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DeafDigest – 24 March 2013

DeafDigest Blue – March 24, 2013

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Last week’s ASL Videos with captions:

This week’s ASL Videos with captions:

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DeafDigest welcomes unique deafnews tips;

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this just in –

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc
previously announced few weeks ago that there would be
a member at large board position in the Interpreters with Deaf Parents slot. Not that so – this announcement
has been retracted because of an error in voting math!

Top stories about the deaf:

The new director of the Deaf Community Services in
Indianapolis is Stephanie Ritchie. It is a social
service agency serving the deaf in the community.

Several deaf artists from Wisconsin have been
displaying their works at the Department of Health Services headquarters, as part of the Deaf History

The United Nationalist Alliance, a multi-party political
alliance in the Philippines, has established a new policy – hiring sign language interpreters during political rallies.

Chelli & Bush, a Staten Island (NY) law firm, refused to
provide an interpreter for a deaf client that was
involved in an automobile accident. The deaf client
sued – and lost!

Zoe helping the deaf? It is a lipreading software being developed by a team of programmers
at the Cambridge University in United Kingdom.
The lipreading face belongs to actress Zoe Lister,
hence the software name Zoe. Will it work? Different
accents means different mouthing of words.


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weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: (updated every Monday)


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DeafDigest editor is angry at a famous deaf person.
Sorry, the name of that famous deaf person is a secret.
Anyway that famous deaf person told DeafDigest editor
that he loves sign language and uses it all the time
with deaf people. His sign language is pretty good
But that same famous deaf person tells other deaf person
he is an oralist and never uses sign language!
Why tell lies?

– for ASL News version with captions,

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computer, click on bottom video


Choices of a 13-year old deaf child

What are these choices?

do visit:


You and your friend enter a restaurant. The hostess
leads you to a table, which is next to another deaf person
and his friend.
That another deaf person and his friend are enemies
with you. This makes things very uncomfortable for
the deaf people sitting near each other.
Is it the hostess’ fault? Probably yes, because
she assumes that all deaf people are friends; the hostess
should have known better – because many hearing people
have enemies.

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

if you have iPad, click on top video; if you have another
computer, click on bottom video


Deaf People of Color Conference
June 13-16, 2013
Washington, DC

more information at:

………………………………………… …………………………………………

While Mongolia is a geographically landlocked nation,
with no access to the oceans and seas, the Mongolian National
Association of the Deaf refuses to feel that way.
This organization has come up with an Information Center
for the Deaf. Goal is to serve as an outreach center for those
wanting to know more about the deaf and of deafness.


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Does Mars help the deaf? We are not talking about the
planet Mars, or these Martians.
We are talking about the world’s most famous candy maker –
Mars! When we enjoy these sweets – 3 Musketeers, M & M’s, Milky Way, etc – these are the few of the many Mars products.
Anyway, the Mars management encourages its employees to be
involved in community affairs. Their 9,600 employees have
spent 37,000 hours of their time at 290 local and community organizations.
Any of these organizations serve the deaf? Do not know
because Mars is privately owned and they won’t tell.
And besides, does Mars have deaf employees?


being asked –

do you abbreviate what you sign because I have noticed that
you do not sign everything word for word?

if you have these “hate” or “horror” stories, please


A stenocaptioner does not type words letter by letter.  The captioner
strokes whole words and phrases on the steno machine.  The words in
the dictionary in a computer-aided transcription program are matched
against those steno strokes to translate them into English. Erroneous
translation can sometimes occur because of other words entered in a
captioner’s dictionary.

A captioner might have meant to write the following sentence:

“As the farmer was preparing to plant his crops, he saw he could move
the row bottom any direction.”

However, because of words entered in the captioner’s dictionary, the
sentence might be displayed as:

“As the farmer was preparing to plant his crops, he saw he could move
the robot omnidirection.”


people making jokes about the deaf and of deafness

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user, etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)



We specialize in remodeling bath and kitchen of your dream throughout metro Washington, DC area.

This service is run by deaf owner with a mix of deaf and hearing crews.

To learn more about this company at


Job opening
kitchen and bathroom installer
Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only

We are seeking kitchen and bathroom installer with a minimum of 5 years experience in demolition, plumbing, electricity, tiling, carpentry,
painting, flooring, and a good attitude.

All projects are in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only.

Contact Elijah Gold at
or VP at 202-400-2655


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A deaf woman, applying for a job at Toys.R.Us, was asked to
bring her own interpreter. She as not too thrilled about it
and has filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This agency, in turn, has filed
a lawsuit against Toys.R.Us.


Introducing a new weekly feature –

Did you know that — Ernest Marshall?

Ernest Marshall, a house painter by trade, was a deaf filmmaker
during the fifties and sixties. He made about half dozen amateur 16mm color movies of volunteer deaf actors, doing drama scenes
at Central Park in New York. His biggest problem was making
films without proper city permits and had to halt the filming
scenes when cops were around!  He traveled across the East
Coast showing these films at deaf clubs. He passed away in 1999.


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

March 24th will be a special day honoring the deaf-blind.
The state of Alabama will be distributing the 2003 Alabama
quarter coin for every day use. This coin will bear the
portrait of the world’s most famous deaf blind woman
Helen Keller.
The ceremony will take place at Tuscumbia, Alabama,
where she was born in 1880.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

It is now official. A deaf basketball player
got to play in an official NBA game.
Lance Allred, after not playing in two
games since he was called up by the Cleveland
Cavaliers, entered the game with 17 seconds
remaining against the Orlando Magic.
The stats will show that he missed the
only shot he attempted.

(editor’s note: Lance has scored a basket
in a later NBA game. He never again played
in the NBA after that season but has continued
playing pro basketball overseas)


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

a newspaper story said –

Men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women.

is it because men are more exposed to noise than women?
(noisy factories, noisy construction jobs, etc)


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?

I thought my friend said:
I work for the Generation Company

He actually said:
I work for the Seneration Company



* on a per-subscriber basis, the DeafDigest ad rates are the
best in the nation.

* For more information, send E-mail to



–  Account Manager –  Los Angeles

–  Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim

–  Job Developer/Interpreter – Rancho Cucamonga

–  Staff Interpreter – Los Angeles (2 positions open)

–  Staff Interpreter – Riverside

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



career announcement
Vocational Program Director I
COPD Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico

No 03-10-058
STATUS    Exempt

Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona strengthens families, supports communities, provides compassionate services, and strives for excellence.  As a value-driven organization we create an environment where everyone can thrive and meet their full potential. We strive to create the same sense of unity amongst our employees as we do the community members we serve. Through our work, we put into action what we believe in, have hope in, and envision.

Our total compensation package is above the average employer; offering full time employees 27 days off their first year with sick, vacation and holiday, a Pension Plan, and a 403(b) match, 100% paid health insurance, life, LTD and an array of other competitive benefits.  The ideal candidate has a passion for providing support and services to individuals and families in need. This candidate also has hope in the abilities and strengths of the people we serve to find solutions to their struggles and improve their lives.

PRIMARY FUNCTION Oversees consumers into the main COPD-NM service program performing intakes and triaging person to appropriate individuals.  Develops employment options and coordinates job placement efforts by improving the employment outcomes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons and persons with disabilities.  Coordinates with employers, Vocational Rehabilitation, Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and training delivery systems.  Maintains contractual relationship with funding source, maintains unit records of consumer contacts to include unit counts, attendance sheets, SOAP notes and daily checklists while ensuring that all contractual documentation in client files is complete. Supervise and independently evaluate employees. May perform other duties as assigned.

–    Oversees consumers into the main COPD-NM service program performing intakes and triaging person to appropriate individuals
–    Works with team of COPD-NM staff to review intake information and to coordinate services
–    Develops consumer plans and coordinates consumer activities through the Agency system
–    Reviews referrals and provides intake and initial assessment for program eligibility; completes all required program paper work
–    Provides assessments addressing training needs, support needs and environmental adaptation needs of the work site
–    Develops relationships with community employers to provide a network of training and job placement opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and persons with disabilities
–    Performs vocational counseling, job development, and job coaching –    Collaborates and coordinates with Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, Welfare to Work, youth opportunity programs, dislocated worker programs, school systems, employers, consumer based organizations, training delivery systems and community vocational rehabilitation programs to increase access to training and job opportunities
–    Assures that staff are aware, trained and knowledgeable of CCS and SCS policies
–    Management and oversight of contracts and grants related to Vocational Rehabilitation, private foundations and other governmental entities
–    Develops and prepares required contract monitoring reports for all agency programs –    Acts as a liaison to other community agencies
–    Ensures that all programs, services and staff actions adhere to contract requirements, licensing and accreditation standards, and CCS Personnel Policies and Procedures
–    Supports Agency growth through the development of enclave options and NISH contracts
–    Supports the Agency’s use of best practices
–    Consults with staff supervisor, as needed, to assure the competencies of the strategies with staff and the use and integration of techniques with consumers in the program
–    Meets with employers and supports the development of training and employment options for consumers
–    Enters data on consumer demographics, caseload size, and performance measures and develops reports, as requested
–    Maintains communication with referral sources
–    Works with schools and the County to set up classes for Deaf youth and adults in the areas of cognitive therapy and employment retention skills
–    Develops job options and markets potential job openings to include development of OJT contracts; monitors the expenditures of all OJT contracts
–    Writes monthly progress reports, as required
–    Maintains an up-to-date employer contract record
–    Maintains unit records of consumer contacts to include unit counts, attendance sheets, SOAP notes and daily checklists
–    Ensures all contractual documentation in client file is complete
–    Provides follow-up services to ensure client and employer satisfaction
–    Coordinates vocational information workshops for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers and employers
–    Represents agency on planning committees as determined by supervisor
–    Review staff monthly reports for submittal to state entity
–    Reviews all job placements and works with staff and employers on coaching needs
–    Supervise and independently evaluate employees
–    May drive agency or personal vehicle on company business

–    Bachelor’s in Sociology, Rehabilitation, Counseling or related field
–    5 years of experience serving as a Vocational Counselor
–    2 years of experience working directly with Deaf individuals
–    Fluent in American Sign Language skills
–    1 year of supervisory experience
–    Knowledge of the Vocational Rehabilitation system
–    Pass drug screening
–    Valid New Mexico Driver License, proof of insurance and New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division Motor Vehicle Report

–    Master’s in Sociology, Rehabilitation, Counseling or related field –    Proficiency in American Sign Language
–    Additional years of directly related experience
–    2 or more  years of supervisory experience
–    1 year of experience working in Rehabilitation
–    1 year of experience working in Vocational Education
–    First Aid and CPR certification

SALARY        $17.35 – $21.69 depending on experience and educational background

SELECTION    Applicants will be rated and evaluated based upon of their qualifications, training and related job experience

HOW TO APPLY    Complete application at:

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf
3908 Carlisle NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87107


Fax resume and cover letter – 505-255-8029

Email resume and cover letter –

Due to the volume of applications we receive, only those selected for an interview will be contacted

Any individual seeking accommodations should contact the Director of Human Resources at 520-623-0344 ex 1068

OPEN        March 14, 2013

CLOSING DATE        Open Until Filled



position opening
Ohlone College
Fremont, CA


Full-Time Tenure-Track Counseling Faculty Position – Start Fall 2013
APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM
Starting Salary Range: $61,274 to $93,225

Ohlone College seeks to employ counseling faculty who have a passion
for counseling and a strong commitment to the missions and ideals of
the community college.  We are looking for excellent counseling
faculty who are student-oriented in their approach and dedicated to
student success.  An ideal candidate will be skilled in generating
student engagement in learning.  Innovative counseling and teaching
strategies are encouraged at Ohlone, including collaborative learning
and the active use of technology.  Continuous professional
development is highly valued.  We are looking for counseling faculty
with enthusiastic interest in curriculum and instructional
improvement through ongoing critical thinking about student learning
outcomes in courses and programs.

The ideal Ohlone faculty member will have strong leadership skills
and an interest in active participation in college-wide activities.
Excellent communication skills with students, staff and faculty peers
are essential.  We are looking for faculty who are flexible in their
work and adaptable to change.   Ohlone prides itself as a Learning
College with the motto of ?A World of Cultures United in Learning?
and we are looking for faculty who embrace diversity in serving
students of varied backgrounds and learning styles.  The College is
committed to environmental sustainability and looks to all employees
to support this important goal.

Under the direction of the Dean of Deaf Studies, teaming up with the
DSPS Director, this full-time position, using American Sign Language,
will provide individual and group counseling; instruction of personal
development courses; plan educational activities designed to enhance
personal/social/emotional well-being of deaf and hard-of-hearing
students and promote positive interactions between
deaf/hard-of-hearing students and hearing population on campus;
administration of assessment; orientation of new students;
recruitment and liaison with the California School for the Deaf in
Fremont and Riverside along with local and state-wide high schools as
a whole, and information to Department of Rehabilitation counselors;
collaboration with various units on campus such as the DSPS and
accommodations office, counseling center, and student health center
to ensure efficiency of services provided to deaf and hard-of-hearing
students; and implementation of innovative approaches to better serve
deaf and hard-of-hearing students.  This position may require
assignments in the evenings and/or weekends and/or at off-campus

1. Two year’s experience in counseling Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.
2. Experience in working with programs serving Deaf/Hard of Hearing
high school students.
3. Must be proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) and other
communication modes used by deaf students, and have a demonstrated
capability to successfully work with the deaf/hard-of-hearing
students and communities.
4. Teaching in the classroom or in workshops/seminars.
5. Experience developing/coordinating events and programs.
6. Familiarity with computerized career information systems.
7. Experience using technology in the classroom.
8. Excellent communication skills in ASL. Be able to communicate
effectively with students and colleagues.
9. Evidence of ability to work successfully in a team environment.
10. Demonstration of a pattern of participation in professional
growth activities.
11. Familiarity with the current labor market.
12. Evidence of knowledge of state and federal guidelines regarding
academic accommodations as required by the Americans with
Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The mission of Ohlone College is to serve the community by offering
instruction for basic skills, career entry, university transfer,
economic development, and personal enrichment for all who can benefit
from our instruction in an environment where student learning success
is highly valued, supported, and continually assessed. Ohlone College
is a multi-campus single college district, serving the cities of
Fremont, Newark and Union City located in the southeast area of San
Francisco Bay. The student population and surrounding communities
represent a highly diverse population. The College is named for the
native population living in the area when Mission San Jose was
founded.  The Fremont campus is located just south of the historical
Mission San Jose.  The Newark Campus is located near Interstate 880
and emphasizes programs in health, environment, and technology.

1. Responsible for guidance and counseling functions of the
division.  Assist with students? career exploration and program
selection, adjustment to college, and personal development.
2. Provide Deaf/Hard of Hearing students with information regarding
resources, opportunities, and assistance available to them at the
College and in the community including procedures for enrollment,
assessment, financial aid, and academic progress.
3. Instruct career planning, human potential and related courses.
4. Develop curriculum and contribute to the department program review
5. Evaluate student work using clear criteria relevant to the course
content and student learning outcomes and provide feedback to
students in a timely manner.
6. Develop and implement a variety of effective teaching and
assessment methods including the use of computers and information
technology to engage student interest and support for a variety of
learning styles.
7. Serve as a resource for faculty in dealing with individual student
problems; refer students to appropriate campus and community
resources as needed.
8. Serve as liaison with California School for the Deaf in Fremont
and Riverside along with deaf programs within public high schools and
provide information about the college and its programs.
9. Organize career and vocational workshops.
10. Continue professional development and remain current in the field
through course work, conferences, workshops, and other appropriate
11. Carry out collegial responsibilities including, but not limited
to, institutional committee assignments, student recruitment and
retention, participation in shared governance, campus life
activities, and departmental/division meetings, and assisting
students with their assignments by holding required office hours.
12. Maintain and submit accurate records and reports according to
published deadlines and state regulations (i.e., grades, syllabi,
attendance reports), including DSPS mandated reports focusing on
Title 5 regulations.
13. Communicate and work cooperatively with colleagues (within
discipline and college-wide) on matters regarding course offerings,
programs, activities that would enhance the development of the
department and college.
14. Engage in activities that enhance the department’s rapport with
area high schools, industry partners, and/or four-year institutions.
15. Perform duties described in Board policy, the Faculty handbook,
the UFO (faculty bargaining unit) Contract, as assigned at the
Fremont and Newark campuses, and/or other designated locations.
16. Participate in faculty hiring.
17. Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Master’s in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical
psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational
counseling, social work, or career development, OR the equivalent.
(Note:  A license as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor is an
alternative qualification for this discipline, pursuant to Title 5,
Section 53410.1).
Commitment to community college goals/objectives of providing quality
programs and services for culturally, socio-economically, ethnically,
and academically diverse students and students with disabilities;
personal qualities to work effectively and with sensitivity in a
multicultural environment; awareness of and commitment to the needs
of non-traditional and/or re-entry students with diverse abilities
and interests.

*EQUIVALENCY: If you do not meet minimum qualifications as stated, a
completed equivalency form with all related documents must accompany
the application or your packet will not be considered.

*FOREIGN DEGREES: If you have a degree from a college or university
outside the United States you must have your coursework evaluated by
the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions
Officers (   A copy (original will be
required at the time of hire) of the professional evaluation letter
must be submitted with the application packet.

This is a regular probationary, tenure track, counseling faculty
position commencing fall semester 2013.  The appointee would be
expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. The work year is 185
days.   For more information, see the faculty (UFO) contract at:
Continuance in this position is dependent on satisfactory evaluations
and performance.

Health and Welfare Benefits *
Employee paid: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life. You may opt out of our
medical plan.  You are required to enroll in: dental, vision and life
insurances. The district participates in the CalPERS medical program
and offers: PERS Choice PPO, Blue Shield HMO and Kaiser HMO.  Dental
is offered through Delta Dental, Vision offered through Vision
Service Plan (VSP), and Life insurance through UNUM.

Other employee paid benefits (optional): voluntary additional life
insurance; IRC Section 125 Flexible Medical and Dependent Care
spending plans; 403(B) and 457(b) Tax Shelter Annuity plans; 403(b)
Roth IRA plan.

District paid: Long-term Disability (LTD) and Employee Assistance
Program (EAP).

Retirement: Membership in the State Teachers? Retirement System or
the Public Employees? Retirement System. For STRS, District pays:
8.25% of gross salary and employee pays: 8% of gross salary; and for
PERS, District pays: 10.923% of gross salary and employee pays: 7% of
gross salary.  The district paid amounts are subject to change.

Sick Leave: One day per month, accumulating indefinitely, if unused.
All other Education Code leave benefits apply.

Sabbatical Leave:  After 6 consecutive years of employment with the
district you will be eligible for sabbatical leave. You will receive
100% pay for one semester leave and 70% for an academic year.

* Ohlone salary schedule includes approximately $9,991.99 to cover
the cost of medical, dental, vision and life premiums.  Having these
dollars included in your salary allows for a higher contribution to
your STRS or PERS retirement account.  You may opt out of medical,
but enrollment in dental, vision and life is mandatory.

Application Procedures
To be considered for this recruitment, applicants must submit ALL of
the items listed below to the Human Resources Office by 5:00 p.m. on
April 19, 2013.  The College reserves the right to modify, rescind
or re-advertise this recruitment at any time.

1. Completed Ohlone Community College Academic application form.  You
may obtain the application form from our website at: . You can also obtain applications by
calling the Human Resources office at (510)659-6088; or walk-in at:
43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA., Room: 1203A. The application
form must be completed in its entirety; please do not refer to “see
resume” for required information.
2. Current resume.
3. A cover letter addressing the listed desirable qualifications,
personal and professional qualities.
4. A summary of courses/workshops that you are teaching or have
recently taught.
5. No more than one page typed essay about innovative teaching
techniques you have used.
6. List of at least three Professional References including name,
position, organization, phone number, email and their relationship to
you;  Please do not submit letters of references at this time.
7. Copies (official or unofficial) of all college transcripts;
Official sealed transcripts will be required at the time of hire.

Materials submitted with your application will be considered for this
opening only.  All material submitted becomes District property and
will not be returned.  Incomplete application packets may not be

Forward your completed application and other required documents to:

Ohlone College, Human Resources Office
43600 Mission Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94539
Attn: Kathleen Johnson, Senior Human Resources Specialist

Applicants selected for interview will be notified by phone
approximately 2-4 weeks following the application deadline. All other
applicants will be notified by email. Please be sure that the
district has your correct email address. Initial interviews are
tentatively scheduled to be during the week of May 13, 2013.   Travel
expenses are the sole responsibility of the applicant. Selected
finalists will have second round interviews with the President and
Vice President. Positions are subject to adequate funding and Ohlone
CCD reserves the right to close, continue, cancel, postpone or
restart the recruitment at any time. Ohlone CCD regrets that
relocation assistance is not available.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Ohlone Community College believes in a close relationship among
students, faculty, staff, and community. The District is strongly
committed to achieving staff diversity and has made a commitment to
the principles of equal opportunity. The District encourages a
diverse pool of applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, marital
status, disability, or gender orientation in any of its policies,
practices, or procedures. The college encourages applications from
all qualified applicants. If you are in need of special services,
equipment, or facilities in order to apply or interview for this
opening, please call the Human Resources office at: (510) 659-6088.

Conditions of Employment
Offers of employment are contingent upon Governing Board approval.
Employment with Ohlone Community College is not complete or official
until applicants meet all pre-employment requirements. All new
employees are required to submit official transcripts and proof of
freedom from tuberculosis. In addition you will be required to
provide identification and employment eligibility as outlined in the
federal ?Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986.?  Pre-employment
tests and/or medical examinations may be required. Ohlone Community
College does not sponsor H1B visas. Employees must sign the Oath or
Affirmation of Allegiance and submit fingerprints for CA Department
of Justice clearance.

Certificated employees belong to the United Faculty of Ohlone (UFO)
and are required to pay union dues.


position opening
Choices for Children Early Intervention Teacher of the Deaf
The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Scranton, PA

REPORTS TO:        Program Coordinator

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is an exempt, full-time, 12-month position.  The Early Intervention Teacher is responsible to provide hearing services to infants, toddlers, and their families in their home or day care setting. Maintains collaborative relationship with Service Coordinators and IFSP team members from other disciplines.  Evaluates students using both criterion-referenced and norm-referenced assessments.  Provides in-service workshops to county and provider agencies.  Supports the Mentor Program by utilizing deaf mentors as role models during visits to home and day care centers.  Maintains current data files for children for whom services are provided then submits the data to program coordinator weekly.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:    A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in early intervention, early childhood special education, early childhood education, deaf education, and one year of full-time or full-time equivalent experience working directly with preschool children with deafness and their families.  Certification in Deaf Education preferred.

Sign language skills of applicants will be rated using the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI); “Intermediate” level skills are preferred at hire.  The minimum level accepted at hire is “Survival Plus”.

PA Act 34 Criminal Background, Child Abuse, and FBI clearances required.

SALARY:    Dependent on education and experience, with full benefits including membership in the State’s teacher retirement system, medical, dental, vision, and life  insurance.

DEADLINE TO APPLY:        Until Filled



Send letter of application and resume to:

Helen K. Shirey
Director of Human Resources
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
300 East Swissvale Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15218

The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children does not discriminate in its programs of education, employment, and all other activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, disability, or gender preference.


position opening
Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Ogden, Utah

more information at:


career opportunities
PAHrtners Deaf Services
Glenside, PA

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
We take great pride that our program is strongly Deaf/HOH centered
with about 85% of our staff being Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  Our staff
environment is one of incredible teamwork and mutual support.  As a
result, we are rapidly growing with new programs and expansions of
our existing programs.  Whether you are a high school graduate,
recent college graduate or have many years’ experience in the field
of human services we have a career building position waiting for
you!  E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals
who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable about Deaf
Culture and the Deaf Community to fill the following positions:


This position provides therapeutic and psycho-educational workshops
and group sessions for consumers who are deaf.  Duties:  Develop,
coordinate and provide group/individual therapy for wellness
maintenance and psycho-educational workshops. Qualifications:  BA in
psychology, counseling or any other human services field; must have 2
years’ experience with individuals with mental illness and/or mental
retardation including treatment planning and progress notes; advanced
fluency in ASL required; must be innovative, creative and be able to
work in a team environment.

– CASE MANAGERS:  (Full time position)

This position provides resources and support to clients both adults &
children along with their families who reside in the community and in
our residential programs.  Duties: assess service needs of consumers
to ensure continuum of care; develop service plans; independent
living skills instructions, advocate for access to public and private
services and programs such as medical, vocational and other
services.  Qualifications:  BA/BS degree in a Human Services field
preferred; or High School diploma& 12 college credit hours in social
science with two (2) years mental health direct care experience.
Must have strong organizational skills; fluency in ASL, familiarity
with other visual communication modes and language levels.  Must be
willing to work some evenings and weekends as needed and travel
various areas in the community.  Knowledge of laws governing the
rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals including IDEA and ADA
a plus; and must have a valid driver’s license.

– RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR: (Full time position) The qualified
candidate shall possess: HS diploma with strong managerial background
along with direct care experience in the field of human services.
Fluency in ASL and knowledge of Deaf Culture is required. Must have a
valid drivers’ license and have demonstrated an ability to supervise,
teach, advise and motivate staff members as well as Deaf individuals;
must possess strong interpersonal and writing skills.   Duties: day
to day management and supervision of residential setting for deaf
adults with mental illness, behavioral health concerns and
intellectual disabilities.  Supervision of direct care staff,
development of residential programming and staff schedules, planning
and leading staff meetings, coordinate staff trainings, manage petty
cash and consumer funds, coordinate consumer services with
internal/outside agency providers and families, conduct consumer and
staff interviews, complete monthly reports, service plans and staff
evaluations, follow up with physical and psychiatric medical
concerns. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekend.

qualified candidate shall possess: HS diploma with some managerial
experience along with direct care experience in the field of human
services. Fluency in ASL and knowledge of Deaf Culture is required
and must have a valid drivers’ license; must possess strong
interpersonal and writing skills.  Duties: Provide guidance and
training to residential staff, support Deaf individuals with mental
illness, behavioral health concerns and intellectual disabilities;
promote independent living skills, provide support to the Residential
Program Director. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekend.

– RESIDENTIAL COUNSELORS: (full-time, part-time and on-call positions
available) The qualified candidate shall possess:  HS diploma, some
direct care experience in the field of human services preferred,
valid drivers’ license; advanced fluency in ASL, knowledge of Deaf
Culture; demonstrate competency in independent living skills; ability
to teach, advise and motivate Deaf individuals.  Duties: provide
direct client services to Deaf individuals with mental illness,
behavioral health concerns and intellectual disabilities; encourage
independence in areas such as skills in daily living, community
integration and social relationships.

Send your letter of intent and resumes to:

Linda Claypool, Office Manager/HR
PAHrtners Deaf Services, 614 N. Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038

Email:  Fax: 215-884-6301


position opening
female physical education teacher
Alabama School for the Deaf and Blind

go to:


Full-Time job announcement
Client Support Specialist
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency
San Leandro, California

DCARA has an opening for the position of Client Support Specialist with a primary focus on the hard of hearing and late deafened community.  This full-time position will report to the Director of Client Support Services and work with deaf, hard of hearing or deafened youth, adults, and senior citizens. The Client Support Specialist will provide services including, but not limited to, community education, information & referral and peer counseling in addition to meeting the specific needs of the hard of hearing and late deafened community.

–    Host a variety of workshops and classes focusing on the social, emotional, communication and other daily living needs of hard of hearing and deafened individuals and their families.
–    Work with the Director of Client Support Services to develop linkages and working relationships with governmental and community-based organizations/agencies in the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County as well as other agencies primarily serving the deaf,  hard of hearing and late deafened community to advocate for equal communication access.
–    Represent DCARA and/or the deaf community at meetings and community events. –    Provide the following services: peer counseling, advocacy, independent living skills, information & referral, employment and community education.
–    Coordinate special projects as delegated by the Director of Client Support Services.
–    All other duties and assigned,

–    BA degree in Deaf studies, social services or related fields, OR 3 years of documented experience in service provision in a human services setting.
–    Knowledge about the needs of the hard of hearing and deafened community.
–    Ability to use computer and word processing software; knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) preferred.
–    A valid driver’s license and vehicle with current automobile insurance as required by law; able to travel to appointments within the workweek (California driver’s license required within four weeks of hire).

–    Knowledge of assistive listening devices and technology used by hard of hearing and late deafened individuals.
–    Fluency in American Sign Language and working knowledge in the field of deafness and Deaf culture.
–    Experience in giving presentations, excellent project management and public relations skills, and a good team player .
–    Ability to relate with diverse groups of deaf and hard of hearing persons including, but not limited to, deaf senior citizens, deaf-blind persons, foreign-born deaf persons, and others .

SALARY:  Salary is negotiable dependent on education and experience. DCARA offers 12 days of holiday leave plus a paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:  Send an application (available at under .Jobs.), cover letter, three letters of reference and resume to:
Human Resources
DCARA Headquarters
14895 E. 14th St., Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94578

DCARA is an At-Will and equal opportunity employer.


Exciting Opportunity! Work with Deaf Colleagues and Clients!

North Suffolk Mental Health Association is looking for qualified individuals to work with our team at the Deaf Supported Apartment in Revere The work is challenging and rewarding and the job responsibilities include the following: teaching daily living skills (ex: cooking to budgeting to job search, depending on client needs), supporting independence, pointing out social and recreational opportunities in the Deaf community and beyond, and networking with other professionals to promote the clientsâ.. psychiatric rehabilitation and progress in reaching their goals. Part-time Over night Resident Counselor , Full-time 2nd shift Resident Counselor and relief positions open.

Requirements include ASL fluency and a valid driverâ..s license. Previous experience is helpful but full training will be provided.

Deaf Friendly Environment
Be a part of an excellent team and move your career forward!

Give us a call! Send us your resume! Make the move!
Attn: Deanna Emberley-Handricken
Program Coordinator Deaf Supported Housing
530 Border St
East Boston, MA 02128
VP: 781 549-7159
Fax: 781 629-3369
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

Starting Date:    Immediately

Position:              Deafness Advocate

Reports to:         Program Coordinator

The Harlem Independent Living Center, Inc. (HILC) is a consumer-controlled, nonresidential, center for independent living providing services and advocacy to persons with disabilities, their families and individuals or agencies serving persons with disabilities. Our services are provided through a self-help model.  We provide peer counseling, benefits advisement/advocacy, housing counseling, information and referral and independent living skills.


1.            Outreach to the Deaf Community

2.            Provide housing and entitlement counseling, resource information, referral and advocacy for consumers according to Federal, State and Local laws. Assists with housing and entitlement application completion.

3.            Works with staff and advocacy groups on housing, systems and community advocacy issues.

4.            Advocates on behalf of individuals-by phone, in writing and or in person-when self-advocacy is insufficient. This includes but is not limited to fair hearings and court appearances.

5.            Maintains and updates resource directory of affordable and accessible housing (Federal, State, and Local) as well as low cost loans and home buying options.

6.            Represents the organization in the community on all disability related issues, thought focusing on housing issues.

7.            Completes all reporting and record keeping as required by funding sources.

8.            Provides individual benefits advocacy / IL services as needed.

9.            Participates in arranging and / or conducting outreach and presentations to SSDI and SSI beneficiaries with disabilities as well as to service providers.

10.          Completes all reporting and record keeping as required by funding sources.

11.          Must be able to attend workshops and conferences in and out of town.

12.          Maintain all consumers. files & demographic record keeping.

13.          Performs all other job-related duties as requested.


BA or BS in a relevant field or an appropriate combination of education, skills, and experience. Have an excellent speaking, written communication and interpersonal skills. Must be familiarity with using computers and programs.  Demonstrated ability to learn quickly, assess situations, anticipate needs, work in teams as well as individually, take initiative, advocate, organize, prioritize, meet deadlines, and handle stress. Personal experience with a disability, knowledge of Spanish, and disability rights and resources preferred. Knowledge of ASL is essential.


Fax resume to: (212) 222-7199

Mail resume to: Harlem Independent Living Center, 289 St. Nicholas Ave., LL/Suite, New York, NY  10027.

Title: Project HOPE Health Specialist, 31 hours/week (includes full

Duties: The Project HOPE Health Specialist will provide client-centered
medical case management and advocacy services to Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of
Hearing and Late-Deafened people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart
disease, or diabetes in Massachusetts. The Health Specialist will receive
comprehensive training, develop a working knowledge of available services
and resources, collaborate with a wide network of service providers, and
work closely with clients of diverse backgrounds to support progress towards
their health goals.

Specific duties are as follows:

. Work directly with clients to identify their needs, create service
plans, and establish connections to appropriate medical and social services,
including full medical care, peer support, housing, and the like;

. Work with clients one-on-one to ensure they understand their
prognosis, are adhering to treatment plans, and are able to manage their

. Advocate on behalf of clients for communication access at
appointments and meetings according to clients’ communication needs and

. Advocate on behalf of clients at medical appointments and meetings
with providers to ensure mutual understanding between clients and their
providers, and that clients are empowered to make informed decisions for

. Monitor clients’ progress through VP, phone calls, emails, and
in-person meetings,

. Collaborate with clients’ other service providers to maximize
benefits to clients;

. Document service activity in progress notes and submit monthly
data reports to DPH;

. Attend supervision meetings, and trainings as required;

. Work as part of a team to plan and execute Project HOPE’s Annual
Health Fair;

. Work occasional evening and weekend hours as needed; and

. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Required Qualifications: BA degree in a health or human-service field or
two years of experience in direct services or case management; knowledge of
HIV/AIDS, various cancers, heart disease, and diabetes and their impact on
human health and quality of life; ability to advocate for communication
access; ASL fluency; strong written English skills, and have own car and
willing to travel. Experience in the medical field preferred.

Supervision: Reports to the Director of Project HOPE.

To Apply: Send resume, cover letter highlighting relevant skills and
experience, and a list of 3 work-related references to:

Ann Thompson

HR/Administrative Coordinator

DEAF, Inc.


DEAF, Inc. is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity employer. Deaf,

Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened persons, women, veterans, minorities,

and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Seeking Full-Time Advocacy Coordinator At Aspen Camp

DATE: April 9, 2013

ADDRESS: 4862 Snowmass Creek Road
Snowmass, CO 81654


The Advocacy Coordinator position at Aspen Camp is now open for applications.

The basic job function is to “to work in conjunction with the Camp.s Executive Director and other team members to provide access to local community services, businesses, functions and events and provide hearing screenings to the community. Advocate for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and provide direct services…”

Some key duties include:

– Develop and cultivate community relationships th rough presentations, workshops, hearing screenings, providing resources and advocating for accessibility
– Conduct hearing screenings at local health fairs, scheduled events, and special screenings
– Conduct outreach to the local community through event planning, presentations, booths, etc.
– Attend local non-profit functions, meetings, and other events as a representative of the camp
– Research advocacy and other issues and make recommendations, & maintain and manage information
– Develop sign language classes and curriculum: sign and dine classes, baby sign class, and community training and awareness classes (including law enforcement, safety managers, hospitals, court systems, outdoor educators, other non-profit like Challenge Aspen)
– Assist parents with deaf or hard of hearing children with education, signing language and parenting skills as requested
– Coordinate the Camp.s volunteer program
– Generates reports monthly, at the end of programs, quarterly, and yearly (number of clients serviced, segmented by location, type of service, age hearing status, and income, number of referrals, etc., number of events attended and presentations given, hours of interpreting services, significant contacts, special project status, significant accomplishment and challenges, and recommendations)
– Assists in grant writing
– and more…

Download the job description at

The deadline to apply is April 9, 2013.

Apply now at

Email director @ if you have any questions.

CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 970-923-2511

Job Opening at Travis County Services for the Deaf

If you would like to apply, please follow the standard procedure by submitting your application online through the Travis County website. (Austin, Texas)

Posting closes on Thursday, 4/11/2013.

Please email Stacy Landry at to let her know you apply so she can see it online. Thank you.

The requirement for certification in American Sign Language is really mean must be proficient in sign language.

invites applications for the position of:
Interpreter Coordinator for Sign Language Services

SALARY: $42,382.08 – $52,977.60 Annually

OPENING DATE: 03/14/13
CLOSING DATE: 04/11/13 11:59 PM


Coordinates all phases of activities and functions associated with a social services program or programs. Performs consultative, technical and administrative work in the planning, development, coordination, implementation and monitoring of a program. Ensures that program goals and objectives are accomplished in accordance with established priorities. Analyzes program issues, completes policy and program analysis, conducts program research and presents program-related training and education. Typically supervises additional program staff.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
This is the third in a series of three social services program-related job classifications within the Social Services job family. This classification is responsible for coordinating, participating in and monitoring the activities and functions of a social services program or programs. This classification is distinguished from a Social Services Manager which has responsibility for an entire work unit. The Social Services Program Coordinator typically coordinates larger and more complex programs than a specialist, senior or lead staff position. This classification may require a flexible work schedule in order to meet the needs of the department.


*   Coordinates, monitors and evaluates program activities. Devises evaluation methodology and coordinates implementation. Analyzes results and recommends or takes appropriate action.
*   Prepares periodic reports, financial analysis and statistical reports on program activities and program progress.
*   Provides outreach and education about interpreter services and ADA communication accessibility laws. Recruits program participants.
*   Plans, develops and recommends new or revised programs and goals and objectives.
*   Develops and schedules program work plans, oversees daily operations and coordinates program activities.
*   Determines, or assists in determining program priorities.
*   Evaluates program effectiveness to develop improved methods. Monitors and approves program expenditures within established budget. May prepare or assist in preparing proposals for funding or funding continuation.
*   Serves as technical consultant for program and related policy and provides technical and problem solving assistance on program services. Participates in providing program services to clients.
*   Analyzes and reviews analysis of program and program policy issues.
*   Serves as liaison with, and resource for community outreach and advocacy groups, service providers and others. Coordinates, improves and stimulates interest in the program and recruits program participants.
*   Plans, develops and conducts program-related educational sessions and training. Speaks to community and other groups.
*   Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in Social or Behavioral Sciences or a directly related field AND five (5) years experience in social services or a directly related field, including experience coordinating a program;


Any combination of education and experience that has been achieved and is equivalent to the stated education and experience and required knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of this job.

Licenses, Registrations, Certifications, or Special Requirements:
American Sign Language (ASL) Certification
Valid Texas Driver’s License

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

*   Supervisory principles, practices and techniques.
*   Program coordination and oversight techniques.
*   Policies, practices and procedures within area of assignment.
*   Federal, State and Local program laws and requirements.
*   Advocacy groups, social service providers and community outreach organizations.
*   Computer equipment to include word processing, spreadsheets, databases and a variety of software packages.

Skill in:

*   Program planning, development, monitoring and evaluation.
*   Conducting education and training sessions and public speaking presentations.
*   Referring clients to appropriate social services organizations and programs.
*   Problem-solving and decision-making.
*   Monitoring and recommending program expenditures.
*   Both verbal and written communication.

Ability to:

*   Coordinate, supervise and evaluate program staff and activities.
*   Analyze, research and evaluate findings.
*   Prepare administrative and statistical reports.
*   Serve as technical consultant and liaison.
*   Work with clients to facilitate access to social services programs and resources.
*   Work independently.
*   Manage time well and meet timelines.
*   Communicate effectively.
*   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental clientele, representatives of outside agencies, other County employees and officials, community


Physical requirements include the ability to lift/carry up to 25 pounds occasionally, visual acuity, speech and hearing, hand and eye coordination and manual dexterity necessary to operate a computer and office equipment. Subject to standing, sitting, walking, climbing stairs, bending, stooping, crouching, kneeling, pushing, pulling, reaching, twisting, balancing, repetitive motion, driving, client/customer contact, and squatting to perform the essential functions.

This job description is intended to be generic in nature. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. The essential duties, functions and responsibilities and overtime eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Works some nights

Location: 2201 Post Road, Austin

Department: Health & Human Services

Criminal, Education & Employment Background Check Required


The Internal Revenue Service has an announcement open under for a Sign Language Interpreter that I would appreciate you pass on the information to any available candidates that may be interested in applying for the position.

Announcement: 13CE5-WIX0472-1040-11-NR


Internal Revenue Service
Wage and Investment
Position Title:
Open Period:
03/04/2013 to 03/19/2013

Location of position is at the Brookhaven Campus, located in Holtsville, New York
Salary is between $ 64,729.00 to $ 84,146.00 – Work Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm

Thank you

Louanne E Cheadle
Lead HR Specialist
Internal Revenue Service
Employment Center East, Section 5
phone 631 654-6839
fax 631 654-6114


other deaf-related jobs

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