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DeafDigest – 11 November 2018

DeafDigest Blue – November 11, 2018

Blue Edition – updated every Monday

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube

This week’s ASL videos in youtube



Silent Network has assembled a nice collection of Hollywood movies
and TV shows that feature Deaf and Hard of Hearing talent for its
product lineup.

Also included is a selection of Deaf-related books. You might find
something you need for your collection or to buy as gifts for family
and friends for the holidays.

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Have fun browsing!



Top stories about the deaf:

In Burao, a large regional city in Somaliland, there
are no secondary schooling opportunities for deaf students.
This is what critics are pointing out to the government.

The Voice is a popular TV program in Great Britain;
amateur signers compete against each other for the
top prize. One of the singers – Colton Smith, is
deaf. He did not win because his deafness gave
him problems on the stage!

A student at an ASL course at University of South Dakota
said that Deaf Culture is real, something that hearing
people not too aware of. She wrote this article in
a campus newspaper.

A new law in Manitoba requires public facilities to
turn on TV captions. This law has made the deaf
community happy.

Deaf Connect, an agency in Great Britain, is facing
a 25 percent budget cut, meaning services will be
curtailed for 300 deaf clients.



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This week’s ASL video in youtube

About 10 years ago, before VRS became very popular,
a deaf woman called a TTY relay service to make an
appointment with a podiatrist (a foot doctor).
The relay operator got confused and called the
office of a pediatrician (a baby doctor)!
This misunderstanding created so much confusion
between the deaf woman, the relay operator and
the office of the pediatrician.

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Lip reading tale

Could a deaf person lip read the difference
between two words – no and know?


This week’s ASL video in youtube

Two deaf girls attended the same school for the
deaf at the same time some years ago.
They were cousins, but they did not realize it.
Many years later, they met each other again and
realized that they were cousins!
This is not a surprise. We know of many generations
of deaf families, and as a result, some family members
do not realize they are related to each other.

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Have you heard people make these statements?

“We don’t need a CART captioner because we already have ASL interpreters
scheduled for this event.” “We will just have CART, and then we won’t
need the sign language interpreters.”

These statements were made by people who do not understand the needs of
people who are deaf or have a hearing loss. CART and ASL interpreters are
not in competition with one another. They are not interchangeable. They
serve different purposes for different segments of the population.

There are people who are late-deafened who do not know sign language. How
could an ASL interpreter help them understand what is going on?

There are also people whose first language is ASL, and they have
difficulty reading a CART screen. They need the accommodation in their
primary language: ASL.

People who work with the public must understand that ASL is not just
English using your hands. It is a separate language. It is not something
someone with a hearing loss can learn in a few weeks. Its grammar and
syntax are different from the English language.

In order to make a large event totally accessible for people with a
hearing loss, you cannot choose between ASL interpreters or CART. You
really need to have both forms of access.


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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

How will the Obama administration deal with the
ADA issues?
Said a deaf attorney:

the Republican-appointed judges tended to interpret
the ADA narrowly to favor the defendants. Of course,
there have been disappointing rulings from Democratic
appointees as well

Says DeafDigest – comes out even!


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

It was not too long ago when an uproar was heard in
Arkansas over the appointment of a person, knowing
nothing about sign language, as a state interpreter.
This situation has been resolved and now this – the
Advisory Board for Qualified Licensed Interpreters
had its first time-ever board meeting. Of course
this is to ensure that sham hires will never happen


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