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DeafDigest – 04 January 2009

DeafDigest Gold – January 4, 2009

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“Kami and the Yaks” at Harris Communications

Winner of numerous children book awards, “Kami and the Yaks” is
the story of a young, deaf Sherpa boy whose family earns their
living by guiding mountain climbers and carrying their gear on

When the yaks cannot be found before a trek, Kami sets off by
himself to find the wandering herd. Despite his fear of being
alone, Kami finds the courage to keep searching even in the face
of a fierce storm.

“Kami and the Yaks” is a book that opens new worlds to young

Children will admire the young hero and be captivated by the
illustrations and text.

“Kami and the Yaks” (B1091) is now on sale at Harris
Communications for only $15.95, regularly $17.95.

Sale ends January 8, 2009.

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Kramer Financial is a deaf financial services firm with
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Two office locations, four financial advisors, and four staff
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For further information or to make an appointment, click into

Kramer Financial
9099 Ridgefield Drive, Suite 101
Frederick, MD 21701

240-379-6908 VP/TTY
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Securities and advisory services offered through FSC Securities
Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC, and a registered investment
advisor. Kramer Financial is not affiliated with FSC Securities
Corporation or registered  as a broker/dealer or investment


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News of the Week

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper forgetting
its own history?
This newspaper ran a piece outlining important events
in for the past 175 years.
Yes, it mentioned Rochester School for the Deaf
(1876) but did not mention the NTID!
The newspaper completely forgets that NTID has
enhanced Rochester as a great American city!

The American Association of People with Disabilities,
which hopefully recognizes the deaf as a singular political
force, is pushing a demand onto the Obama Administration.
The demand is jobs, jobs and jobs for the disabled,
the deaf included.

A Deaf Beer Tour? Yes, Ken Fisher, Master Brewer,
Deaf Beer, is planning to give a tour of Grateful
In planning for 2009 are brewing tours at:

– Rome, Italy
– Yorkshire, England
– Denmark

Also in the plans is a new brew called
Grateful Deaf Summer Sue Wheat, brewed in honor of
Susan Elliot, a deaf teacher who was recently named as
the Colorado Teacher of the Year.
Rome, Italy? Hope deaf hotelier Roberto Wirth
will serve Grateful Deaf on taps for the hearing
patrons at Hotel Hassler!

In the courtroom, and everywhere else, the rule is
that if a deaf person does not know ASL, then use the
The courtroom in Ottawa County, Ohio did not follow
this courtesy. The judge threw out the case because of
one deaf juror, who did not know ASL.
It concerns overturning of an aggravated vehicular
homicide and involuntary manslaughter conviction. The
deaf juror in the case could not hear a 911 tape that
was used in the conviction.
Questioned a deaf attorney, not involved with the case:

if she didn’t know ASL, why wasn’t she given CART is
beyond me?

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, has a new executive director – in Katie Prins.

National Deaf Prep Duals
Wrestling Tournament
January 23-24, 2009

Participating schools:

Hosted by
Model Secondary School f/t Deaf

Organizations wishing to be involved in the tournament as a
sponsor or place a program ad should contact Mark
Burke, Athletic Director

For more information about the tournament, contact:

Mark Burke, Athletic Director
Model Secondary School f/t Deaf
Washington, DC

Deaf Group Home

at La Familia, near Albuquerque, NM
Deaf Group Home

at La Familia, near Albuquerque, NM

for Deaf Youth

– education support services
– clinical services
– job skills training
– employment support
– life skills training
– school to work transition planning
– community involvement
– recreational outings & entertainment

for more information, email

or click on:


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates,
please email


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

updated every Monday



WCI is kicking off the New Year with a big “sale”-abration!

During the entire month of January every TTY is on sale!

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WCI. Your Single Source for Assistive Technology


At schools for the deaf, at agencies serving the deaf,
and even at Gallaudet as we await who the new president
will be, our CEO’s have different backgrounds.
Some CEO’s have backgrounds in Deaf Education. Some
CEO’s are business people that know corporate management.
Some CEO’s are fund raisers.
Which CEO background is more important? There is no
perfect CEO, and at some schools, the screening committee
may like one CEO but not like another CEO. But at other
schools their preferences are different.
This is why we hope that whoever becomes the next
Gallaudet president will be “perfect” for us.

– for ASL News version, please click on:

Go to a deaf bookstore at Gallaudet and you will
see many books about the deaf and of deafness.
Many of these books are written by authors that
know nothing about the deaf, yet are able to write
Why? Good question.

– for ASL News version, please click on:

If you are touring Great Britain, and pass through the
city of Yorkshire, be sure to stop at the Elland Brewery.
At Elland Brewery, do order “Deaf Beer” on taps, and
you will get a liter.
The Deaf Beer is Grateful Deaf, brewed by Ken Fisher,
USA’s Master Deaf Brewer..
You only can drink if you are on the Elland Brewery
Do click on:

In some nations sign language is advanced; in some other
nations sign language more or less is primitive.
As a rule, when sign language is advanced, body language
is not used. And the less advanced the sign language is, more
body language is used.
A trained deaf eye would tell which signer is from a nation
with advanced sign language and which signer is from a nation
with less advanced sign language.
A clueless person would not know the difference.

What is our 10 MIW’s? MIW’s stand for Most Important
This was in reference to a posting on a web site asking
individuals to select their ten Most Important Words. They
would use these MIW’s for texting purposes in case they
became suddenly deaf.
These important words are:

yes, no, I’m, hungry, come, go, away, help, goodbye, hello

On what criteria were these words selected as MIW’s?
Do not know.

If you would remember Dr. Patricia T. [Tobie] van der Vorm,
then please step forward!
DeafDigest, exactly two years ago, announced the selection
of Patricia T. [Tobie] van der Vorm as the chief headhunter
of the Academic Search Consultation Service that was to be
hired just for one specific task.
That task was to find the next president of Gallaudet
DeafDigest will stop at that and hope that the new
presidential search, spearheaded by Jim Macfadden and
his committee, will do such a fantastic job of finding
someone, no stones unturned, that will lead Gallaudet for
years to come.

Barack Obama is our next President. Hope he will
take the deaf into consideration.
Below is an article posted in DeafDigest 10 years ago:

Deaf political appointees? In the eighties Ron Stern (now the
superintendent of the New Mexico School for the Deaf) was appointed
to the Fremont City Recreational Council.
In the nineties, Bob Davila was a high level appointee to a high
level Federal education position.
Right now in the 2000’s, Jim Brune, a San Franciscan, has been
appointed to the Mayor’s Disabilities Council.
If the decade by decade trend continues we will see the President
select a deaf person to be a member of his cabinet in the 2010’s.
As a sidebar, all three individuals were Californians!

Will we be seeing a Deaf Poltical Appointee serving on the
Obama Administration?
DeafDigest hopes so/

Look at rows of apartments or rows of office buildings
anywhere. These units are maintained by property managers
that work for a property management company.
Have we ever had a deaf person in the property management
Yes, there is one – in a mid-American state. For reasons
of confidentiality, that person did not want to be
What are his tasks:

– getting maintenance requests from tenants
– assigning such tasks to maintenance crew
– invoicing tenants and owners for maintenance on their sites
– resolving maintenance issues with owners
– surveying property damage

Communication barriers? He said:

Yes, communication barriers exist at my work

Explaining, he said he may have to write notes and
use relay services. Yet he has to deal with hearing people
that have no clue what these services are all about. He
also uses text pagers and instant messaging pagers.
In brief, he said that each day is a new experience for him,
so many different people and so many different incidents.

Go to any Deaf Home and you will see flashing
signalers installed everywhere.


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(to be continued on a weekly basis)


– Kanthirava Narasaraja Wodeyar served as mayor of
the Kingdom of Mysore in 1704. At that time it was
a city-state; now it is the second largest city in
the state of Karmataka in India. He died in 1714.


Deaf Cruise Hawaii 2009 Special !!!

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Deaf Cruise Hawaii 2009 !

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One Day.  One Sale.  One Great Deal.  Thursday, November 20, 2008


30th World’s Largest ASL Silent Weekend in 2009
Signing Greeting Cards
ASL and Interpreting DVDs

Please browse our selection of signing greeting cards at:

The 30th Silent Weekend in June 2009 will offer interpreters
more than 2 CEUs.  Over 100 hours of classes also for beginning,
intermediate and advanced sign language and ITP students. Many
interpreters use this to get all of their RID required CEUs in
a one-stop venue at significant cost savings.  Get a group as small
as five to register at huge savings!

Peter Cook, Crom Saunders, Keith Wann, Trix Bruce and many nationally
known presenters are featured.

Check for details

Sign language DVDs are available online at
– Consider “Oh See, Can You Say?” by Maureen Longo Tuccelli.  She
shows how to make an excellent voicing product using a clip of Peter
Cook.  This 75-minute DVD  is excellent for ITP teachers
and students!

“Oh See, Can You See? shows dozens of grammatical principles
and will help ITP and ASL students understand what they see. This
is a 55-minute DVD

The 8th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Charity Run is scheduled July 1-26,

See for updates and photos.
These trips will take place every year so why not make plans to
join us now in 2009?


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has launched
a new web site at:

The new feature is SNAPS, which stands for Snap Shots of
State Population Data

Should be pretty much self explanatory.

Deaf Picture of the Week:

Matthew (Magic) Morgan
professional deaf magician


Question of the week:

Q. Do we have deaf attorneys operating own private practices?

A. Yes and no. Only just a few do, but their wives work to
supplement the family income

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered
in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that our Deaf Beer, Grateful Deaf, will be served
on taps at all leading bars and restaurants in
USA. It is being brewed by Ken Fisher, a Deaf Master


DeafHistory – Looking Back:

Year 1966 – The Deaf American ran an article with

Keeping up with all the research projects concerning
deafness and the deaf is next to impossible – at least
from the standpoint of the layman. Only a handful have
time to read (and perhaps follow up on) the research

The more things change, the more things remain the
same – meaning a glut in deafmaterial!

Deaf and the Money:

Deaflympics is coming up this year at Taipei.

At the past Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps won all
these gold medals along with millions of dollars in
endorsement and business deals.

Our gold medal winning Deaflympics athletes will
earn $0.00 for their efforts.

Gold medal deaf athletes from Taipei, the host nation,
will reap a fortune of NT$1 million or US$30,432.
This figure is being upped from NT$750,000 from the
past Deaflympics

For American deaf athletes, to win is to declare a
vow of poverty!

Very sad.

DeafNumbers of the Week:

A CI will last 70-80 years. Those implanted in the eighties would
have by then had four or five upgrades.


DeafDigest Sports

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inviting you to consider our employment openings
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
Colorado Springs, CO

Educators of the Deaf

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB), located
in Colorado Springs at the foot of the beautiful Rocky
Mountains, invites you to consider our employment openings.

Applications are being accepted for current
and anticipated vacancies for the 2009/10 School Year,

– Teacher of the Deaf: PreSchool

– Teacher of the Deaf: All core content areas
(Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies)

– Communication Specialist (Speech/Language) Birth to 21

We invite you to visit CSDB’s website at:  where the official job announcement(s)
may be found in their entirety.

Positions are open until filled. Interviews to be conducted
on-site at CSDB. Excellent benefits.

Salary based on appropriate education and experience.

Please send a letter of interest, current resume, completed
Employment Application (including salary history and
references), recent letters of recommendation, copies of
transcripts, and a copy of current teacher certification to:

ATTENTION:  Chelle Lutz, Human Resources Office
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
33 North Institute Street
Colorado Springs, CO  80903

(719) 578-2114 (phone)
(719) 578-2239 (fax)


CAC is Hiring!!
170 openings available in 2009
Communication Access Center
positions in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

Communication Access Center is a non-profit organization helping
the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community throughout the Midwest.

We have over 170 openings available in 2009. We are excited to
be offering professional and non-professional opportunities in
Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Join us and be a part of the largest outreach effort in our history!

Visit our website for information about these incredible opportunities and
our services:

Front Page

To apply, contact:
Lisa Palo – Call Center Managers, Facility Coordinators,

Kimberly St.Onge – Branch Managers, Case Managers,
Job Developers/Recruiters

We are interviewing and hiring immediately.

Don’t delay, apply today!


position opening
Clinician – $5,000 Sign-On Bonus
St. Joseph’s Healthcare System
Hainesport, NJ

Our vision for tomorrow
makes healing more rewarding today

What could you accomplish with broader practice options,
mission-driven care, and nurturing colleagues behind you?

Choose a career with our multi-site health care system and find
out. For over 100 years, we’ve been a source of high quality
and community responsive care, delivered with compassion,
strong values, and the highest professional standards.

$5,000 Sign-On Bonus – Hainesport, NJ

As a key member of our ACCESS Program, a statewide program
providing behavioral health services to Deaf and hard of hearing
people throughout NJ, you will provide psychotherapy and clinical
case management, along with ongoing psychosocial assessments and
treatment planning to consumers within a variety of therapeutic
settings and specialty areas.

Responsibilities include:
–  performing comprehensive clinical assessments
–  interpreting data to formulate diagnosis
–  developing/implementing treatment strategies

– providing clinical case management services, including the
coordination of service delivery, referrals and linkage to medical
and community services

– maintaining documents and medical records
– report writing
–  providing crisis intervention
–  developing discharge plans

– advising consumers on major psychotropic medications and their side

– handling other related duties as assigned

To qualify, you must have a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling
or related field, appropriate NJ State licensure or eligibility, along
with the ability to prepare detailed assessments of patient referrals,
and counsel individuals, groups or family members. Ability to provide
direct, age specific patient care as appropriate to treatment setting
will also be expected, as will superior oral/written communication,
analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills.

Proficiency in American Sign Language is required.

We offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. For
immediate consideration, please fax 973.754.4511, or email your resume


Faith, Care and Medicine – Working Together

St. Joseph’s Healthcare System

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center – St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital
St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital – St. Vincent’s Nursing Home
Visiting Health Services of New Jersey, Inc.

A Ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth


Job Announcements
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana School for the Deaf currently has job
openings/postings for the following positions:

Posting #  Job                                     Closing Date
561160     Educational Audiologist                 01/04/08
561166     Residential Advisor – Intermittent (2)  01/07/08
561161     Interpreter for the Deaf                01/07/08

Applicants must submit an Indiana State Application via the Indiana
State Personnel website at

If you have any questions please contact Carole Morgan in our Human
Resources Department via telephone (317/920-6340 v/tty) or E-Mail:   Website:

Mission Statement-The Indiana School for the Deaf Community promotes
academic and social excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
through a Bilingual/Bicultural environment.



position openings
– Senior Physical Therapist
– Interpreter
New York State School for the Deaf
Rome, NY

60% position.  Must have NY Certification as Physical Therapist

Must have a certificate issued by the RID or be able to sit for
certification + 2 yrs experience interpreting

Submit resume and references to:
New York State School for the Deaf
401 Turin St
Rome, NY 13440



position opening
Mental Health Technicians
National Deaf Academy
Mount Dora, Florida

National Deaf Academy, a state of the art residential treatment
facility in Mount Dora, Florida serving Deaf children, adolescents
and adults, as well as hearing children, adolescents and adults
with a diagnosis of Autism and/or Mental Retardation in a
behavioral health setting, has immediate openings for Mental
Health Technicians.

Responsible for the daily supervision and monitoring of residents
safety, activities of daily living, school attendance and recreation

Requires high school diploma. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or
related field preferred. Experience working in behavioral health
setting preferred. Full time positions; all shifts available.

Competitive salary and excellent benefit package.

Send resume to:
Director of Human Resources,
National Deaf Academy,
19650 US Hwy 441,
Mount Dora, FL 32757

V: 352-735-9500; TTY: 352-735-9570; Fax: 352-735-4939



position opening
Executive Director
Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Lincoln, Nebraska

Executive Director of the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and
Hard of Hearing.

Main office in Lincoln, Nebraska with branch offices in Omaha,
North Platte and Scottsbluff.  The Director is the administrative
officer of the Commission and responsible for implementation and
executive of its programs.

The Director serves at the pleasure of the Full Commission
Board Members, is a discretionary non classified position and is
not subject to the State of Nebraska Classified System
Personnel Rules and Regulations.

Directs the day to day agency operations in areas of fiscal,
personnel management, inventory and purchasing to ensure
compliance with legislation, state and agency policies.

Master’s degree in administration, social services or deafness
related field preferred.  Bachelor’s degree required with
a minimum of three years of administrative or supervisory

Requires completion of a supplemental questionnaire on or
before the closing date.

Salary open, commensurate with experience.  Full benefit package

Submit application, cover letter and resume to:
Nebraska Department of Personnel,
PO Box 94905,
Lincoln, NE  68509

or online:

Closing date is December 31, 2008


position openings
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position descriptions and application procedures
please click on any of below:

– Sign Language Interpreter (12 months)

– Residential Paraprofessional (multiple positions)

– High School Graduation Coach

– Occupational Therapist (hourly)

– Paraprofessional, classroom (10 mo position)

– Physical Therapist

– Reading Content Specialist

– Residential Advisor (DOE)

– Substitute Teacher (P/T-Hourly)

– Teacher (Blind/Deaf) – Literary Content Specialist


(updated January 4th)

Exciting Career Opportunities at GLAD:

– Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim, Crenshaw, Norwalk,
Pacoima, Santa Ana, CA

– Community Interpreter – Los Angeles, Riverside, CA

– Administrative Assistant(Receptionist) – Bakersfield, CA

– Community Health Educator – Los Angeles, CA

– Network I.T. Administrator – Los Angeles, CA

GLAD is an Affirmative Action Employer with equal opportunity
for men, women and people with disabilities. For more information
on the following positions, please go to:


The status of all positions is:
Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt, Full Fringe Benefits unless
otherwise noted.

All positions are open until filled.

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



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