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DeafDigest – 18 October 2009

DeafDigest Blue - October 18, 2009

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Hot Deaf News during the week:

- Very Hot News

The next president of Gallaudet will be introduced on
Sunday October 18th at 1 pm.

DeafDigest prays that the announcement will be accepted
by everyone.

We cannot afford a third mass protest.

- Sunday October 11th 

Deaf pro golfer Sung Lee, South Korea, lost his chance to win
the 1.25 million dollar Indian Open by losing in the first extra
hole in the playoffs. He won his only other pro tournament in 2007

- Monday October 12th

Because of budgetary concerns, the Washington, DC police may
drop its  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison Unit. Instead, police
officers interested in interacting with the deaf and the hard of
hearing may volunteer for special training in order to respond
to incidents in the deaf/hard of hearing community 

- Tuesday October 13th

The New York Deaf theatrical community has protested the casting
of a hearing actor in the play "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
where the main character is a deaf person. The play producers
have refused to budge from their casting decision.

- Wednesday October 14th

The Gallaudet presidential search committee said that the
new president will be announced on Sunday October 18th

(Thursday-Saturday Hot Deaf News will be in the Gold edition)


Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

a year ago in DeafDigest News of the Week -

   Gallaudet board of trustees has formed the Presidential
Search Advisory Committee. It will be headed by Jim Macfadden,
with Cynthia Ashby, Nancy Kelly-Jones, and Frank Wu serving
as committee members. Additional members will be added
later on.
   Sole mission is - find a good person to serve as the
next Gallaudet president.
   This good person shall have these qualities:

- leadership skills
- understanding of deaf/hard of hearing communities
- other characteristics

   The buzzword right now is: PSAC ! This is the name of
the newly minted committee.


Kristine Hall, who is deaf, will be featured on
The Price is Right TV game show. They are saying
she may be the first deaf contestant to reach
the finals. DeafDigest is not sure of that claim,
but much research must be done to determine if
Kristine has become the first deaf finalist
in any TV game show.


Signing Gospel Concert 2009!
Friday, October 30, 2009; 7:30 pm 

Evangel Cathedral 
13901 Central Ave.,
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

For more info:  email



The camp is designed for only forty-eight high school aged deaf
and hard of hearing youths of all ethnic/racial backgrounds

African-American, Latino, Asian, and (Native) American Indian, 
bi-racial, multi-racial

Sponsored by National Deaf People of Color Council

June 13-27, 2010
Camp Taloali, in Stayton, Oregon

to see the flyer, click on:

for more information and camper application form, click on:

to apply as a staff member:

to apply as a camp worker:

For more information, contact: 

For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: (updated every Monday)




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WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology


   This is a true story. A deaf person was arrested
in Cleveland few years ago. The police station did not
know where to get an interpreter for him. The police
chief had to call several interpreting agencies to ask
for cost of an interpreter. This took almost all day!
   If we request an interpreter, and the interpreter
shows up in one hour, we are lucky!

- for ASL News version, please click on:

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of each DeafDigest edition)

   We have about 200 deaf and hard of hearing pilots
all over the world. Almost all of them cannot use the
radio to communicate with the tower because of their deafness.
   What happens if a military plane flies to the deaf
pilot's airplane?
   Not a problem because all deaf pilots know that if a
military plane is on the right side of the airplane,
it is a signal to land at the nearest airport.   

- for ASL News version, please click on:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

   Australia has approximately 150,000 deaf people.
Historians know that England, in the 18th century,
sent their prisoners to Australia to live there
for good.
   Were there any deaf people among the prisoners
sent to Australia?
   Yes, some of them were, according to Breda
Carty and Darlene Thornton, Australian Deaf

   Do we have Gallaudet "copycats" in Washington, DC?
Can't be since there is only one Gallaudet University
in the District of Columbia.
   Take a look at the Bison, the mascot and the nickname
of all Gallaudet athletic teams.
   Howard University uses the same Bison nickname as
Gallaudet. Indeed way back when there were Gallaudet-Howard
athletic contests in baseball, basketball and football, it
was the Bison against the Bison.
   And now this - Buff and Blue is Gallaudet's colors.
George Washington University has this same Buff and
Blue colors that they tout as theirs!
   And speaking of the logos, the George Washington
University logo may be confused as Gallaudet's logo
if one looks at it from afar.


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   The owners of the teams in the National Football
League are hearing. We've never had a deaf owner.
   If Rush Limbaugh stayed with the group that wants
to buy the St Louis Rams, he would have been the first 
deaf owner of NFL. He uses the CI to function as a hearing
person since he lost his hearing as he got older.
   He was quickly dumped by the prospective ownership
group when too many people complained about him.  

   Upholstery may be a dying profession in the
Deaf Community.
   We had a good number of deaf upholsterers in the
past, but not too many, if any, nowadays.
   There is one in Texas, especially in the
Dallas-Fort Worth area.
   DeafDigest editor spotted the ad while
surfing the internet.


(short series; based on comments by educators
and deaf service professionals)

While we have 2,000 deaf education programs in USA,
only a tiny fraction have counselors that know the
deaf and are qualified to advise the deaf

(series to continue until it runs out)


being asked:
are you a family member of the client?

screamed the interpreter:

if you have these "hate" or "horror" stories, please


Although the basic keyboard layout of a steno machine 
has not changed in this new digital age, there are many
features about newer steno machines that have changed. 

Just as we have gone from manual to electric typewriters 
to computer keyboards, there also have been changes in
the stroke depth, tension adjustments, and keyboard 
pressure for steno machines. 

With older steno machines, the keys had to be depressed 
hard enough and deep enough so that the keys would make
contact with a ribbon that would leave an ink imprint 
on the steno paper. Now there are new steno machines where
keys can barely be touched, and they still will make contact 
to record the steno strokes. 

The touch of a steno keyboard is still a very personal 
preference.  Some court reporters and captioners prefer
longer, deeper strokes, while others like a very light 
touch.  Some steno machines are highly adjustable and can
adapt to both long and short strokes, while others have now 
eliminated much of the up and down movement of the
keys and require very little pressure on the keyboard.

When purchasing a new steno machine, one of the main things 
that court reporters or captioners consider is how the
touch feels to them.  


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

updated every Monday



there is no such a thing as ADA in where I work, but it all
depends on who you are with - some groups have positive attitudes
towards the deaf whereas others do not; you just deal with
whatever you're faced with!

(series to continue for a number of weeks)


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

for Special Notes, please go to the bottom of the Gold section

................................................................  announcement


Persons who are Deaf, Deafblind and hard of hearing are
grossly underserved by both the physical health and the 
behavioral health care system.  In many  cases, the patient 
as well as the health care provider who may provide service 
to them, is unaware of laws that mandate the provision of 
accommodations in the health care setting so that all
persons have equal access to health related information.

A new web site called
was created by people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and hard 
of hearing.  

Each month the topics discussed will change.
Please visit the site and let us know about topics that you 
want to learn more about.


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

The USA Today ran a piece on deaf prisoners, saying that
their lives are being made more miserable behind the
prison walls


The Deaf and the Law

   Suppose it is a rural setting and a police officer
stops a deaf person on a traffic violation and an
interpreter is requested. What is the officer going
to do?
   The rule of thumb is to wait for a reasonable
amount of time - and if the interpreter is not
available (rural area), then the police officer
is obligated to use pad and pen.
   This is not a hard and fast rule, though.


DeafADA Issue of the Week:

   What are you going to do if ADA regulations are
being followed but the way it is being followed
is weak?
   Examples are:

- garbled captions on a TV program
- shoddy interpreting
- feeble flashing signalers 


The Captioning Blunder of the Week:

the ghey (key) factor is that we need to.....


What became of?

Donald Moore

- past

student, Gallaudet University

- present

Information Technology officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago with "past" and
"present" details


News of the Week - Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

   Doug Pravda, a 2nd year student at Harvard Law
School, has made the Harvard Law Review - it is
understood that he is the first deaf person to achieve
this honor at Harvard.


News of the Week - Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

    Sign language less important than Sotho and Venda, both spoken
languages in South Africa?
   There are more deaf people using South African Sign Language
as opposed to those that speak Sotho and Venda. Despite these stats
the government refuses to recognize the South African Sign Language
as an official language.
   South Africa already has 11 official languages. What is one more
language to this nation? Deaf leaders are spearheading the movement
to win government recognition of Sign Language.

(editor's note: sign language has since then won recognition in
South Africa)


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

Why is it that when something goes wrong, the 
deaf person is blamed for it?

It may not matter that he may not have been
within 500 feet of whatever happened!

Examples are:

- dented wall in the apartment hallway
- a broken vase in a workplace desk
- a dent in the door of a parked car
- a trampled-on plant in a garden

The angry hearing person, upon discovering
the mishap, will immediately point his finger
at the deaf person!


A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's great news:

Your customers allow you to reschedule them so you can 
attend your health benefits open enrollment meeting
..something you were not aware about until the week 


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?

said a DeafDigest subscriber:

I went to a hospital for a doctor's appointment.
At the registration counter, I was asked for my 
mailing address, but I thought she said billing

I couldn't lipread the difference between
mailing and billing

(these names look the same when you try to lipread)

if you have lipreading tales, please share these with



* on a per-subscriber basis, the DeafDigest ad rates are the
  best in the nation.

* For more information, send E-mail to


Job Announcements
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana School for the Deaf currently has job openings/postings
for the following positions:

Job                        Posting #        Closing Date 
Spoken English Specialist  565495       11/04/2009                     
Food Service Supervisor    565667        10/30/2009                                    
Educational Audiologist    565607        10/27/2009        

(#) = number of job available for that position.

Applicants must submit an Indiana State Application via the Indiana
State Personnel website at  

If you have any questions please contact Carole Morgan in our Human
Resources Department via telephone (317/920-6340 v/tty) or E-Mail:   Website:

Mission Statement-The Indiana School for the Deaf Community promotes
academic and social excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
through a Bilingual/Bicultural environment. 



Position Openings
The Learning Center for the Deaf & Walden School
Framingham, MA

-Middle School Supervising Teacher
The Learning Center for the Deaf

- Education Director
Walden School at The Learning Center for the Deaf.

Competitive salary, full range of benefits.  

For more information on the positions listed above visit our 
web site at

Please send resume, cover letter and 3 references to:

Lynn Marshall
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Fax: 508/875-9203


position opening
Family Partner
Walden School at The Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

Definition: The Family Partner works in the community support
Wraparound program.  She/he is responsible for support and advocacy
to parents/caregivers, providing some direct services and helping
families identify strengths, needs and access community resources.

Requirements:   The candidate should have experience providing
supportive services to families or to individuals with emotional or
behavioral disturbance, preferably as a caregiver. ASL skills and
bicultural competency are required. Bachelor's degree preferred but
not necessary.  The Family Partner must be able to work
collaboratively with a team and possess effective interpersonal and
communication skills. Time flexibility and some availability during
evening/weekend hours is required as is a valid Massachusetts
drivers' license.

Send Resume, cover letter and references to:
Lynn Marshall
The Learning Center for the Deaf
8484 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701


Job Opportunity
Residential Counselor for Girls Dorm
The Learning Center for the Deaf
Framingham, MA

Residential Counselor for Girls Dorm

Residential Counselor will provide leadership to residential 
students to develop, implement and monitor all residential 
activities, which support residential students' social, physical, 
intellectual, communication and emotional development.

Requirements:   BA/BS degree in Human Services or equivalent
preferred. High School diploma with 2 years of experience in
residential setting or supervisory level may be equivalent. Fluent in
American Sign Language. Ability to communicate and work effectively
as part of a team. Knowledge of issues and priorities important to
the students' needs in residential program preferred. Competency in
Microsoft Office software programs. Willingness to work a varied
schedule. MA Driver License must be secured and in good standings.
Experience and skill in developing, implementing and/or planning
activities for residential students.   Reports to Peter Bailey,
Director of Student Life.

Send Resume, cover letter and references to:
Lynn Marshall
The Learning Center for the Deaf
8484 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701


open positions
Austine School for the Deaf/ Vermont Center for the Deaf and 
Hard of Hearing 
various locations in Vermont

- Education Interpreter - 2 positions available, separate
locations; Bennington VT & Brattleboro  VT

Fluency in ASL required

RID certification preferred.

Successful completion of Interpreter training Program preferred

- Client Support Specialist For ACCESS

Access is a community based employment program for  Deaf & Hard of
Hearing individuals. Two openings for this part time position - 10 hrs

a week-short term to cover maternity leave. Anticipated for 3 months
starting in December 2009. Brattleboro, VT

H S diploma required

Experience with deafness & Deaf Culture

Valid driver's license & personal car required.

Must be flexible-some evening work may be required


- Director of Alternative Programs

Full time  in Brattleboro VT

VT State Adm. License

Masters Degree of Deaf Education or related field

Minimum of 5 yrs. Of teaching &  Adm. Experience

Proficiency in ASL

Please send letter of interest & resume to Kelly Therieau at

announcing an opening for 
Elementary School Teacher - temporary
The American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

The American School for the Deaf (ASD) is located on a 54 acre 
campus in West Hartford, Connecticut.  

It is a residential and day program operating as a state-aided 
private school.  It was established in 1817 as the first 
permanent school for the deaf in America.  
PRIMARY DUTIES                                             
(a) Instructs deaf/hearing-impaired students in academic/life 

(b) Evaluates student performance, provides feedback as needed
(c) Prepares reports, IEP's, parent letters, lesson plans and 
other reports as needed.   

(d) Maintains appropriate classroom management and environment  

(e) Participates in departmental, school-wide committee work, 
curriculum work.

Master's Degree in Education of the Deaf, appropriate State of 
CT Teacher Certification.  SCPI Level of Intermediate Plus. 
Good judgment.  Ability to work in a collaborative team 
setting.  Ability to work flexible hours when needed.  
Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Education or Special Education will 
be considered.

Send resume and letter of application to:   

Human Resources Office
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107-1269

FAX (860) 570-1832

The American School for the Deaf is an Equal Opportunity 
Employer: M/F/V/H/D.


employment opportunity - available now
Elementary Teacher
Las Vegas Charter School of the Deaf
Las Vegas, NV

Required credentials:
Send an application, current resume, letters of recommendation 
and copies of transcripts

Minimum qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree, preferably Master's Degree in Deaf Education

- Experience teaching and working with Deaf and hard of hearing 

- Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) at the advanced skill 

Major duties and responsibilities:
- Performs work associated with standards-based student instruction; 
prepares lesson plans and develops input for the Individualized 
Education Plan (IEP).

- Demonstrates knowledge and skill in the areas of assessments, 
progress monitoring, behavior management, and curriculum

- Participates in activities related to staff development and 

To obtain information: Please contact Cathy Bennett, Director at


open position
Computer Integrated Machining Technology (CIMT)
Instructional/Support Faculty
National Technical Institute for the Deaf 
Rochester Institute of Technology                                                   

Bachelor's degree in Technical/Industrial Education or 
related field. 

Sign language proficiency.

Secondary or post-secondary teaching; industry experience.

Review of applications begins: November 13, 2009
This position is subject to available funding
For more details and to apply on line please go to:                                 


Seeking Applicants For
Full-time Web Developer
Rochester Institute of Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester, NY

(professional staff position)

The RIT/NTID Marketing Communications department seeks a full-time 
Web developer to create online marketing content and applications 

- Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, 
new media or related field

- Two to three years experience in Web design and development 

- Strong PHP programming skills

- Experience building database-driven websites with semantic, 
standards-based XHTML and CSS

For a detailed job description and to apply, visit the RIT Career Zone 
at and enter IRC31727 
or select National Technical Institute for the Deaf in the 
College/Division section. 

Review of applicants will continue until position is filled.

All applicants must apply online.

We are seeking individuals who are committed to contributing to 
RIT's core values, honor code and statement of diversity. 

People who are deaf or hard of hearing are strongly encouraged 
to apply. 

For more information about RIT/NTID, visit http?// 


Job Announcement
Job Title:  Executive Director
Employer:   Southwest Washington Center of the Deaf and Hard of
            Hearing, Inc. (SWCDHH) 
Vancouver, Washington

Job Description:

These responsibilities include management of personnel and
services: implementation of Board policies; communication with the
public, Board and community; program development; fundraising; data
collection and fulfilling state reporting requirements; and direct
client services to provide mentoring, advocacy, community access, and
information and referral.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Knowledge and Abilities Desired:
- Thorough familiarity with the American Deaf culture and issues
facing Deaf and Deaf-Blind consumers is required.

- Full knowledge of the special needs and issues of those who are
Hard of Hearing.

- An understanding of the current issues related to Deaf,
Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing consumers accessing public and social
services, in addition to familiarity with laws and regulations
pertaining to Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing consumers.

- Demonstrated knowledge of budgeting concepts and practices,
knowledge of personnel management practices and knowledge of the
social service delivery system.

- Proven ability/skills with grant writing.

Minimum Qualifications/Required Skills:
- A Bachelor's degree in Social Services, Counseling,
Psychology, or a related field; a Master's degree is preferred

- Experience in providing social services to the Deaf, Deaf-Blind
and Hard of Hearing (3 years) with supervisory experience (1 year)

- Fluency in American Sign Language

- Good communication skills including presentations and report

Salary and benefits based upon qualifications and experience.

SWCDHH is an equal opportunity employer; people with disabilities 
and minorities are encouraged to apply.

TO APPLY:  Please submit cover letter, resume, and list of 3
professional references by regular mail or email.

Deadline:  October 15, 2009


ATTN: Search Committee - Executive Committee
PO Box 871268
Vancouver, WA 98687


For more information, contact John Burke (Board Chairman) at


position opening
Independent Living Advisor
Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc
Salisbury, Maryland

Full/Part Time

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc. is a growing organization 
that promotes access to services and resources for residents of the
Eastern Shore of Maryland who are deaf or hard of hearing and 
provides opportunities for full participation in all aspects of
community life.

Responsibilities: Provide training in independent living skills, 
such as: teaching personal and household management, budgeting 
skills, TTY training, accessing and utilizing communication 
resources, medication administration and developing community 

Requirements: Fluency in American Sign Language and written 
English, High School degree required. Demonstrates competency 
in independent living skills, Valid driver's license required 
and good driving record. Flexibility in working hours required.

Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Pension, Life, 
Vacation, sick and personal leave, Healthy Lifestyle Benefit

To Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three letters of 
references to :          

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc.
Human Resources Department
806 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21804

or fax to 410-543-4874.

Position is open until filled


Special notes:

(located at the bottom of the Gold section)
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