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DeafDigest – 21 August 2021

DeafDigest Blue – August 22, 2021

Blue Edition

Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 25th year


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Top stories about the deaf:

Derek Wrigley, a deaf Australian architect/designer,
passed away. He was praised for being the best in
both skills, and was awarded Order of Australia Medal
and a life fellowship with the Design Institute of
Australia. He functioned as a hearing person, knowing
no sign language.


Is there such a thing as ASL bicycle rack?

There is one in Frederick, MD which honors
Maryland SD and the huge Deaf Community.
And a new one is coming up in Franklin,


An activist said Federal Government has 17,000
deaf employees.

A fact or an exaggeration?

Do not know.


Eamon McDevitt family has asked for an official
apology from the British government. Eamon, who
was deaf, was shot and killed on August 18, 1971.
He was standing around, minding his own business
when he was shot in Northern Ireland, near the
border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
So far, the British government has refused to


Glennis Matthews has become the new CEO
of the Learning Center for the Deaf.



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This week’s ASL video in youtube


Deaf people hate this hearing boss. He is an
immigrant with zero understanding of American
culture and American customs and American

He cannot communicate with the deaf; he hates
to write notes. When he is angry, often over
“nothing” issues, his face gets red, his lips
are locked, and his fists are also locked.

Why was he hired if he cannot communicate
with the deaf?

Because he is a MIT graduate with a “long”
list of accomplishments, and without thinking,
the agency hired him.

A day after he was hired, it was too late
to fire him!

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Lip reading tale

Try lipreading two words – sing and zing.

Impossible? Yes.

Zing is a phrase that emphasizes “feeling so

Had to google to look up that word – zing as
it is rarely used these days by writers.


This week’s ASL video in youtube

DeafDigest editor, years ago in early 1980’s, was visiting
San Francisco. He visited a friend who owned his own TTY store.
That friend was a strong oralist who did not understand ASL
and could not even understand simple gestures. Even worse,
his lips were very difficult to read.
During the visit, a deaf man, that used ASL, wanted to buy
a TTY. The oral owner and the ASL person could not communicate
with each other. DeafDigest editor, seeing everything, stepped in
to serve as “oral & ASL” interpreter for both men. It was
successful since deaf man bought a TTY and the oral man was
able to sell a TTY.
Whew, it was not easy!

This week’s ASL video in youtube:



We have been looking at how stenocaptioners write final consonant sounds.
A stenocaptioner uses the right ring finger to depress the final L key. We
have seen that the pinkie finger depresses a number of keys, one of them
being the final T key.

There are times when a captioner intends to write the blended “-lt” sound,
and that captioner may not depress the final T key hard enough to make
contact on their steno machine. In that case, an error could be the

Some examples of this would be:
They wondered whose fall it was that the accident happened.
The doctor had him till his head back.
The insect bite caused a red well to appear.

These should be read as:
They wondered whose fault it was that the accident happened.
The doctor had him tilt his head back.
The insect bite caused a red welt to appear.


Gallaudet men’s basketball history book for sale

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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

What are the hot issues among interpreters? State
certification issues – especially in Michigan
and in Washington, DC. Another is interpreters needing
to know how to work with CI students. These topics
were bandied around at the recent RID Conference.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

The Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Farmington, Michigan,
is hoping to launch the nation’s 18th deaf senior citizens
housing unit. This agency is now busy raising funds to make
this venture possible.


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