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DeafDigest – 12 July 2020

DeafDigest Blue – July 12, 2020
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 23rd year

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This week’s ASL videos in youtube:
Top stories about the deaf:
Chris Dodd, a deaf Canadian person pretty much
involved in the entertainment industry, has
issued a casting call for a deaf actress in
a future Disney Plus TV production.
Charles Thompson Memorial Hall, St. Paul, MN, was
given a write up in a newspaper, profiling it as
the first deaf social club in USA. DeafDigest is
not sure of that statement.
What kind of a person was Beethoven at the
time he composed the world’s best music.
He did not like to follow the musical
rules, and this is the reason why his music
was a huge success.
A web site, devoted to legal issues, explained
how Comcast won the job discrimination
lawsuit. Costco listed in 1-2-3 steps their
efforts to accommodate the deaf employee.
Each step was turned down by the deaf person.
This argument swayed the Appeals court though
the vote was split.
Aylin Acikalin, a candidate for city judge
in New Orleans, said:
I would like to increase access for sight and hearing
impaired individuals. For example, the city council
does not currently offer subtitles for their meetings.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    The “Twilight Zone” was a popular TV program during
the late fifties and early sixties. And we see reruns
from time to time on cable TV.
    Do we have a Deaf Twilight Zone? No, but there
was a joke about an interpreter involved with the
Deaf Twilight Zone.
    The interpreter, on TV, was located in a small box
in the corner of the TV set. When the program ended,
the interpreter was still stuck in that small box,
unable to escape!
    It is just a joke.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
A hearing person and a deaf person were discussing
these past Supreme Court nominees.
The deaf person though the hearing person said:
Pork was rejected by the Senate
The hearing person actually said:
Bork was rejected by the Senate
Robert Bork was nominated by President Reagan
in 1987 for the Supreme Court vacancy but
the Senate would not approve it.
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    This is a true story. It happened many years ago when
it was not “polite” for the deaf to use sign language
in public.
    A deaf man, using ASL, was introduced to a deaf woman
who seemed to be “oral.”
    The man liked the woman very much, but the deaf woman
“could not sign” and it forced the ASL deaf man to
communicate in an oral way.
    This was going on for about an half hour until the
deaf man realized the deaf woman was skilled with ASL.
    He asked her why was she using oral language while
she could use ASL. She said it was not polite and also
embarrassing to sign in public. He told her to forget
about embarrassment and to sign ASL with him.
    She did – and they fell in love and got married.
They have been happily married for many years with
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Although broadcast and CART captioners try to be as accurate as possible,
there are times when they make mistakes.
As we read through captioning errors, we have to always keep in mind that
stenocaptioners are primarily writing words phonetically, and they are not
typing out words letter by letter. As they are writing phonetically,
sometimes they stroke syllables that should be more than one word, but the
computer already knows these sounds as another word, and it translates it
If a word doesn’t make sense, sometimes we need to mentally take the
syllables of the erroneous word apart in order to make it make sense. Some
of examples of this would be:
“Ben McAdoo is a fungi to be around.”
“The lawyer recommended that they Sudan Jones for damages.”
“We told our realtor we wanted to Seymour houses.”
“After her birdie attempt, on the hole for parquet came up two feet
These should be:
“Ben McAdoo is a fun guy to be around.”
“The lawyer recommended that they sue Dan Jones for damages.”
“We told our realtor we wanted to see more houses.”
“After her birdie attempt, on the hole for par Kay came up two feet
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
The world’s most famous inventor, Thomas A. Edison,
a deaf man, may be honored with a statue at the
National Statuary Hall Collection in Washington, DC.
Yes, there is a statue of Edison, representing the
state of Ohio at the Capitol.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
An old posting from the British Deaf Association
that surfaced on a web site, made this quote:
As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs
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