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DeafDigest – 27 October 2019

DeafDigest Blue – October 27, 2019
Blue Edition – updated every Monday
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Top stories about the deaf:
A controversy was brewing at the Deaf Poker Australia
Championship. A deaf person who functions as a hearing
person, walked into the casino not knowing about
the deaf event, decided to join it and won $3300.
He is deaf in one ear but with a slight
hearing loss in the other ear. Deaf competitors
are very upset about it. He basically went
to the casino to gamble on something else when
he noticed a posting about the deaf poker event!
The British Deaf Association is in turmoil
because of sign language and non-sign language
factions sniping at each other.
A small town newspaper ran a story about
these captioning bloopers, unsure if it was
funny or not funny.
Deaf chef Darren Weiss was featured in a short film
about his long career in the kitchens of restaurants
he has owned and worked for.
Long time, and retired NTID administrator
Dr. James J. DeCaro has passed away. He was
practically a NTID legend.
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Many people visit Gallaudet University. What is one of
the most popular places for visitors on the campus?
    It is the old Gallaudet swimming pool on the first
floor of the Ole Jim (Alumni House). Gallaudet shut down
the swimming pool during the fifties, but it was never
torn down.
    One can see a small part of the pool through thick
glass. It is located in the Ole Jim meeting room. If
the door is closed, you have to wait till the meeting
ends to look at the pool.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
Lip reading tale
At a parking lot, a hearing man was chatting
with a deaf man, and pointing at one car.
The deaf person thought the hearing person said:
The dog is parking
The hearing person actually said:
The dog is barking
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    This is a nightmare. You have problems with cable
internet service. You contact the cable company through
internet relay to ask for assistance.
    The service representative advises you to disconnect
the router and then to reconnect it and to let him know
if it works.
    It is hard to explain to the customer service
representative that if you disconnect the router, the
relay call is disconnected. You explain this to him – and
he does not believe you because he thinks you are using
the TTY machine to contact him through the relay!
    This is a nightmare.
This week’s ASL video in youtube:
“Who are you working for?” This is a question many CART captioners are
The people who use CART captioners’ services are generally not the people
who actually pay for those services, so there may be a difference when a
CART captioner uses the terms “client” or “consumer” or “user.”
The client is usually the person or organization who will be paying for
the CART captioner’s services. Often this is the entity hosting the event
or the school or university in an educational setting.
The consumer is the person who is actually using the services of the CART
captioner. This is often a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, or it
may be a person for whom English is a second language.
Although some CART captioners are employees of organizations, most CART
captioners work as independent contractors for a number of different
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
Linda Bove represented the deaf at the
Hollywood Disabilities Forum that took
place today. The issue, among the disabled,
the deaf, included is why Hollywood is not
hiring them for all jobs in the entertainment
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
An article in an Australian newspaper said that
sign language says things that spoken languages
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