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DeafDigest – 08 July 2018

DeafDigest Blue – July 8, 2018
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube
This week’s ASL videos in youtube
Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— past insurance companies that discriminate against deaf
Saturday’s Deaf Picture for your surprise
A young Matlee Matlin
Top stories about the deaf:
Jay Alan Zimmerman, who is deaf and is a musical
composer, has been honored in a ceremony
that took place in Oklahoma. He is one
of the three living Legacy of Excellence
award honorees.
A deaf woman was involved in a “hit-and-run”
accident in Pinellas County (Florida), only
it was not an actual hit-and-run. Trying to
get her car out of the parking spot, she
hit the car behind her. The hearing woman
thought the deaf woman was drunk and
ran away. Police discovered the deaf woman
was not drunk but was scared when the
hearing woman made gestures at her, and
so ran away to avoid her!
A deaf former Costco employee won $775,000 in
Florida. After working for 24 years she was
fired for being too demanding with her job
accommodation needs. The cruel irony to her
firing was that Costco refused to hire
an interpreter for her at staff meetings
but hired an interpreter to inform her that
she was being fired!
A new Oneida Sign Language is being developed
by Marsha and Max Ireland so that deaf
Indigenous people can communicate in their
native language. There was a big event at the
Oneida Nation of the Thames near London, Ontario.
There is a push by some states to ignite the
Technology-Related Assistance Act of 1988
which introduces robotics to help the deaf
lead meaningful lives.
Check out the new post about how trauma can change you
on HealthBridges
HealthBridges is a website to learn about behavioral health
and social service resources for Deaf, DeafBlind and
Hard of Hearing People
Happy Summer 🙂
The HealthBridges Team
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    From time to time we hear of tales of Gallaudet’s
most famous ghost – that of Edward Miner Gallaudet,
who served as Gallaudet president for 46 years (1864-1910).
    There are people that say they see his ghost at
night at House #1 on the campus, the residence of all
Gallaudet presidents.
– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:
Lip reading tale
A hearing man told his deaf friend that he just
came home from traveling.
The deaf person thought the hearing man said:
I visited Prune
The hearing person actually said:
I visited Pune
(Pune is a big city in India)
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    People that smoke must go outside to smoke.
And some of these smokers become best friends
in politics and business.
    Why? Because we do not have many smokers and
these smokers get together to talk while smoking.
    And when a deaf ASL person smokes with a deaf
oral person, they may get to know each other
    As a result, the ASL person understands the
oral point of view better, and the oral person
understands the ASL point of view better.
    Both ASL and the oral person have to thank
the smoking laws for their new friendship!
– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:
“Do CART providers identify the speakers so that you know who is
speaking during a meeting?”
Generally, CART providers do try to identify the speakers. If John
Jones is speaking, many CART providers will use two carets and the
person’s name, so it would look something like this.
If it is a large meeting where people from the audience will be
speaking, it is generally not possible to identify the speakers by
name, and the CART provider may indicate something like this.
If it is a meeting with fewer people, a CART provider may attempt to
identify all the speakers by name. That is if the people arrive in
time for the CART provider to get their names in the dictionary ahead
of time.
The more times a CART provider works with a group, the easier it is
to do this because the captioner knows everyone’s name. If new people
show up at a meeting, the CART provider could add their names to the
computer dictionary before the meeting starts.
When working remotely, this may not be as easy. How well can the CART
provider distinguish their voices? It depends on a few factors, such
as if there are women and men and how different their voices sound.
Also, with this too, the more times a CART provider works with a
particular group, he or she gets more familiar with their voices and
can identify more of the speakers.
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
    The AgBell-Deaf Bilingual Coalition confrontation,
or was it non-confrontation, took place last week
in Milwaukee.
    Said an observer:
to DBC’s credit, they were very well-behaved. No
trouble at all. One person tried to enter the
Convention Center and was turned away. It was learned
he just wanted to go to the bathroom!
    Both sides won the publicity battle, and so, it was
a draw.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
The RID has announced its 50-year Plan, as part of
its new mission. This brand new mission is only as
good as interpreters willing to sign on as members.
RID is only as strong as the members behind it.
RID continues to have problems. Very sad.
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