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DeafDigest – 08 February 2009

DeafDigest Gold - February 8, 2009

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ASL Videos of the Week:


Deaf Cartoon (Fogey) of the week:


"A Fair Chance in the Race of Life" at Harris Communications

Despite its prominence as a world cultural center and a locus of
research on deaf culture, history, education, and language for 
more than 150 years, Gallaudet University has only infrequently 
been the focal point of historical study.

"A Fair Chance in the Race of Life"(B1118) is a collection of 
essays and research papers written by a remarkable cast of 
scholars who examine the university and its various roles 
through time, many conducting new research in the Gallaudet 
University Archives.

These studies illuminate the university but also confront broad 
issues that deal with the struggles of social conformity versus 
cultural distinctiveness, minority cohesiveness, and gender 

"Deaf" themes, such as the role of English in deaf education, 
audism, and the paternalism of hearing educators, receive 
analysis as well.

To introduce this book, Harris Communications has it on sale 
for only $29.95 (regularly $34.95).

Sale ends February 19, 2009.

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News of the Week
    Tom Baldridge is the son of the late Gallaudet
basketball Iron Man Paul Baldridge, who was
a long time educator at Indiana School for
the Deaf. Tom wishes to collect tales, stories
and anecdotes about his father, to be earmarked
for an upcoming article in a deaf magazine.
    If you wish to share comments with Tom,
then do email him at


    SWCID has its own campus, under the Howard Community
College (HCC) system in Texas.
    If one visits SWCID nowadays, they may see hearing
students bumping into deaf students between class
    What is going on? Because HCC is undergoing renovations,
some hearing classes are being moved out temporarily. This
is the reason for "influx" of hearing students attending
classes at SWCID.


    Were all Super Bowl ads captioned? Do not know because
the web site, was not updated.


National Writing Contest for High School Students with Hearing Loss

High school students with hearing loss in 10th or 11th grade can enter
the fourth annual RIT SpiRIT Writing Contest, and compete for prizes,
including a summer camp scholarship.

Winners will have their choice of a scholarship and travel expenses to
the Explore Your Future program at RIT's National Technical Institute
for the Deaf, or a $500 cash prize.

EYF is a six-day summer career exploration program for deaf and
hard-of-hearing students that gives them the opportunity to sample
different careers as well as college life.

Complete contest guidelines and entry information are available at

The deadline to enter is March 15, 2009 and an awards program will be
held at RIT in the summer.

For more information, contact
or call 585-475-7695 (voice/TTY.)

Web address:


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WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology


    Years ago, before ADA became a law
there was a deaf man who was the branch
manager of a bank.
    He was the boss; employees reported to
him, and he made all the local banking
    Then came the ADA, and he lost his
job! Why?
    The bank felt he would be too 
expensive (interpreters, CART
equipment, video equipment, etc) and
they pushed him into early retirement
with a good retirement pay. He is still
very bitter about it.
    ADA worth it? You decide!

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DiiT / Deaf Initiative in Technology - 2009 Summer Workshop Schedule

The Deaf Initiative in Technology (DiiT) is very excited to introduce 
its 2009 Summer Workshop Schedule!

DiiT is offering many new workshops this year including Basic Business 
Correspondence and a series on Engineering related topics!

DiiT provides up-to-the-minute technical training in an all sign 
environment.  Workshop participants get the benefit of direct 
interaction with the instructors without the need for interpreters 
that most professional workshops require.

All workshops are held at the National Technical Institute for the 
Deaf ( ) at the Rochester Institute of 
Technology in Rochester, New York ( )

To register, download the DiiT Workshop Registration Form or call 
585-475-7545 (Voice or TTY)

The 2009 DiiT Summer Workshop Schedule:

DiiT Workshop Series on Business

1. Is It For You: Starting Your Own Business; June 8-12, 2009

(newly added, 2/1/09)
2. Microsoft Access 2007; Create a Database; June 15-15, 2009

3. Microsoft Office 2007: A Professional Approach; July 13-17, 2009

DiiT Workshop Series on Workplace Writing -- (NEW!!!)

4. Basic Workplace Correspondence; June 22-26, 2009

5. Basic Report Writing in the Workplace; August (TBD)

DiiT Workshop Series on Engineering --  (NEW!!!)
6. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt; June 8-12, 2009

7. Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's); June 8-10, 2009

8. Intro to Computer Numerical Control Programming; June 15-19, 2009

9. Migrating from 2D CAD to 3D CAD using Revit Architecture 
June 15-19, 2009

10. Solid Modeling with SolidWorks; June 22-26, 2009

DiiT Workshop Series on Graphic Communication:
11. Web Site Development Using Dreamweaver CS4; June 8-12, 2009

12. Self-Publishing a Book; June 15-19, 2009

13. Adobe Flash CS4; June 22-26, 2009

14. Wide Format Printing; June 22-26, 2009

15. Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional; July 13-17, 2009

DiiT Workshop Series on Information Technology:
16. Introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic.NET; June 8-12, 2009

17. JavaScript Made Easy with JQuery; June 15-19, 2009

18.  PHP 6 and MySQL 5;        July 13-17, 2009

19. PC Assembly, Maintenance, and Repair; July 13-17, 2009


    Do bakers have to hear to bake a good cake?
DeafDigest does not think so; we have many
deaf people that work as bakers.
    But one cake recipe said that the baker must
hear to know that the sizzling quieted down
and that the cake is ready to be served!
    This recipe is a mystery.

- for ASL News version, please click on:

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of each DeafDigest edition)

   To make sure what our rights to an interpreter
are, do click on:

    Super Bowl is over and done with. DeafDigest, however,
wishes to compare a hearing quarterback with a deaf
quarterback (Gallaudet and schools for the deaf).
    The hearing quarterback speaks two languages - English
and football-speak.
    The deaf quarterback speaks three languages - English,
football speak and ASL.
    And against hearing teams, ASL comes in quite handy on
the scrimmage line.

    We are always seeing a movie or a fictionalized novel
of an actual event, where things get all twisted around.
    Has there ever been a novel where the hearing character,
in true life, has been written in as a deaf character?
    There was one - Vagabond, written by Eiji Yoshikawa, a
Japanese author, changed the leading character to make
him deaf, as a deaf swordsman, instead of as a hearing
    The author died in 1962 but some of his books are
still being reprinted.

    Happens to all of us, the deaf, that a hearing
acquaintance, that you know for so many years,
would normally not communicate with you.
    But on the day he has to communicate with you,
he resorts to crude signs that we have a hard time
    It is so crude that you don't understand what he
is trying to say. Is it because he is afflicted
with deafphobia (fear of communicating with the deaf)?

    Deaf performer Shoshannah Stern (Jericho) was
interviewed and written up in the publication of
her alma mater, California School for the Deaf
at Berkeley.
    She stressed these points:

- acting has its ups and downs
- no stability in the acting field
- you need to be available on a minute's note
- no fixed salary; must live on one big check for as long
   as a year
- if money runs out, you eat canned soup
- you need to decide if acting is for you
- must go to school to learn all about acting
- must deal with rejections all the time
- being told not pretty enough, being overweight,
   being too young or being too old!

    If you click on below, you will find a picture
of this old machine.
    This old machine gave deaf people a good living
and good income at their jobs for many years.
    Not any more. Do click on:

(the person in the picture is not deaf)


in 1899, the commissioner, US Office of Patents,

Everything that can be invented has been invented

if he was correct we would not have many things like
flashing signalers, TV decoders, TTY, VRS, etc, etc

(end of short series)


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A comment that says:

Notoriously half-deaf

is it saying the person is deaf in one ear or
if he is selectively deaf half of the time?


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"Oh See, Can You See? shows dozens of grammatical principles
and will help ITP and ASL students understand what they see. This
is a 55-minute DVD

The 8th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Charity Run is scheduled July 1-26,

See for updates and photos.
These trips will take place every year so why not make plans to
join us now in 2009?


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!
    Public health officials are asking for mass vaccinations
because of the prevalence of the Hib cases.
    Hib is some kind of bacteria that may cause deafness
in children.


Deaf Picture of the Week:

Mark Kite Sr.
Deaf Chief of a hearing volunteer fire department in the
Pittsburgh area


Question of the week:

Q. Many deaf people have vertigo. Why?

A. Something to do with inner ear problems. Keep in
mind that not every deaf with inner ear problems
have vertigo. Even doctors are baffled by these
vertigo issues!

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered
in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that all schools for the deaf are immune to these
state budgetary cutbacks


DeafHistory - Looking Back:

during the 15th century - Italian philosopher
Jerome Cardan said:

the deaf can be educated


Deaf and the Money:

The budget to operate the Minnesota School for the Deaf
was $75,000 per year - - - in the late 19th century!

Minnesota School for the Deaf? Yes, this school name
was changed to Minnesota Academy for the Deaf.


DeafNumbers of the Week:

How many deaf firefighters do we have?

According to Neil McDevitt, of TDI's CEPIN program,
we have 15 ASL-speaking deaf firefighters and
approximately 50 deaf firefighters, with varying
degrees of hearing losses


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position announcement
Curriculum Specialist
New Mexico School for the Deaf
Santa Fe, NM

Possession of Master's Degree in Deaf Education, Curriculum 
Design or related field.  At least 3 years of teaching 
experience required.   Knowledgeable about curriculum 
development.  Knowledgeable or willing to learn about different 
curricular areas (e.g. Language Arts, Science, Math, Social 
Studies and/or Early  Childhood).

Experience teaching in Deaf Education.  Knowledgeable about 
deaf-related issues.  Deadline:

Open until filled.

Apply to: 
New Mexico School for the Deaf, 
1060 Cerrillos Road, 
Santa Fe, NM 87505,

(505) 476-6301.



currently recruiting
South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
Spartanburg, SC

Closing date/Time: Friday March 3, 2009; 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Salary: $87,112.00 - $135,041.00 annually
Job Type: FTE - Full-Time

The SC School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB) is currently
recruiting for the position of President. SCSDB is a
residential facility located in Spartanburg, South Carolina
which serves as a multifaceted resource center dedicated to
serving sensory disabled individuals, their families and
professionals throughout South Carolina.

Visit for more information.

The President is responsible for the overall administrative
management and operation of the SCSDB and reports to a
ten-member Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Governor.
The efforts and initiatives of the president are primarily
directed toward developing and maintaining essential knowledge
and current information on all aspects of programs and services
for individuals with special needs, especially model services,
technological advances, and legal and managerial perspectives.

The president is accountable to a wide range of constituents -
beginning with the Board of Commissioners, students and their
families, and staff and extending to state government officials,
legislators, and local, state and national audiences who may
have special interests in programs for individuals with sensory

The President is also responsible for building awareness and
integration of the School within the community and working with
legislators, regulatory agencies and representatives in the
field of special education.

Minimum and Additional Requirements:
The successful candidate must have a minimum of a bachelor's
degree, master's degree preferred, from a recognized accredited
institution; meet all of the requirements for certification by
the SC Department of Education and at least 18 semester hours of
credit in administration and supervision and a minimum of five
years of senior level administrative and management experience.

In addition, an understanding of the major issues and special
needs facing the sensory disabled population, considerable
experience in fundraising and the ability to work with and
obtain the required funds from state agencies and the legislature
are required.

The successful candidate must also be willing to live on campus
and be a visible presence at SCSDB activities. Demonstrated
previous community involvement beyond the boundaries of employment
is required.

Preferred Qualifications:
Formal training and prior work experience are preferred in special
education, particularly in the field of sensory disabilities and
special schools and particularly those with 24-hour residential

Proficiency in sign language is highly preferred.

Additional Comments:
The salary range is $87,112.00 - $135,041.00., including on campus
housing and an excellent benefits package.  Salary offerings will
be based on applicants' qualifications and experience.  Salaries
above the minimum must be approved by the Agency Head Salary 

Interested individuals may apply on line at

Application deadline is March 6, 2009

Visit for more information on the Presidential

Please contact Joye Lang at 803-734-9080 for questions about this


position openings
Social Workers, Fluent ASL
FEGS - Deaf Services
Manhattan, New York

FEGS is one of the largest not-for-profit health and human services 
organizations in the nation, with an annual operating budget in 
excess of $250 million, 4,000+ employees and operations in more 
than 350 locations throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Become vital member of multidisciplinary team, strongly rooted 
in the deaf community.

Opportunities for Social Workers Fluent in ASL, in our outpatient 
mental Health clinic and residential facility serving Deaf adults.

Requires MSW degree, licensure a strong plus. Positions located 
in Manhattan and are easily accessible by public transportation

Highly competitive salary and generous benefits.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Visit our website at


Announcing an Exciting Career Opportunity
Educational Technology Specialist
Educational Design Resources
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

Anticipated Position
Filling this position is contingent upon future budget approval

RIT/NTID , the premier technical university serving deaf and 
hard-of-hearing students, seeks an exceptional individual to serve as 
a team member for a talented group as they design innovative 
applications of instructional technologies targeting deaf and 
hard-of-hearing learners.

The Educational Technology Specialist will work to design, develop, 
and program instructional and informational multimedia and web-based 
products and services.

We seek an individual with a proven track record to focus department 
efforts on creatively and effectively supporting student learning 
and institutional advancement.

Knowledge of sign language or willingness to learn required.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information 
Technology, New Media, or a related field.

Review of applications begins February 21st, and continues until filled

Start date: April, 2009

The Rochester Institute of Technology is an EO/AA action employer. 
Members of protected classes and individuals with the ability to 
contribute in meaningful ways to the university's continuing 
commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and individual 
differences are encouraged to send an application.

For more details and to apply online please go to:
Look up job IRC# 27275


ASL Fluent Residential Counselors
Pressley Ridge Services for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

Pressley Ridge Services for the Deaf residential program has a 
current need for entry level counselors with ASL / sign
language proficiency / fluency.

The residential treatment program is designed to specifically 
address the needs of severely troubled children deaf / hoh 
adolescents with developmental disabilities and mental health 

Originally, the program was developed in 1996 as part of the 
movement to care for individuals with challenging behaviors
in community integrated settings rather than restrictive group 
care environments.

The Home Places program is designed to serve children and 
young adults who cannot be managed in less intensive settings 
due to the severity and nature of their mental health and 
mental retardation issues.

Working with Deaf - Autistic and MR youth, the Teacher/Counselor 
is instrumental in assisting the clinical staff with developing, 
implementing, and monitoring of individual and group treatment 
plans that result in improved adaptive social/interpersonal 
functioning and high rates of successful program completing 
among youngsters in assigned group.

The Teacher/Counselor has various shift opportunities - T/C's 
may reside with assigned youth according to a variable patterned 
schedule (2 1/2 days on 4 1/2 days off) or can work on a daily 
schedule (5 day / 8 hours per day).

Bachelors degree required, all majors considered, degrees in 
Psychology,  Social Work, or Human Services related fields
preferred. Experience working with troubled youth and youth 
with Autism/DD diagnosis a plus.

Sign Language / ASL fluency IS REQUIRED.

Valid driver's license, auto insurance. FBI, State Police, 
and Child Protection clearances.

We have an excellent benefits package for our full time employees: 
Medical, Dental, Vision, Company paid life insurance, Paid 
Vacation & Sick time, Up to $1500 per year for continuing 
education (School, Seminars, Workshops, etc.), and more

Additional information can be found at

Resumes to: 
Bryan Gibbons; 
PHR Staffing Coordinator Pressley Ridge 
5500 Corporate Drive, Suite 400 
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

412.872.9469 (fax) or


position opening
Principal, Elementary/ Middle School
New York School for the Deaf
White Plains, NY

Occ. Code I-11b
REPORTS TO:                Director of Instruction

BASIC FUNCTION:        Supervise Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School 
faculty and staff in the development and implementation of curriculum, 
educational goals and student learning needs.

- Possess or eligible for NYS Certification as Teacher of the Deaf

- Possess or eligible for NYS Certification in Supervision and/or 

- A sign language SCPI level of Advanced with a minimum entry level 
of Intermediate. Within first 30 months of employment, candidate must 
obtain Advanced level.

- Ability to communicate effectively in writing and in public 

- Ability to work flexible hours as needs of the program dictate

- Must possess mature judgment and leadership skills with the 
ability to be creative and exercise individual initiative.

- The successful applicant must submit to a criminal history 
background information check.

- Minimum of five years of successful teaching experience; early 
childhood experience preferred

- Previous supervisory experience preferred

- Supervise implementation of curriculum appropriate for deaf 
students and  designed to prepare students to meet NY State learning 

- Plan, develop and implement instructional programs for deaf infant 
program,  pre-school, elementary, and middle school students.

- Provide educational leadership designed to meet individual student 
needs (i.e., oral/auditory, ASL) and determine class assignments for 

- Oversee student placement, grading, and advancement

- In concert with other administrators and staff, develop master 
schedule, student schedules and teacher and teacher assistant schedules

- Administration/monitoring of student assessment

- Maintain student records and supervise and review the preparation 
of student reports.

- Provide strong direction and leadership to faculty, staff  and 

- Evaluate the performance of teachers, teacher assistants, and 
assigned staff and recommend techniques and methods of improvement

- Recommend the transfer, promotion or termination of faculty and 
administrative staff

- Approve purchase of supplies, materials and equipment

- Supervise and monitor all state education requirements; 
participate in IEP meetings.

- With other administrators, develop and direct staff development 
programs for all staff.

- With other administrators, recommend and monitor new or revised 
school policies and procedures.

- Meet with parents on a regular basis and keep parents informed 
about events at Fanwood through regular informational mailings and 
presentations at meetings, etc.

- Ensure sensitivity to cultural differences within the school 

- Prepare necessary reports pertaining to students, staff and 

- Respond to inquiries and general correspondence regarding 
education programs and ensure the general welfare of students and staff.

- Ensure that obligations under the labor contract are executed 
properly.  Attempt to resolve differences or disputes before they become 

- Work cooperatively with local schools, agencies, parents, staff 
and students on educational programs of benefit to Fanwood students.

- Supervision of summer school

- All other duties assigned by the Director of Instruction or her 

SALARY:      Negotiable based on qualifications and experience.
TYPE:        12 month position

FAX resume to (914) 949-2331

or mail to:

Human Resources 
New York School for the Deaf
555 Knollwood Road
White Plains, NY 10603



The Board of Trustees of St Mary's School for the Deaf
announces a vacancy for

Position available July 1, 2009

(Buffalo, NY)

- Residential School with average total enrollment of 110 students
- Staff of 145 full time employees
- Subject to New York State Education Department guidelines
- Accredited High School
- Serving students from birth to 21 years of age
- Potential for adult programming in a variety of occupational areas
- Funded by section 4201 of Education Law of New York State

Services provided:
- Full academic program in accordance with State regulation

- Related services (Speech, Counseling, Audiology, variety of therapy

- Educational programs including Art, Music, & Physical Education

- Residential program including recreation therapy, tutorial & after
school program

- Athletic Program (Track, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball)

- Master's degree in Deaf Education or related field supplemented by
course work in School Administration;

- At least 5 years of experience in Educational Administration and
Community Relations;

- Eligibility for or willingness to obtain certification as Educational
Administrator in New York State;

- Ability to communicate and interact successfully with deaf children
and adults (Preferred level of Sign Communication @ Intermediate SCPI
level with ability to achieve advanced level of communication within
two years);

- Experience in working with parents as partners in the educational

- State of the art knowledge in areas of technology, integration
options, deafness, and deaf culture.

Application procedure:
Interested candidates may write for a complete copy of the job description
or visit

All credentials, including resume, copies of certifications, and three
professional references must be submitted as noted below.  Applications
will be reviewed beginning January 12, 2009 but will be accepted until
an appointment is made, within practical limits of the process as
finalists are identified.

All inquiries and applications must be sent to:

SMSD Search Committee for the Superintendent
Charles C. Martorana, Chair
1100 M & T Center
Three Fountain Plaza
Buffalo, New York     14203-1414.

St. Mary's School for the Deaf is an EOE


position openings
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position descriptions and application procedures
please click on any of below:

- Sign Language Interpreter (12 months)

- Residential Paraprofessional (multiple positions)

- High School Graduation Coach

- Occupational Therapist (hourly)

- Paraprofessional, classroom (10 mo position)

- Physical Therapist

- Reading Content Specialist

- Residential Advisor (DOE)

- Substitute Teacher (P/T-Hourly)

- Teacher (Blind/Deaf) - Literary Content Specialist


(updated February 8th)

Exciting Career Opportunities at GLAD:

- Job Developer/Interpreter - Anaheim, Crenshaw, Norwalk, 
Pacoima, Santa Ana, CA

- Placement Coordinator - Riverside, CA

- Community Interpreter - Riverside, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please 
go to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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