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DeafDigest – 25 August 2019

DeafDigest Blue – August 25, 2019
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube:
This week’s ASL videos in youtube:
This just in:
Ernest E. Garrett III, who is deaf and was a past
superintendent of Missouri School for the Deaf,
is the new Superintendent of the Louisiana Special
School District (SSD), of which Louisiana SD
is part of. His first day on the job is
September 3rd. This is great news as he is
fluent in ASL, a fact that some school
administrators couldn’t claim.
Top stories about the deaf:
A movie theater in Oklahoma City, popular for showing
weekly open captioned movies, shut down for good,
saddening the Deaf Community.
Deaf senior citizens of Australia have been
turned down on their request for interpreter
funds – for one reason – they are too old
to qualify for the National Disability Insurance
Plan. The deaf community is angry about it.
Deaf Australia chief executive Kyle Miers gave a
speech at the National Press Club, saying that
deaf people have been underserved in all aspects
of life.
Deaf visitors at the Chennai International Airport
(India) can order coffee at the Coffee Box  while
waiting for their flights. The Coffee Box is
operated by an all-deaf staff.
Do not give money to deaf people that beg.
This is the message that the Ghana National
Association of the Deaf is telling the public.
Media Crew Opportunities – 2019
Deaflympics Winter Games
Italy December, 2019
H3 World TV, an international Deaf media organization produces and
streams TV programs using International Sign to worldwide viewing
audience. Our goal is to put Deaf communities everywhere on equal footing
through exchange of information and sharing of cultures.
We are seeking sports writers for its upcoming SportsDeaf TV news coverage
of Deaflympics Winter Games. We are seeking writers with sports writing
experiences, in English language, and preferably with media, captioning,
and/or social media experience.
Deaf Sports Writer
— Begins research now, until December
— Writes on specific topics suggested by writer or as assigned by producer
— Member of media team on-site in Italy
— Research, compile, write and edit exciting stories
— Transcribes signed dialogue and narration
— Travel to venues
— Research current events in the sport
— Makes contacts to obtain insider information or track sources
— Compile reports on players, teams and countries, background, history, profiles, etc
— Be able to dig deep for information not found elsewhere and analyze for successful content
— Verify all story content are both entertaining and factual and list sources
— Captions final videos prior to streaming, knowledge of International Sign (IS) is preferred
— Knowledge of social media tasks
Position starts now. Involves advance planning and research work. Can be
structured as paid Stipend, Internship or Academic/Community Service. We
cover the costs of travel to Italy, local transportation, shared
accommodations, meals, and per diems.
Online application – If you have
any questions, email:
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Deaf people are used to being tapped on the
shoulder – by other deaf people or by other
hearing people that want to call to attention.
    Tapping on the shoulder is a strong part of
the Deaf Culture.
    But tapping on the hearing shoulder is not
OK! Many hearing people object to being tapped
and they may think it is assault and battery.
    Two different things – Deaf Shoulder and
Hearing Shoulder!
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
In Philadelphia, a hearing friend was chatting
with a deaf friend.
That deaf friend is not a baseball fan.
The deaf friend thought the hearing friend said:
Karpek is the greatest baseball player Phillies ever had
The hearing fan (who is a baseball fan) actually said:
Harper is the greatest baseball player Phillies ever had
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Taylor Swift is one of the world’s most popular
singers. In a newspaper story about her, there
was a list of many reasons why she is so popular.
    One of the reasons was her donating $10,000 to the
Horace Mann School for the Deaf two years ago.
Originally she had no plans to donate the money
to that school. But she was pranked by a group
that faked a promise to the school of her singing
    To make up for it (and to get even with the pranksters)
she made that donation to the school.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
People who become court reporters, broadcast captioners, and CART
captioners come from many different backgrounds. Some go to court
reporting school immediately after high school, but there are increasing
numbers of people in the profession who have followed other paths to get
There are some who have bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and even
PhDs and other advanced degrees who have decided that their real love is
realtime captioning or court reporting. They have returned to court
reporting school and learned steno theory and practiced in order to
achieve their goal.
Even for people with advanced degrees, becoming a court reporter or a
realtime captioner takes a lot of practice. In order to achieve their
goals faster, people with great determination may write on their steno
machines all day in school and then go home in the evening and practice
some more. Others may be attending an online school and practice
throughout the day. Some very determined people end up spending more than
eight hours a day practicing in order to increase their speed.
The faster one achieves the high speeds necessary to graduate from a court
reporting program, the quicker he or she will be able to achieve the goal
of being a CART captioner, broadcast captioner, or a court reporter.
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please email
News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
    Nancy J. Bloch, the NAD CEO, will be stepping down
from her position on March 31, 2011. By then she will
have served for 19 years, which is unusually long
for a CEO position anywhere.
    The challenge facing the NAD board of directors
is the same as the challenge facing the Gallaudet
board of trustees – to find someone that will
skillfully steer the ship through rocky waters.
Some CEOs can do the job, some CEOs can’t.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
DeafDigest dedicates this edition to Alisher Anarkulov,
a deaf chess player from Uzbekistan. Participating
at the World Chess Olympiad in Turkey, stress from
continuous competition without rest led to his death.
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