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DeafDigest – 22 May 2021

DeafDigest Blue – May 23, 2021

Blue Edition

Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 25th year


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Top stories about the deaf:

One of the 50 charities that dumped Prince Andrew
is the Royal National Institute For The Deaf
(in UK).


Accessible Employment Guide is being published by
Attitude Is Everything, a non-profit group. It
focuses on including the deaf in the commercial
music industry.


Researchers at Oregon State University are saying
they found a new piece to make gene therapy work,
meaning no more born-deaf babies in the future.


Deaf audience use texts to call-in their responses
and comments both live to Deaf TV. It is taking place in
Great Britain.


Why The Mandalorian is Disney’s greatest Star Wars achievement?

Because it is Troy Kotsur, a deaf actor, that came up
with a new sign language just for that role!



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This week’s ASL video in youtube

Few years ago, the US Naval Academy had a student
that was slightly deaf.
He should not have been admitted to the Naval
Academy because perfect hearing is required to
operate ships and to lead the sailors on the boat,
How was he admitted to the academy? He was a
basketball star and the Navy needed good athletes.
That was why the rule was bent!

This week’s ASL video in youtube:


Lip reading tale

A hearing basketball fan was chatting with
a deaf basketball fan.

The deaf fan thought the hearing fan said:
I root for Milwaukee Ducks

The hearing fan actually said:
I root for Milwaukee Bucks

There is a team – Anaheim Ducks

and also

University of Oregon Ducks


This week’s ASL video in youtube

During the 1970’s, Total Communication was a hot
thing at schools for the deaf (sign language, speech
and lipreading at the same time).
Total Communication has faded away because of bi-bi,
but there is a new name. It is called “Total Conversation.”
It is a new name in the Netherlands – a new relay service
that has sign language, text, video and voice.
Total Communication? Will Americans copy this new name?

This week’s ASL video in youtube:



We have been looking at the initial consonants that stenocaptioners write
with their left hand and the vowels that captioners write with their

We will now take a look at some of the final consonants that captioners
write with their right hand. All the final sounds in words and word
endings are written with the right hand.

The captioner uses the right index finger to depress the F key on the top
bank or the R key on the lower bank, or both keys can be depressed
simultaneously. A slip of the index finger can cause a word that was not

Some examples of this would be:
When he woke up, his joints were stir.
She heard the whiff of the lawn mower.
She drove the calf to the store.

These should be read as:
When he woke up, his joints were stiff.
She heard the whir of the lawn mower.
She drove the car to the store.


Gallaudet men’s basketball history book for sale

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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

D.L. Stewart, a columnist with a newspaper in
Dayton, Ohio, is late deafened. He wrote a
column that was titled:

Hearing loss not as funny to those who endure it

He was saying that these “deafness” jokes are
actually not funny in the first place, even though
hearing people may think these are hilarious.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Hayes Jackson is an agent with the Alabama Cooperative
Extension System in Anniston. He is deaf, but functions
as a hearing person. He goes around in the state,
advising people on their needs with agriculture and
nature. He was written up in a local newspaper, praising
him for his enthusiasm while explaining things to
people and answering their questions.


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