL videos in youtube
Top stories about the deaf:
Finally in New Zealand, the deaf people now have
weekend video relay services. Previously it was a
Monday to Friday operation.
The “Silent House” is an upcoming British novel
about a crime taking place in the Deaf Community
and involving an interpreter.
Texting service for 911 calls in Memphis
has begun.
There is a worry that the Horace Mann School for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Allston, MA) may close,
because of issues with the building. Close temporarily
or close permanently or to move to another building? At
this point, no one knows.
Willie Ross School for the Deaf (Longmeadow, MA)
is now breaking ground to expand its building.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
  What happens when two separate groups are invited
  to the same party?
  Both groups will ignore each other and chat only
  with members of its own group.
  An example is a VIP Democratic person marrying
  a VIP Republican person. These Democrats and Republicans
  will not mingle with each other.
  This is for hearing only, not for deaf? Wrong! DeafDigest
  editor has been to weddings and big events where Gallaudet
  people and NTID people were invited.
  The Gallaudet people stayed with each other and the NTID
  people did the same thing.
  Democrats-Republicans. Gallaudet-NTID. No difference!
— This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
A hearing wife asked her deaf husband to go to the store
The hearing wife (who does not sign) said something like:
please get me Jerry ice cream
she actually said:
please get me cherry ice cream
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    There are many newspaper stories of successful deaf people.
  They are oral and do not know sign language.
    In many of these stories, there is not one word about
    Are these successful deaf people refusing to admit or
  hiding their discrimination?
    DeafDigest editor thinks they hide their many years of
— This week’s ASL video in youtube:
As viewers of closed captioning, we are very concerned that TV shows,
movies, and online videos are captioned for accessibility. Different
companies have been in the news lately because of their efforts in
providing captioning on a network, the internet, or failing to provide
captioning of their material.
What we need to remember is that it is not the just the quantity of
captioning that is important, but it is very important that the quality of
captioning be maintained. Captioning must be accurate in order to provide
meaningful accessibility.  If an organization says that they caption their
videos, yet the accuracy rate is only 80% to 90%, that is not good enough
to be considered accessible. If one or two words out of every ten are
wrong, it is impossible to understand the message being conveyed.
We must educate ourselves on what is considered good captioning, and we
must not accept captioning that does not truly provide access. It is up to
all of us, as viewers of captioning, to provide feedback to the companies
so that they know where their captioning efforts are succeeding and where
they are failing. Inaccurate captions are not providing equal access.
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
  This is old news but which has kicked up again
this week. There is a serious issue of imbalance
between males and females in the Deaf Studies
major and the Speech Language Pathology and
Audiology major at Towson University in
    Deaf Studies has 8 males and 122 females;
the other major has 3 males and 162 females.
    This issue was brought up several years
ago before kicking up again this week by
Towson students.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
Austine School for the Deaf will close at end of
school year this coming June because of financial
concerns. The Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing, the school’s parent body, will continue
– and they hope to reopen the school in some format
by July 2016. Already, in emails today, school
alumni members are upset about it.
Vermont continues as one of the few states without
a state-wide school for the deaf. DeafDigest
is worried that the list will grow in the coming
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