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DeafDigest – 26 February 2012

DeafDigest Gold – February 26, 2012

Gold edition            Barry Strassler, Editor – updated every Monday

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Last week’s ASL Videos with captions:

This week’s ASL Videos with captions:


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Deaf Cartoon (Fogey) of the week:


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sources of unique deafnews are never revealed; always


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The DeafDigest is divided into Blue and Gold sections, both
ranked equal in contents, features and ads. This is the
Gold section.


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at: (updated every Monday)


– Dedication

DeafDigest dedicates this edition to Dr. Robert G. Sanderson,
who departed us on Saturday night. Robert was a much beloved figure
in the Utah and national Deaf Communities, having served us so
admirably over the years – vocational rehabilitation counselor,
state director of programs serving the deaf, member of Gallaudet
board of trustees, past NAD president and so on – down the line.
The Utah Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has been
named after him.

And there is a touch of humor, back to his days as a lowly Gallaudet prep student. He inscribed his initials on the dormitory window panel. Many years later, he visited College Hall, which housed the preps at that time. The first thing he wanted to see – was if his initials were still visible, withstanding the elements of time and years.

Yes, it was! This shows how the Sanderson legend endures to this day.

Thank you, Robert, for serving us so admirably over the years.

– What the stories are saying about the deaf?

Dang Tran Thanh is a self-taught deaf businessman in
Ha Noi, Vietnam, overseeing 25 deaf employees in the
handicrafts business. They sell these crafts at
booths scattered across the city. Before he started
the business, he had to learn about management, finances
and legal regulations. Many of his hearing customers
come from Germany, Holland and Malaysia.

Andrew Metz, a former deaf football player at
Hofstra University, was written up in a newspaper
story. Despite his BA and MBA degrees and experience
as executives at several agencies, he was downsized
and had problems finding a comparable job. Instead
he turned into distributing and he is a leading
distributor for a nutrition company that offers
health products. Currently he supervises 225
distributors from his home base in California.

– Very Hot News

A tale of three Third World Nations:

Vietnam will be featuring a new TV program to teach sign language

Sri Lanka will be having interpreters on TV news programs

Ghana deaf is upset that the state of the union speech was not interpreted

– Thursday February 23rd

What is the best way to buy a hearing aid?
Go online and get a bargain purchase, but at the risk
of a wrong fit. Go to a hearing aid dealer, pay through
the nose but get the best fit? This is where the
Hearing Loss Association of America, which supports
online purchases and Hearing Industries Association,
which supports hearing aid vendors, both have agreed
to disagree! This was made public in a web posting.

– Friday February 24th

The SSA is interviewing deaf people on SSDI. SSA wants to know
how to improve on communications with the deaf. If SSA asks you for an interview, you can refuse; they cannot force you. And SSA cannot ask you for your social security number or to identify yourself or ask you how much money is on your SSDI checks

– Saturday February 25th

An ugly struggle is going on between the deaf backers of the Indiana School for the Deaf and Governor Mitch Daniels, his administration, and his Republican legislators.

Do they want to tear down the school or maintain the school status quo?

Who is Mitch Daniels and what is his frame of mind? He believes that the student needs is #1 and he does not think ASL is always the right one. He knows politics – and goes with the majority. He did his homework, knows what Deaf Culture is all about. And he is not afraid of
pressure exerted by the school backers.

And even more so, he is unafraid even when the pressure
by the national Deaf Community is exerted on him!

What is the best win-win solution to this mess?

This is the challenge that deaf leaders need to deal with.


Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

Stroud, a small town, in the English country, has
a club called Stroud Hard of Hearing Club. The
members are working together to canvass the
town shops and stores next week. they will ask
if merchants know how to deal with the deaf and the hard of hearing customers on their shopping


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How important is Deaf Handwriting? Also, how important is Hearing Handwriting?
Very important! If handwriting is lousy and
hard to read, no matter if it is Deaf Handwriting
or Hearing Handwriting, then communication by
note and pen is dead!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

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8th Deaf History International Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July 24-29, 2012

with new video at:


In Washington, DC, many people wear baseball
caps with the letter G on front.
Letter G. It can be Georgetown University or
George Washington University or Gallaudet University.
Even worse – the design, the color, and the logo on these three different universities are almost the same.
From a distance, if you see a cap with G, it is
hard to know which university it is!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

A deaf vocational rehabilitation counselor had his
office in the state’s biggest city (southwestern part of
A small town, two hours driving distance away – had
a thriving deaf community. These deaf people would get
together every Friday at a local bowling alley. Either
they would go bowling or just chatting with each other.
And then afterwards they would go to a nearby restaurant
for late snacks. For a bigger social event they would
rent the hall at the Salvation Army building.
This deaf counselor saw all this. He convinced his
supervisor to let him drive to that town every Friday,
That way he would make himself available when these deaf people needed vocational rehabilitation assistance.

Because of the bad experience with the earthquake
in Japan, where the deaf people were the last to know
about it, there is a new feature.
It is a visual earthquake warning display device
that is being displayed at five central locations
across the nation.
It has become operational last week.

(video with captions)

Do enjoy viewing that video!

We have many, many organizations, international,
national and local that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
One such organization is:

Deaf Association of Wyoming


Artist Andrea Galvani, not deaf, is having his first
exhibition at a gallery in New York. His work is titled
A Few Invisible Sculptures.
His “painting” is sculptures that are invisible, but replaced
by sound, drawings, text, collages and photographs.
The text found on the painting contains conversation he
had with an electromagnetism researcher. That researcher is
Artists tend to be creative and this one is pushing the
envelope – because of our invisible disability and because
of text replacing voice since the interviewee is deaf!


Without a hearing aid, no one shouts at me


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it is the same as:
born deaf

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

33rd World’s Largest Silent Weekend / Interpreter Conference
June 28-July 1, 2012 in Orlando, Florida — 190 hours of classes
for interpreters, ASL & ITP teachers and students with 3.5 CEUs
available for interpreters.

The Florida Hotel offers free parking and free in-room internet and
resort fee waived. Next to the conference is an enormous food court offering
you complete meals for as little as $5.99.

Thursday pre-conference opening session is “Interpreter Guild” by
Paula Browning. There will also be four separate entertainment venues
concluding with a 4-hour post-conference session on Sunday along with
language-focused and interpreting-focused classes. Classes include
6-hour tracks on Islam and Judaism plus an 8-hour track on Medical
Interpreting by a Deaf physician.

Many vendors will have a huge variety of items available. With many
classes having breaks hourly, there will be an exciting and dynamic
all-day flow of participants in the exhibit area.

See for more information and for registration plus a
video clip of last year’s Silent Weekend. Almost 200 have registered


ASL and Interpreting DVDs

Go to for DVDs for ASL students and
interpreters. Over 30 titles include two new ones — Math
Signs and Science Signs by Shannon Simon! Other DVDS include
stories in ASL, ASL grammar, songs, interpreter preparation, etc.


11th Annual Florida-Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run

This is the World’s Longest Group Motorcycle Benefit
Run. Purpose of funds is to help families of deaf babies
served by SKIHI. The 2012 trip will begin July 28, 2012.
Go to


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. Why would Canada give interpreters for Gary Malkowski when
he was MPP in Ontario in early nineties and why would New Zealand
refuse to give electronic notetakers for new MPP Mojo Mathers?

A. Different nations. Different set of attitudes. No two nations
have same set of attitudes.

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Rene Pellerin’s corner:

Hot water

We boil water daily for many purposes.  For individuals like me, Deaf-Blind safety is important.

There are appliances available that are safe for us to use.

One example is called a “Hot Shot”, which is inexpensive.

It is a small appliance that heats up water for instant soup, tea, hot chocolate, etc.

It is safer because it boils one cup at a time.  Actually, it boils up to 16 ounces.

Winter is back (at least in Vermont)!

Let’s have hot chocolate!

Rene’s show business is now entering its 2nd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Wish List of the Week:

that every resource center on deafness will offer two or three
sides to every deafness-issue so that people can make informed
choices (CI or not, ASL or not, oral or not, mainstream or
not, deaf school or not, etc, etc).



Year 1962 – a deaf basketball club from Jacksonville, Florida
was kicked out of the gym where the team practiced and played
games. Reason was that they never paid a fee to use the gym!
After much arguing, it was realized the gym people never explained
to the deaf club that they had to pay a fee. Immediately, this
issue was solved.


DeafNumbers of the Week:

Last week’s DeafDigest mentioned that schools for
the deaf in Ontario may be closed. Why?

– Robarts School for the Deaf, London
34 students.

– Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf, Milton
206 students.

– Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf, Belleville
75 students.


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open positions
The Learning Center for Deaf & Walden School
Framingham, MA

*  Teacher (Walden School)

*  Overnight Child Care Worker (Walden School)

*  Dispensing Audiologist

*  Billing Specialist

*  Family Partner (Wraparound Program)

All applicants must submit a cover letter, resume and three letters of
recommendation and/or three references. In addition, please complete and
submit an application (found on website – Inquiry Forms) to complete the
application packet.

Submission of Application:
The Learning Center for the Deaf
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Attn: Personnel Department


Submit Online:

Each application will be carefully reviewed, and those candidates who are
most qualified will be invited for an interview. The Learning Center for
the Deaf is an EOE


position opening
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

WPSD’s current enrollment is 207 students, of which 80 are residential.

WPSD is an “All Inclusive communication Environment”.  We recognize that each child’s language and communication needs are different, and we try to accommodate each one. We believe that some students’ first language is ASL, and for others, it is English. To  meet their needs, we offer an environment where ASL, Sign Supported English and speech and amplification are used, depending on the student and the situation. the situation

REPORTS TO: Executive Director/CEO of the Programs of the Western Pennsylvania School for
The Deaf

POSITION DESCRIPTION:    This position is an exempt, full-time, twelve-month position (on call, 24/7 during the school year)

The Director is responsible for all aspects of student programming at WPSD including the academic, residential, technology, library/media center and counseling/evaluation programs.
The Director supervises four Principals, the Dean of Students, Coordinator of Technology, Coordinator of Counseling/ Evaluation, Curriculum Coordinator, Mainstream Coordinator, IEP Coordinator, Reading Specialist, Coordinator of Children’s Services, and Registrar. Approximately 100 staff are within these programs.
The Director directs the development and revision of curriculum and works with other departments to assure coordination of curriculum sequence to ensure compliance with state regulations and to adhere to the standards of the School.
The Director is actively involved with the recruitment, enrollment and retention of students.   The Director meets and consults with parents, school districts, intermediate units and/or other agencies in order to develop/provide appropriate programs for students The Director reviews student progress and makes decisions regarding placement and educational planning.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:    PA Instructional II certification in Deaf Education, PA Supervisory Certificate, M.Ed in Deaf Education or Educational Leadership.

Extensive knowledge of educational needs of deaf and hard-of- hearing children.  Extensive knowledge of special education regulations and standards including the IEP process.  Proven track record of managing and leading academic and residential programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing children.
Strong communication skills including the ability to maintain positive relations with parents, alumni and the local community
Sign language skills of applicants will be rated using the Sign Language     Proficiency Interview (SLPI); .Advanced. level skills are required at hire.
PA Act 24, PA 34 Criminal Background, Child Abuse, and FBI clearances required.  Valid driver license required.

SALARY Commensurate with other school superintendent-level positions

DEADLINE TO APPLY:        March 30, 2012


Send letter of application and resume to:
Jay Knowles
Dragonswood Advisors, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The Western PA School for the Deaf does not discriminate in its programs of education, employment, and all other activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, disability, or gender preference.


job opening
Information Coordinator
Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Frankfort, KY

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is seeking applicants for Information Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The position is located in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Minimum Qualifications: –    Bachelor Degree
–    Two years of administrative experience providing services to the deaf and hard of hearing –    Good organizational skills with the ability to multitask

Preferred Requirements: –    Ability to communicate efficiently using American Sign Language

Duties include collecting and reviewing information pertaining to deafness and coordinating dissemination of information.  Identifying services available to consumers and develop a system to maintain current information useful to state agencies, parents, and consumers on a statewide basis. Maintain database information keeping it accurate and current as well as tracking requests handled. Maintain information on the web as it pertains to the directory. Biannually publish a statewide directory of services to the deaf and hard of hearing for consumers and their families. Maintain agency library to provide deaf related materials to constituents.  Oversee data entry and duties pertaining to the KCDHH Library. Represents the agency on boards, committees, and attends meeting directed by the Executive Director; other duties as assigned.

Please direct any questions to Rachel Morgan at 632 Versailles Road, Frankfort, KY 40601, 502-573-2604 V/T,

For more information please visit:

Deadline for Application:           Open until filled

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability in employment.


job opening
Interpreter I
Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Frankfort, KY

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is seeking applicants for Interpreter I.  The position is located in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Minimum Qualifications: –    Temporary/Permanent license as an interpreter issued by the Kentucky Board of Interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
–    High School Diploma –    Good organizational skills with the ability to multitask

Duties for this position include providing interpreting/transliterating services for deaf and hard of hearing staff for meetings, conferences, workshops, interviews, telephone calls, etc., including one to one and group settings.  Prepare written translations of speeches, legal materials, and other instructional and educational materials. Participate in special workshops and in-service training activities to further professional development. Assist the Telecommunication Access Program in processing applications, working with consumers and understanding of the equipment being provided. Assist in maintaining financial documentation/filing and other daily office tasks.
Assist the Access Center with projects, research and assignments as determined by the Executive Director. Conducts research and provides assistance on special projects as assigned by the Executive Director; other duties as assigned.

Please direct any questions to Rachel Morgan at 632 Versailles Road, Frankfort, KY 40601, 502-573-2604 V/T,

For more information please visit:

Deadline for Application:           Open until filled

The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability in employment.


open positions
Austine School for the Deaf/Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Brattleboro, VT

Due to an expanding program we are looking for dedicated
professionals to provide support and services to Deaf & Hard of
Hearing students and individuals. We are now interviewing all
qualified applicants for the following positions.

– Educational Interpreter
Location: Brattleboro, VT, public high school
Time Base: Full Time

– College degree and completion of an interpreter training program
– Holds current professional credentials from the Registry of
Interpreter for the Deaf,
– National Association of the Deaf or other sanctioned testing system
or willingness to work towards
– National Interpreter Certification(NIC), must pass the NIC knowledge
(written) exam within one year of hire and the NIC interview and Performance Exam within 3 years of hire.
– Educational Interpreting experience and other related interpreting
– Knowledge of child development and an understanding of the uniqueness
and development of Deaf and hard of hearing students.
-Flexible with scheduling and other changes
Valid driver’s license and insurance coverage with the ability to
transport students as needed

– Follow the RID code of Professional Conduct within an educational
– Work in a team situations with other interpreters to ensure the
highest quality provision of interpreter services.
– Prepare for demanding course material as necessary for successful
– Educate consumers about interpreting services
– Tutor students as it relates to their mainstream class(es) when

– Client Support Specialist for ACCESS for Deaf Vermonters
Location: Brattleboro, VT
Time Base: Part time; 6-20 hours a week, Monday -Friday. Temporary
position till late March.

– Fluency in American Sign Language
– BA Degree preferred or High School diploma with minimum 2 years
experiences in Human Service
– Experience with deafness and deaf culture preferred
– Drivers license and personal car required

– Teaching clients independent living skills(home management) and
accessing of community resources.
– Transitioning skills, employment community networking and on the job
– Communicating/meeting with home care provider, case manager and
referral agency as needed
– Providing crisis intervention as needed
– Assisting with organizing and caring our social and recreational
opportunities in the community

Please send letter of interest & resume to:
Kelly Therieau
209 Austine Dr
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Fax# 802-258-9574


Career Opportunities PAHrtners Deaf Services
Glenside, PA

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
We take great pride that our program is strongly Deaf/HOH centered
with about 85% of our staff being Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  Our staff
environment is one of incredible teamwork and mutual support.  As a
result, we are rapidly growing with new programs and expansions of
our existing programs.  Whether you are a high school graduate,
recent college graduate or have many years’ experience in the field
of human services we have a career building position waiting for
you!  E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals
who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable about Deaf
Culture and the Deaf Community to fill the following positions:

– INTENSIVE CASE MANAGERS: (Full time position) This position provides
resources and support to clients and their families who reside in the
community.  Duties: Responsibilities include assessing services needs
of consumers, primarily children, to insure continuum of care;
develop service plans; independent living skills instructions,
advocate for access to public & private services and programs such as
medical, vocational and other services. Qualifications: BA/BS degree
in a Human Services field preferred; or High school diploma & 12
credit hours in human/social science with 2 years mental health
direct care experience. Must have strong organizational skills;
fluency in ASL, familiarity with other visual communication modes and
language levels. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekends
as needed and travel various areas in the community. Knowledge of
laws governing the rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
including IDEA and ADA a plus; and must have a valid driver’s

position) This position provides therapeutic and psycho-educational
workshops and group sessions for consumers who are deaf.  The
qualified candidate shall possess:  BA in psychology, counseling or
any other human services field; must have 2 years’ experience with
individuals with mental illness and/or mental retardation including
treatment planning and progress notes; advanced fluency in ASL
required; must be innovative, creative and be able to work in a team
environment.  Duties:  Develop, coordinate and provide
group/individual therapy for wellness maintenance and
psycho-educational workshops.

– RTF RESIDENTIAL COUNSELORS: (various shifts available) This position
provides direct client services to adolescents, with behavioral
health concerns, in areas such as independent living skills,
implementation of daily activities, run weekly group meetings,
implementing a behavioral modification plan, assist with
homework/school projects and community integration.  Qualifications:
HS + 1 year related experience (preferably with
children/adolescents), valid drivers’ license; advanced fluency in
ASL; demonstrate competency in independent living skills; ability to
teach, advise and motivate; strong interpersonal skills.  Qualified
candidate will also be a strong team player who possesses a great
amount of patience and dedication to working with adolescents.

– RESIDENTIAL COUNSELORS: (various positions available) This position
provides direct client services including encouraging client
independence in areas such as skills in daily living and community
integration.  Duties: Provide supported living and training to Deaf
consumers with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities
living in the community; promote consumers’ independence and social
relationships. Positions open for weekend and evening shifts.
Qualifications:  HS + 1 year related experience; valid drivers’
license; advanced fluency in ASL; demonstrated competency in
independent living skills; ability to teach, advise and motivate Deaf
Consumers; strong interpersonal skills.

Send your letter of intent and resumes to:

Linda Claypool, Office Manager/HR
PAHrtners Deaf Services, 614 N. Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038

Email:  Fax: 215-884-6301


Instructional/Support Faculty – Assistant Professor
Rochester, NY

Rochester Institute of Technology, National Technical Institute for
the Deaf, 52 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623

Job Title/Rank: Instructional/Support Faculty – Assistant Professor
PC#: 0375 IRC55237

Department: Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting

Job Category: Faculty, Tenure Track*
Starting Date: Fall 2012

This position is subject to available funding.

– Teach ASL-English Interpretation courses to students in the
American Sign Language and Interpreting Education Program at NTID and
– Provide leadership in curriculum design and materials development
for ASL-English Interpretation courses
– Participate and contribute to professional organizations in the
field of Interpreting education
– Fulfill traditional faculty expectations, including, in particular,
those related to scholarship, required for tenure and promotion in

We are seeking individuals who are committed to contributing to RIT?s
core values, honor code, and statement of diversity.

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), one of the nine
colleges of RIT, is the world’s largest technological college serving
deaf and hard of hearing students. Created by Congress and funded by
the U.S. Department of Education, it represents the world’s first
effort to educate large numbers of deaf students within a college
campus planned primarily for hearing students. Together with 15,000
full and part-time hearing students, over 1,300 college-age deaf
students from all 50 states and abroad study and reside on the campus
of the Rochester Institute of Technology. NTID is committed to
creating a climate that fosters the success of every student and
employee by appreciating the unique contributions that each person
makes to the educational process based on their ethnic,
cultural, linguistic and gender-related knowledge and experiences.
For more information about NTID at RIT visit

RIT attracts students from all 50 states and more than 90 countries.
RIT has been recognized on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s
inaugural “Great Colleges to Work For” list for three consecutive
years. The Rochester area has a diverse population which
includes African Americans (38% of the city and 14% of Monroe County)
and Latin Americans (13% of the city and 5% of the county). In
addition, more than 7% of the population is foreign born. It is also
home to the largest Deaf community per capita in the United
States. Rochester ranks 3rd best metropolitan region for “Raising a
Family” by Forbes Magazine; 6th among 379 metropolitan areas as “Best
Places to Live in America” by Places Rated Almanac; 1st in Expansion
Management Magazine’s ranking of metropolitan areas having the best
“Quality of Life in the Nation”; is among Essence Magazine’s “Top 10
Cities for Black Families”; and was twice named one of America’s
Friendliest Cities by American Demographics Magazine.


– Doctoral degree or ABD* in an appropriate discipline related to the
field of interpreting/interpreter education
– Native or Native-like proficiency in American Sign Language
– Current National Interpreter Certification (NIC), Registry of
Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)

– Significant experience with curriculum development in postsecondary
– Demonstrated knowledge of and sensitivity to the characteristics of
second language teaching/learning and adult learners and teaching
interpreting skills
– Demonstrated ability to contribute to and lead the field of
interpreting education
– Knowledge and skills in pedagogy and content relevant to
interpreting education
– Evidence of scholarly activity
– Teaching experience in a post-secondary setting
– Contribution to professional organizations
– Ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the college?s
continuing commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and
individual differences.

Ten-month, full-time, tenure track or lecturer position*

*If the successful candidate is currently in a doctoral program or
ABD, he or she will begin his or her employment with lecturer status.
The position will be converted to tenure-track at the start of the
contract year after the candidate has completed the doctoral degree.
At that time, the probationary period for tenure review as specified
in the letter of hire will begin.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: All applicants should apply online at . Faculty search for IRC55237. Applications
should include a cover letter addressing the listed qualifications; a
vita; and the names, addresses and phone numbers of three references.

You can contact the search committee regarding this position at:

Barbara Ray Holcomb, Search Committee Chair
Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting Education
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester Institute of Technology
52 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5604

Application deadline: Review of applications will begin February 10,
2012 and will continue until an acceptable candidate is found.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is an equal
opportunity/affirmative action employer. All individuals with the
ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the university’s
continuing commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and
individual differences are encouraged to make application.



– Staff Interpreter – Los Angeles, CA

– Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim, CA

– Job Developer/Interpreter – Pacoima, CA

– Job Developer/Interpreter – Norwalk, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



other deaf-related jobs


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