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DeafDigest – 15 June 2014

DeafDigest Gold – June 15, 2014

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Top stories about the deaf:

A deaf man was arrested for assaulting sheriff’s deputies
in Virginia. The deputies did not know he was deaf and the
deaf man did not know why they were out to get him. A local
newspaper made a big stink out of this communications mess.

Prime, a major TV broadcaster in Australia, was formally
scolded by Australian Communications and Media Authority (like our own FCC) for not turning on the captions on
a heavily-watched TV program. The agency said Prime’s
excuses were not acceptable and that there were no
technical difficulties at all.

Important for the deaf to read real smiles and fake smiles?
A group of researchers at Bangor University in Wales tested
a group of participants to see if they could “read” smiles.
Some were successful while some were not. These participants,
however, were hearing.

There is no funding for interpreters at Malta, a small
European nation. This is what worries the deaf community.

Today’s edition of Old Fogeys will mark the 12th anniversary
of these drawings appearing in DeafDigest on a weekly
basis. Do look at tonite’s fogey at:


Lets’ plan an escape from harsh winters in the North

Go on the Bahamas Cruise with us on Happy New Year’s Day

You’ll get to swim with dolphins and tropical fish in turquoise
waters, or soar above the sea in a parasail at Coco Cay private island.

Then explore the islands’ thrilling history of Bahamas & Key West.

It’s a slice of paradise dream vacation you’ll never forget !

Also There will be a Happy New Year Eve Party!

Soon to be sold out because it is a very popular holiday cruise so
let’s book today!

Dec 29, 2014-15 for 4 nights 5 days

or call me 217-408-0485

Thank you, John Riordan, Deaf Travel Agent & Host group cruise


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Read what they say

Unlock the phone with CapTel® Captioned Telephone! CapTel shows
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A young deaf man enrolled at Gallaudet. He did not know
ASL, and after one semester he transferred to Gallaudet,
telling friends hearing college is better for him.
Years later he became a leader in the deaf community
even though he did not learn much ASL. He attended deaf
conventions and deaf events and everyone ignored him.
He realized that leaving Gallaudet was his big mistake!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

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computer, click on bottom video


2014 NAD Conference – list of candidates for board of directors


A deaf person is always scared at his job. Scared at his
boss? No. Scared with his job tasks? No. Scared of being
fired? No.
What is he scared of? A new employee! Is the new employee
deaf-friendly or deaf-unfriendly? These new employees never
saw a deaf person in their lives. So, how will they react
to a deaf employee on the first day of their job?
This is what the deaf person is scared of!

– for ASL News version with captions, please visit:

if you have iPad, click on top video; if you have another
computer, click on bottom video


2014 ASL Immersion Silent Weekend at Western Oregon University
July 25-27, 2014

more information at:


Are there videos on international sign language?
Well, a group of educators from Doncaster, England
came home from a trip to Estonia.
They worked with the deaf of Estonia to add new
clips to their International Sign Language videos

(video with captions; may not work with iPads)

Every Day we know about our deafness

Do enjoy viewing that video! Sorry, this video may
not work with iPad.


Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf


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Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. When could an employer ask questions re deafness
of its applicants?

A. Only during conditional job offers, not before.
Timing is important.

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Rene Pellerin’s corner:

Many of us learned about Haptics and Pro-Tactile

There are a few other “homemade” methods

Below is from Rona:

‘Creative Tactile Sensory Mode via touch (TSM).’

As you know that Deaf-Blind may not hear sounds or understand the
true spirit or moods of a person communicating to them.

Here is my husband’s touching testimony.

Some years ago (1983) my husband created a new Tactile Sensory Mode
(TSM) via touch for Deaf-Blind.

In chatting with a Deaf-Blind friend, my husband wanted a way to let
the Deaf-Blind friend know that he was laughing.

To do this, he reached out and gently clasped the Deaf-Blind’s hand,
lightly placing one’s hand upon his throat to feel  his laughter.

The Tactile Sensory Mode (TSM) via touch method was the first time
for that Deaf-Blind friend to experience a new sensory  dimension
through touch, which one can actually feel sounds being vibrated upon
one’s throat to indicate laughter or other uttered word.

The 1st time learning experience was quite delightful to the
Deaf-Blind friend.

Since then, Tactile Sensory Mode (TSM) via touch is how we both
utilize this mode,  creating sensory signings to any Deaf-Blind

Here’s a few examples.

How can  Deaf-Blind know if a person is laughing, grunting,
straining, moaning, etc…?

When a person is laughing, he / she would reach out and gently clasp
the Deaf-Blind person hand, thus placing it upon his / her throat to
feel the laughing vibrations / sounds.

For instance, a grunting sound can be detected differently, like a
distinct sound likened to ‘grr-rr-rr’.

Another example of one needs directions:

How can a Deaf-Blind person clearly understand directions via hand to
hand tactile signs (words for words) where one needs to go?

To do this: One can sign by drawing a mapping direction by tracing
(with your finger) the directions upon the Deaf-Blind’s back.

This way, the Deaf-Blind would quickly grasp/understand directions
much faster than using hand to hand tactile signings.

How can Deaf-Blind know when the person is ready to move on or leave?

The person would draw his / her fingers ‘walking straight’
(horizontally) across on a Deaf-Blind’s back to signal Deaf-Blind
that it is time to move on or leave.

Another tactic for when guiding the Deaf-Blind, just before
approaching stairs/escalators, one would give a head’s up to the
Deaf-Blind by ‘walking upwards / ascending’ on one’s back to indicate
be ready to ascend up, and likewise in a decent mode, to ‘walking
downwards/ descending’ on Deaf-Blind’s back.

How can Deaf-Blind know whether if the person is frustrated or angry?

Deaf-Blind can easily feel their tensions by touching on the person’s
arm. Be patient with the person and help them cheer up.

Another quick tip: When one needs to ask what time is it, the
Deaf-Blind can simply ask for time by tapping, with index finger, on
the wrist of the person. And vice – versa, the person can ask for
time by tapping on the wrist of the Deaf-Blind to check time via
their tactile watch.

Really there are many more creative touching signings you can create
on your own.

That mode of (3D = 3 dimensional like) communications would quickly
help the Deaf-Blind ascertain clearly their surroundings much faster
than using tactile signing(s).

Really fun, indeed!

Rene’s show business is now entering its 3rd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Deaf Wish List of the Week:

that Google Glass is available at all movie houses
in USA right now. Very few movie houses have these
glasses now.



Year 2010 – astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, not deaf,
ran a video of sign language, while up in space,
the first astronaut to do so


DeafNumbers of the Week:


past Gallaudet baseball players, coached by Curtis
Pride, that is currently playing professional


Deaf Collegiate Athletes:

Cody Waterman is a new freshman on the football team
at Santa Rosa Junior College


Elite Deaf Athletes:

2 Gallaudet baseball players in pro baseball

William Chapman – White Sands Pupfish, Pecos League
Tommy Barksdale – Raton Oros, Pecos League

Chapman and Barksdale were Gallaudet teammates during
the 2011 and 2012 seasons

These two are Curtis Pride’s first two Gallaudet players in
pro baseball.

the league is tough – players from all collegiate levels,
past minor league levels and even of major league systems


Deaf Sports Library

Gallaudet athletes currently playing professional sports

Tony Tatum, Arena Football
Rick Macomber, Standardbreds racer
William Chapman, pro baseball
Tommy Barksdale, pro baseball

hopefully some day in the very near future we will have three more
Gallaudet athletes playing pro sports – Adham Talaat, William Bissell
and Casey Hicks


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*  EDD Placement Coordinator – Norwalk, CA

*  Staff Interpreter (2 positions available) – Los Angeles, CA

*  Staff Interpreter (2 positions available)- Riverside, CA (CODIE)

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:


If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position announcement Superintendent
Virginia School for the Deaf
Staunton, VA

go to:


position announcement
Speech Teacher
Rochester School for the Deaf
Rochester, NY


To plan for and implement the speech and communication programs for moderately, severely, and profoundly deaf students enrolled at the school.
To write and implement student IEPs and to keep reports as required.
To participate in weekly team meetings with other staff members to plan programs, behavior management techniques, and strategies for student success.

DESIRED UALIFICATIONS:     Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology. New York State certification to teach the Speech and Hearing Handicapped and NYS Licensure as a Speech/Language Pathologist.

Experience facilitating the speech/language/ communication development of Deaf students.

Advanced Rating on the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI).

FILE APPLICATION WITH: Harold Mowl, Jr., Superintendent
Rochester School for the Deaf
1545 St. Paul Street
Rochester, New York 14621

Applications received will be screened and the most highly qualified will be asked to interview.

CLOSING DATE:        Until filled.

RSD is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of non-qualifying disability, race, religion, color, gender, marital status, age, national origin, and veteran status.


position opening
Communication Sciences and Disorders Lecturer
University of Kentucky, College of Health Sciences
Lexington, KY

Requisition SP552114

The College of Health Sciences is currently seeking a part-time Lecturer in our Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) division to serve an important need on UK’s campus due to greatly increased demand in American Sign Language (ASL) instruction which exceeds our current capacity. The individual in this position will assist the CSD program and the current ASL Instructor in meeting this demand. American Sign Language is approved as a foreign language for UK students.

The Instructor is responsible for fostering student learning in American Sign Language and Deaf culture. The courses to be taught will vary depending on student need but can include a combination of ASL I, II, III, IV, and lab courses. The assignment could include Distance Learning courses in instructional television, and online formats as well as face to face traditional classes. The individual is responsible for evaluating and reporting student performance and progress in assigned courses in accordance with department, division, and college policies and procedures.

Master’s degree required in American Sign Language Interpreter Training, Deaf Studies or related field with major emphasis on American Sign Language, from an accredited institution of higher education. Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) Superior or Superior Plus Rating or American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI 4.5) and American Sign Language Teacher Association (ASLTA) certification or Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) (CSC, CI, NAD V, or NIC) required. A concentration in Education or another foreign language, historical or cultural area, or additional discipline depth in the humanities or the Social Sciences is highly desirable. Experience with distance education and Internet course development is helpful. Extensive and creative use of several instructional technologies is desirable. Must demonstrate previous successful teaching experience. College teaching experience preferred.

See for yourself what makes UK one great place to work!

To apply for requisition SP552114, UK Employment Application must be submitted at

If you have any questions, please contact HR Employment at (859) 257-9555 option 2 or

Application deadline is Sunday, July 6th, 2014.  Any candidate offered this position may be required to pass pre-employment screenings as mandated by University of Kentucky Human resources.  These screenings may include a national background check and/or drug screen.  The University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from minorities and women.


job opening Training Coordinator for TRS Hamilton Relay Services
Frostburg, MD

Hamilton Relay Services in Frostburg, MD currently has a full-time position open for a “Training Coordinator”.

Location:  MD Relay Center

Hamilton Relay is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin or disability.

Position Summary:  Prepares and teaches comprehensive training programs that are designed to maximize the effectiveness of new and existing Relay Operators.

Preferred education, experience and skills:
–    A combination of three to five years work experience or schooling related to education or training is desirable.

–    Experience working with the deaf and hard of hearing community or relay experience is desirable.

–    The ability to develop a comprehensive understanding of relay policies and procedures.

–    Strong verbal, interpersonal and presentation skills.

–    Ability to organize and prioritize work.

–    Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

–    Proficient with computers and software programs.

–    Ability to read, write, speak and understand English well.

–    Strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

–    Hold a valid driver’s license and have the ability to travel alone.

Interested individuals may apply online at: or contact our corporate Human Resource Dept at 800.821.1831 by June 13, 2014.

Hamilton Relay is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin or disability.

Hamilton Relay, Inc. is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications based in Aurora, NE. Hamilton offers a competitive wage and full time benefits.


Job announcement
Interpreter/Employment Specialist
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency
San Jose, California

Full-time, Non-Exempt

DCARA has an opening for the position of Interpreter/Employment Specialist. This position is based at the Employment
Development Department branch in San Jose and reports to the Director of Employment Services.

The Interpreter/Employment Specialist will provide services including interpretation for employment services staff, office
support, and telephone and document assistance to clients on a walk-in and/or appointment basis.

– Develop employer contacts to increase the number of deaf and hard of hearing persons employed
– Maintain a cooperative relationship with the business community and employers
– Provide employer education on employability of deaf/hard-of-hearing workers, and deaf awareness and
technical assistance workshops
– Advocate for employability and communication access for clients
– Arrange job interviews and interpreter client’s job interviews and orientation
– Provide job retention assistance and follow-up services as needed
– Provide document assistance services for staff and clients as needed
– Assist in the recruitment of potential clients, determine eligibility of clients, enroll and orient them to services
– Compile statistical information and maintain files/case notes on clients
– Provide support to the agency and community and other duties as assigned by Director of Employment Services

– Minimum of 2 years of employment development and/or equivalent
– Fluent in American Sign Language, Candidate without a certificate may be hired, provided that he/she obtains
certification within six/6 month of employment
– BA preferred
– Strong background knowledge in the field of deafness and Deaf Culture
– Ability to use computer and word processing software; knowledge of MS office (Word, Excel, power point, and
Outlook) preferred
– Able to travel to appointments within the work week

SALARY: Salary is negotiable dependent on experience and education.
DEADLINE: Until filled.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send DCARA application ( under (Contact/Jobs),cover letter, resume & three professional
references via mail, email or fax to:

Human Resources/DCARA Headquarters
14895 East 14th Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA. 94578

Fax: 510.483.2526

DCARA is an At-Will and Equal Opportunity Employer.


DEADLINE: June 13, 2014

Job announcement
Community Relations Specialist (Part-Time)
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy, and Referral Agency
San Leandro, California (headquarters office)

DCARA has an opening for the position of Community Relations Specialist. This is a part-time position, reporting to the Director of Community Relations. The CR Specialist supports community relations by being the point of contact for those who donate time, monetary gifts and in-kind services to DCARA, recording and facilitating donor appreciation efforts. The CR Specialist runs the Volunteer Program, reconciles donor records with the Accounting Department for appropriate checks and balances, and provides community education through agency-wide events.

– Input donor information into donor database and generate required donor reports.
– Assist CRD Director in reconciling donor records with Accounting Department reports.
– Assist CRD Director in preparing thank you letters and maintain accurate records of letters sent.
– Manage volunteer program: recruit, screen and coordinate volunteer/internship efforts for DCARA.
– Support organizing, proofreading, and ensuring readiness of DeafLink and the Annual Report for publication.
– Assist IT Support Specialist for postings to eNews, Facebook, Twitter and Website.
– Point of Contact for maintaining list of staff signed up for booths and events throughout the year.
– Input client/volunteer information into client database system.
– Coordinate special projects/events as delegated by the Director of Community Relations.

– High school diploma or GED.
– Experience with Mac and Windows PC, including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.
– Highly organized with attention to details.
– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
– Ability to work independently as well as with a large group.
– Fluency in American Sign Language.

SALARY: Salary is negotiable dependent on education and experience. DCARA offers extremely competitive benefits such as 12 days of holiday leave plus paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits. These benefits will be pro-rated to the part-time position.

DEADLINE: June 13, 2014

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send DCARA application ( under employment) cover letter, resume & three professional references via mail, email or fax to:

Human Resources
DCARA Headquarters
14895 E. 14TH Street, Suite 200
San Leandro, CA 94578

Fax: 510.483.2526

DCARA is an at-will and equal opportunity employer


Job Description
Family & Children Services
DEAF MH Program
Palo Alto, CA

Job Title: Case Manager, Deaf Unit CMH, 20 hours/week position Department: DEAF MH Program Reports To: MH Clinical Supervisor FLSA Status: Non-Exempt, Hourly    Approved Date:

Summary:  County Mental Health Department provides counseling, rehab counseling and case management for Deaf/HOH individuals and their family members who are facing mild to severe mental illness.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
–    Provide case management services to existing and new clients- average caseload will be 12 clients and about 50% of the working hours will be out in the field with clients.
–    Collaborate with clinicians on the DEAF team.
–    Attend weekly Deaf Unit Meetings and weekly supervision..
–    Participate in professional development as seems appropriate.
–    Research resources, information and services for above programs.
–    Provide assistant with outreach events as needed.
–    Advocacy activities.
–    Complete necessary documentations including CMH documentation.

Supervisory Responsibilities This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

Competencies:  To perform this job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:
–    Customer Service . Manages difficult or emotional customer situations; Responds promptly to customer needs; Solicits customer feedback to improve service; Responds to requests for service; Meets commitments.
–    Interpersonal skills . focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; Maintains confidentiality; Listens to others without interrupting; Keeps emotions under control.
–    Written Communication . Writes clearly and informatively; Edit work for spelling and grammar; Able to read and interpret written information.
–    Teamwork . Balances team and individual responsibilities; Gives and welcomes feedback.
–    Ethics .Works with integrity and ethically.
–    Organizational Support . Follows policies and procedures; Completes administrative tasks correctly and on time.
–    Professionalism . Approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure; Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position.
–    Safety and Security . Observes safety and security procedures; Determines appropriate action beyond guidelines.
–    Attendance/Punctuality . Is consistently at work and on time; Ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; Arrives at meetings and appointments on time.

Qualifications:  To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
–    Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or other similar field.
–    ASL fluency required.
–    Knowledge of CMH contract and requirements.
–    Team player.
–    Work with minimal supervision.
–    Knowledgeable of Santa Clara County resources.
–    Knowledgeable of Microsoft Office software.
–    Applicants must have a valid CA driver’s license and access to an insured personal vehicle. –    TBA and Background check.
–    Thorough understanding and experience in the delivery of services to an ethnically and economically diverse population. –    Demonstrated ability to work and communicate well within a culturally diverse, multidisciplinary team.

Physical Demands:  The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear.  The employee is frequently required to walk. The employee is frequently required to walk up or down stairs.  The employee is frequently required to sit and use computer.  The employee is frequently required to drive.  The employee is occasionally required to stand.  The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 15 pounds.

Work Environment The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions

The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet.

Please send your cover letter and resume to if you are interested in this position


Deaf-Blind Education Consultant
Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Iowa Braille School
(Service region includes State of Iowa. Office location to be determined)

APPOINTMENT TYPE: Full time, Faculty, 193-Day Continuing Contract

COMPENSATION: $50,219 – $80,190 commensurate with qualifications / experience
Comprehensive fringe benefit package

PRIMARY FUNCTION: Under the general direction of the Deaf-Blind Project Director, provides consultative and technical assistance to programs and agencies serving early childhood and school-age students (birth – 21) in Iowa who are deaf-blind and/or have additional disabilities. Serves as the coordinator for the Iowa Deaf-Blind Services Project, developing and providing professional development opportunities for educators and family members. This position is part of a continuing project funded by a 5-year U.S. Department of Education grant with additional support from the Iowa Department of Education and IESBVI.

QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in education or related field plus at least two years of experience working with persons who are deaf-blind, sensory impaired, multi-disabled and/or severely disabled required. Candidates must have or be eligible to obtain a valid Iowa teaching license or related statement of professional recognition from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners by time of appointment. Additional experience serving persons who are deaf-blind and/or children with multiple disabilities; demonstrated ability to provide consultative services; experience in sign language and/or Braille; and valid driver’s license preferred.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Position starts no later than August 2014. Service region includes State of Iowa. Office location to be determined. Responsibilities include frequent travel within the state and occasional overnight and out of state travel. Criminal and other relevant background checks required.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Position will be posted until filled. Contact Justin Ruegg for additional information: (319) 472-5221, ext. 1226. Send cover letter, resume, transcripts, and copy of teaching license to: Director of Human Resources, Iowa Braille School, 1002 G Avenue, Vinton, IA 52349. Email:

Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired / Iowa
Braille School is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a comprehensive plan
for Affirmative Action.


position opening
Director Dyers Arts Center & Meeting Planning Services
Rochester, NY

Detailed Job Description To direct the NTID Dyer Arts Center and Meeting Planning Services
Department, including the management of the NTID Dyer Arts center as
an exhibit venue.

Required Minimum Qualifications – BA
– Six (6) to eight (8) years in arts management, public relations, and
/or meeting/event planning.
– Negotiating, design, presentation, writing, and organizational skills
required. 0 Project management experience required.

How To Apply Click the link for search openings and in the keyword search field, enter the title of the position or the BR number 1033BR.



current/anticipated vacancies for the 2014-2015 school year
The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
Colorado Springs, CO

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) provides children and families statewide with comprehensive, specialized educational services in safe, nurturing environments.  We empower learners to become self-determined, independent contributing citizens within their communities.

The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB), located in Colorado Springs at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, invites you to consider our employment opportunities.   Applications are being accepted for current and/or anticipated vacancies for Teacher of the Deaf for the 2014-2015 school year, as follows:

–        Current Vacancies: Literacy Specialist / Coach
Elementary Education
Transition Teacher, Employability Center

– Future vacancies:
Future vacancies in all instructional areas, including but not limited to all core content areas (Elementary Education; English/Language Arts; Science; Mathematics; Social Studies)

Interested persons are invited to visit the CSDB website at ., where the official job announcement(s) for Teacher of the Deaf may be found in their entirety, including major duties / responsibilities and qualification requirements, under Non-Classified Employment.

Terms of Employment:  The annual employment contract shall be based upon the standard number of working days in the academic year (currently 185 days, August to June), beginning with the 2014-2015 school year.  Base salary shall be established pursuant to the Teacher Salary Schedule, and based upon appropriate education and experience.  Excellent benefits.

Application Instructions:  Interested persons are invited to visit the CSDB website (Non-Classified Employment) to view the official job announcement in its entirety; follow the instructions to submit a complete on-line application (to include salary history and references), and to upload the following items to the on-line application:  formal letter of interest, current resume, recent letters of recommendation (with signature), copies of all transcripts, and, a copy of current educator certification.  Contact information:

Chelle Lutz, Human Resources Office
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind 33 North Institute Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Website: E-mail:;  (719) 578-2114 (phone); (719) 578-2239 (fax)

interviews will be conducted on-site at
The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind

CSDB is an EOE


position opening
Billing Assistant and Staff Interpreter Category
Deaf Access Services, Inc
Buffalo, NY

Position Opening: Billing Assistant and Staff Interpreter Category: Full-Time (37.5 hours per week)

Reports to: Manager of Interpreting Services

Posting Date: April 28, 2014

Major Responsibilities
1. Process accounts receivables for interpreting services customers (70% of position).
2. Provide sign language interpreting services to staff and customers, as needed (30% of position).

Specific Duties
1. Maintain receivables in a timely manner for submission to the business office.
2. Verify interpreter’s invoices for accuracy.
3. Review vouchers and timesheets for ACCES-VR billing.
4. Prepare monthly statistics of interpreting services, including quarterly ACCES-VR reports.
5. Provide sign language interpreting services for staff members and customers, as assigned.
6. Perform other duties as needed to assist the Manager of Interpreting Services, Scheduling Coordinator, and the business office staff.

Other Responsibilities
1. Assist, as needed, at DAS activities and events (including fundraising events).
2. Perform other tasks and projects, as assigned by the Manager of Interpreting Services and Executive Director

Required Minimum Qualifications
1. 1-2 years of receivables experience with college/business school education preferred
2. Keyboarding accuracy
3. Ability to adhere to deadlines
4. Strong written and verbal communication skills
5. Excellent telephone etiquette and strong customer service skills
6. At least two (2) years of training and experience working as a sign language interpreter
7. Knowledge of deaf culture and experience working with the deaf community

Required Application Documents Completion of DAS Application Form
Curriculum Vitae or Resume Cover Letter Start Date: Monday, May 12, 2014;

position posting open until filled.

How to Apply Submit application materials to Neil Burns, Interim Executive Director, at


position opening
Community Education Coordinator, Part-Time (20 hours/week)
Deaf Access Services, Inc
Buffalo, NY

Community Education Coordinator, Part-Time (20 hours/week) Deaf Access
Services, Inc. – Buffalo, NY Develop and oversee the American Sign Language
(ASL) program and other community outreach sessions designed to enhance the
Western New York community’s understanding of ASL, sign language, Deaf
Culture, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the rights and needs
of persons who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.

Experience teaching American Sign Language (ASL) classes Background in
developing curriculum for ASL/sign language classes Experience developing
and implementing in-service courses/sessions

Required Application Documents
Completion of DAS Application Form (available at Curriculum
Vitae or Resume Cover Letter List of References

Start Date: As soon as possible; position posting open until filled.

How to Apply
Submit application materials to Neil Burns, Interim Executive Director;


open position
Math Teacher
Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf
Mill Neck, NY

We are looking for a Math Teacher to start in September 2014.  The
successful candidate must possess:  Masters Degree in Deaf Education
or related field.  NYS Certification in Math for grades 7 – 12.

Previous experience with teaching Math to deaf students.  Excellent
communication skills.  Fluency in Sign Language. Proven ability to
work as part of a team.  Interested persons should apply to


Teachers for the deaf
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Philadelphia, PA

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is presently recruiting for Teachers for the Deaf who are qualified and experienced. There may be varying teaching positions for different age levels at the school.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited
college/university in Deaf Education or a related field and be eligible for state certification. Master’s degree is preferable.

Fluency in American Sign Language at the advanced level is expected.

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Human Resources
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

The starting date for this is August 25, 2014

You can also send via email:


Job Description
Itinerant Teacher for the deaf
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Philadelphia, PA

Title: Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf
Reports to: Outreach Supervisor

Employment Information: This is a full- time 12 month position.
Summary: The office of Educational Outreach is seeking an itinerant teacher of the deaf to address the educational, social and communication needs of the students in partnership with their family and school personnel. The itinerant teacher will travel to various school locations to directly serve students and consult with staff to address individual student needs.

– Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education, Master’s Degree preferred
– Pennsylvania Deaf Education Certification
– Experience working with deaf/hard of hearing students ages 3-21.
– Proficiency in American Sign Language.
– Experience in utilizing strategies for optimizing listening and spoken
language development.
– Working knowledge of hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM equipment and
interpretation of audiograms.

– Review/obtain updated audiological/medical information regarding the
student’s hearing loss.
– Perform listening checks and simple troubleshooting procedures on
various amplification devices and assistive technology.
– Provide in-service presentations for mainstream teachers and support
personnel including suggestions for environmental accommodations,
preferential seating, communication, understanding hearing aids, FM
systems and using a sign language interpreter as appropriate.
– Create an environment that allows optimal visual and acoustic access to
allow for full participation of students with hearing loss.
– Plan instructional strategies for adapting and modifying curriculum and
materials to meet individual student needs.
– Utilize data to develop and implement Individualized Education Plans to
meet the unique needs of the student.
– Effectively utilize computer-based web-systems for documentation of
progress including goal development, progress monitoring,
accommodations and Individualized Education Plan writing.
– Acquire knowledge of statewide goals and school/site goals. Work to
achieve those goals.
– Foster self-advocacy skills among deaf/hard of hearing students.
– Facilitate positive interactions between staff and students.
– Act as liaison between student, teachers, parents and administration.
– Coordinate meetings with outside agencies as needed.
– Maintain ongoing communication with parents regarding student progress.
– Support and collaborate with educational interpreters.

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Human Resources
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

The starting date for this job is July 1, 2014

You can also send via email:


career opportunities
PAHrtners Deaf Services
positions in Pittsburgh, PA & Glenside, PA

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, PAHrtners provides residential and out-patient services
to Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) children, adolescents and adults.
Over 85% of our staff members are Deaf or Hard of Hearing!

As a result of our commitment to the Deaf/HoH community PAHrtners is
rapidly growing and expanding. Whether you are a high school
graduate, recent college graduate or professional with many years of
experience in the field of human services, we have a career-building
position waiting for you! E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals
who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable in Deaf
culture to fill the following positions:

Residential Counselors for Deaf Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
– Full Time, Part Time, On Call; Glenside and Pittsburgh locations

Assistant Program Director for Residential Services for Deaf Adults
with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Health needs – Full
Time; Glenside location

Residential Program Assistant for Adult Residential Program – Full
Time; Glenside location

Case Managers  for Residential Program for Deaf Adults with
Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Health needs – Full Time;
Glenside location

Residential Counselors for Residential Treatment Facility for
Adolescents- Full Time; Glenside location

Therapist/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Worker- Full Time; Glenside

Staff Interpreter- Full Time; Glenside location

HR Assistant- Full Time; Glenside location

Go to our Website at: to learn more about each

Like us on Facebook at:

Send your letter of intent and resume to:

Elizabeth Williams, Office Manager
PAHrtners Deaf Services,
614 N. Easton Road,
Glenside, PA 19038

Fax: 215-884-6301