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DeafDigest – 25 November 2018

DeafDigest Blue – November 25, 2018
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
Serving the Deaf Community since 1996; 22nd year

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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube
This week’s ASL videos in youtube
Top stories about the deaf:
The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
has started a news program for the deaf. It
is an experiment to see if it will be a success.
A deaf man was flying home from Cleveland, Ohio
to California. He wrote a letter to the editor
saying that the TSA agents gave him a hard time
at the Cleveland airport, saying they treated
him like a criminal for no reason.
UK Autodrive has been working on self-driving
cars, and the corporate planners have contacted
the deaf community for their feedback. The
issue is safety if deaf people cannot hear
the sounds from these cars.
The Hong Kong Association of the Deaf wanted
to display its own flag during the national
flag day. The government said no, revoking
its permission after originally issuing it!
A deaf person, in a newspaper interview, said
that his CI gave him a robotic ear.  Is he
serious or was he joking?
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    We have many hearing scammers. We also have some
deaf scammers, who want to cheat deaf people of their
    How can we avoid these deaf scammers?
– no such a thing as sure money investment
– ask the scammer for their investment certificates
– ask who is the scammer’s accounting firm
– ask the scammer for their web site
– if they promise high interest rates, it is a fake
    We have had two deaf scammers that cheated deaf people.
One went to jail; another is in big trouble now.
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Lip reading tale
A hearing man, talking with a deaf man, pointed at a
woman across the hall.
The deaf man thought the hearing man said:
This is Billy
The hearing man actually said:
This is Millie
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Could a deaf person participate at a hearing auction
without an interpreter?
    There is fast action at auctions, and it is easy for
a hearing person to get lost!
    But what about a deaf person? A deaf businessman told
DeafDigest that he goes to auctions without an
    How? The auctioneers know him. And they use their
fingers to tell the deaf person the price being bid,
and will make sure the deaf person knows the price that
has been bid.
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Because court reporters and broadcast and CART captioners have embraced
technology in order to make sure their profession remains in demand, they
now rely on technology to do their job.
Just like many other professions, on a daily basis captioners depend on
technology that functions properly. Their steno machines are no longer
mechanical machines, but are computers with intricate designs. They use
laptop or desktop computers in order to translate their steno notes, and
all the necessary programs must work in order to provide an accurate
There are modems, encoders, projectors, and other pieces of equipment that
can malfunction. Captioners and the people working with them must be able
to troubleshoot the problem quickly in order to make sure that everything
that is being said is being recorded correctly.
If you see captioning errors, they may not be human error, but there are
times when a computer or another electronic component malfunctions. As in
other areas of modern society, one little computer glitch can cause big
When gibberish appears on a computer monitor or a television screen, the
court reporter or realtime captioner may be stroking all the right keys on
the steno machine, but there may be a problem with a piece of equipment.
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
    Could we be driving a car with a special device
that flashes when someone behind us honks his
    Well, the horn-honking alerting device won the
amateur inventor Rashid Hussein Rahimi a silver
medal at the 2nd International Fair Middle East 2008
that took place recently at Qatar.
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
DeafDigest dedicates this edition to Arthur Verney,
a British deaf man, who departed us.
As the general secretary of the British Deaf
Association, he was able to change control of this
organization by hearing people to the deaf. It was
a long time in the making, but he succeeded.
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