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DeafDigest – 15 November 2009

DeafDigest Gold - November 15, 2009

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ASL Videos of the Week:


Deaf Cartoon (Fogey) of the week:


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Hot Deaf News during the week:

- Hot News during the week

Northamptonshire Police, in Great Britain, is registering
deaf people for a new service - a text number they could
use to reach the police in case of incidents or issues
they may have. This is a pilot program, and if successful,
may be implemented nationwide.

- Thursday November 5th 

Michigan State University is closing its
Deaf Education Program, effective in 2012.
No new students will be admitted; current
students will need to complete their course work
by then. This program has combined ASL and
bi-bi into their teaching agenda.

- Friday November 6th

Our deaf dancers!

first it was the late Sam Edwards, who performed
a dance on a TV program in the seventies, and then
Joe Templin, who performed in local Washington, DC
dance programs. And now this - Darren Rajbal who
was voted #1 most talented dancer in South Africa.
He impressed on the TV program titled "Got Talent."
How tough was the competition? Darren was one of the
4,000 dance hopefuls competing in these elimination
events until only one was remaining. He receives
250,000 South African Rand, which is nearly
$34,000 in USA dollars.

- Saturday November 7th 

Gallaudet women's volleyball team is the Eastern
College Athletic Conference champions. It is the
volleyball team's first post season championship.
The team defeated #1 seed DeSales University 
in the championship finals to take the South Region

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Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

Tim Young, a legend in the town of Northampton in
Massachusetts, has passed away. While deaf he was
quite a character, often chatting away with total
strangers and pushing them to attend the town
musical events at the Iron Horse, the town's popular
gathering. He was always cheerful no matter what was
going on. Since Northampton is where Clarke School for
the Deaf is located, it is not known if he went there
or if the Clarke people knew of him.


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   Do hearing people hate to read? Well, sometime ago
a 3-D movie was shown at the Disney World MGM
studios in Orlando, FL.
   The voice in the movie went dead, but the
captions continued. Many hearing people left the
movie show, but a group of deaf people stayed to
watch the captioned movie.

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   Sign languages all over the world are different.
We have International Sign Language, a simple system to
help deaf people, from all over the world, to understand
each other.
   A deaf man from Italy visited Gallaudet University
some years ago, and walked through the class rooms at
Hall Memorial Building.
   Suddenly, a deaf professor saw him and invited him to
come to the class to speak to the students.
   The students were warned that the visitor does not know
ASL and may be difficult to understand.
   The warning was wrong. The deaf visitor signed
so smoothly in International Sign Language, that the
class stood up and gave him a big wave applause when he
left the room!   

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of each DeafDigest edition)

   There is a number of magazines on the market
that focus on fashions. As far as DeafDigest
knows, none of these pictures were taken by
a deaf fashion photographer.
   This may change - hopefully so. Vinny 
Valdez is deaf and is a resident of Buena Park,
near Chicago, and is hoping for a career in 
fashion photography.
   He is slowly building up his photography
business on the side while holding down a
full time job.
   All the money he has saved is invested into
photography equipment.
   DeafDigest hopes Vinny will succeed. Photography
is a very competitive field - but we've have
successful deaf photographers.

   This is one of the rare great newspaper articles explaining
what deafness is all about, in different ways.
   Do click on:

   When DeafDigest editor watches a TV program, he reads
captions, not lips.
   But with one TV personality, the lips were not that
difficult to read; in fact her lips were much easier
to read than any one around.
   It is the lips of Claire Robinson of the "5 Ingredient Fix"
program on the Food Network.

   A newspaper in Zambia ran a headline that said:

Interpreters Abusing Sign Language

   It said that more interpreters have been commercializing
sign language and making a profit out of it at the expense
of the deaf. It also said the government will need to develop
a policy to regulate the conduct of interpreters so that sign
language would not be abused.
   Puzzled, DeafDigest editor asked a long time administrator
of an interpreting agency. The administrator was just as
equally puzzled as the DeafDigest editor was!

   A couple of years ago DeafDigest mentioned Patu Keswani,
owner of his Lemon Tree Hotels chain in India, on his desire to
hire the deaf.
   Did he hire the deaf? Yes - he set the quota at 4 percent
of the hotel workforce to be deaf. Of his 500 employees, 19
of them are deaf; actually he hired 20 but one dropped out.
   Keswani wants to go one up - to train the deaf to interact
with the hotel guests.
   DeafDigest wonders why 4 percent? Why not 10 percent? Why
not 20 percent. Can't complain as it is a start.   

   We have many, many organizations, both national and
local, that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
   One such organization is:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Government

   The web site is at:


(series to be run on a weekly basis until list of
tales run out)

Being 8-months pregnant and delivering pizzas sure earned 
me $60-100 nightly in tips alone, working only 3-4 hours
a night. Awful, I know! 

If you are a former Deaf Pizza Driver and have an
interesting tale, please share it with:


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part of a newspaper story that said:

always been able to communicate with his hands

Not quite sure exactly what it means - is that person
using ASL or just gesturing, but not really knowing


31st World's Largest ASL Silent Weekend in 2010
Signing Greeting Cards
ASL and Interpreting DVDs

We had over 600 at the last silent weekend, including the 
President of RID, Cheryl Moose.

The venue for the June 24-27, 2010 event will handle 700-1000
participants and include a medical interpreting track. Novice,
beginning, intermediate and advanced ASL and ITP students, as
well as interpreters (CEUs offered) will have around 150 hours
of seminars to choose from.

The 31st Silent Weekend is at the Florida Hotel at the Florida
Mall in Orlando with its huge food court allowing you to have
a complete meal for $5.99 instead of paying $20-30 at other
conferences' hotel prices.  The room costs are even lower
next year ... just $105 with free parking and unlimited free

Students and professionals seeking to improve their skills
can bring family members and they can take novice sign
language classes for just $89 per person!  Many of our current
interpreters started out as novice ASL students at the 
Silent Weekend!

There are simply no other local, regional or national conferences
offering you so many hours of classes as inexpensively as the
Silent Weekends. Just check them out and register at

Sign language DVDs are available online at -

A DVD "When 'Duck' is not Enough"
to show you how to represent inanimate objects is now available

The 8th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Charity Run for deaf babies
is finished. This was the world's longest group motorcycle
benefit run.

for an article from a newspaper.

See for updates and photos.

These trips will take place every year so why not make plans
to join us now in July, 2010?

Please browse our selection of signing greeting cards at:


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

Add Hungary to the world's nations that recognize
Sign Language as an official language. The Parliament,
earlier in the week, saw to it. What this means is that
deaf Hungarians now have the right to request 
interpreters for public hearings and legal matters.


DeafLibrary Page of the Week

Comments from Claudia Pagliaro, regarding Michigan
State University closing its Deaf Education

Click on:

(on a rotating basis, a different DeafLibrary Page topic 
will be featured every week) 


Deaf Picture of the Week:

Darren Rajbal
champion South African dancer


Question of the week:

Q. We have a number of deaf physicians everywhere
in the world, but do we have a deaf anesthesiologist?

A. Probably not for the simple reason he maintains
a critical role during surgeries - to keep the
patient alive while under anesthesia; this function
requires constant communication with the surgeons 
and the nurses. A miscommunication and the patient
is dead.

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered
in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that leaders of different groups and different
philosophies (ASL, bi-bi, Cued Speech, CI,
oral, etc) are willing to listen to each other's
viewpoints without verbally attacking them!

One does not have to agree with the opposite
viewpoint, but one needs to show respect for


DeafHistory - Looking Back:

Year 1892 - Angeline Stickney passes away; she was the mother
of Percival Hall, Gallaudet's second president who served in
that office for 35 years; the mother's background probably
had a profound influence on Hall as he was compassionate
on the needs of the deaf in education


Deaf and the Money:


cost of medical expenses paid by the government of
Trinidad & Tobago to have a CI implanted in USA
on a suddenly-deafened wife of a government


DeafNumbers of the Week:

26 nations

deaf people in these 26 nations are not allowed to drive


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Employment vacancies
- School Educator I (closing date 11/17/09)
- School Educator I (closing date 11/30/09)
- Sch Spch-lang Pathologist (closing date 11/30/09)
Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf,
Wilson, NC

to view these vacancies please visit our website at:

contact person:


Job Opening
Substitute Teachers
Scranton School for Deaf and HOH Children
Scranton, PA

Day-to-Day Substitute teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
are needed to replace teachers in the event of illness or 

PA Teaching Certificate preferred, Bachelors degree 
req'd.  PA Child Abuse, Act 151, and FBI clearances 
are req'd. Sign Language skills req'd.

Letter and resume to: 
Human Resources
Western PA School for the Deaf
300 East Swissvale Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218 



Employment Openings
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

At WPSD, "Our kids come first."  We are looking for people 
to join our staff who share this commitment and are willing 
to work with the goal of providing our students with the best 
education, residential and support services possible.  If 
you share our commitment to students, please visit our web site 
at for descriptions of the following job 
openings at WPSD

- Residential Supervisor, Girls' Dorm
- Part Time Parent Infant/Early Intervention Teacher 

Excellent salary and benefit packages available.  Sign Language 
skills, FBI clearance, PA Act 34 and 151 Child Abuse 
clearances are required for all positions.

Send letter and resume to:
Director of Human Resources
Western PA School for the Deaf
300 East Swiss vale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15218-1469




Seeking Applicants For
Outreach Specialist
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

NTID, one of the eight colleges of RIT, is the first and largest 
technical college serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Nearly 
1,450 deaf and hard-of-hearing students from across the United States, 
as well as other countries, study and reside at RIT with 16,000 
hearing students. 

The department of Admissions at NTID is seeking an Outreach Specialist

For a detailed job description please visit: RIT Career Zone at: 
and enter the IRC# or select National Technical Institute for the Deaf 
for College/Division. 

Job Description:
Full time position.  Provide coordination and program implementation for 
Steps to Success and MathCounts Outreach Programs.  Provide coordination 
and implementation for the Sprint Distance Learning Initiative Programs.  
Provide support for all the other Pre-College Outreach Programs.  

Detailed Description:
a. Provide coordination and program implementation for Steps to 
Success and MathCounts Outreach Programs.  Provide coordination and 
implementation for the Spring Distance Learning Initiative Programs. 

b. Plans and coordinates complex administrative assignments and 
special projects within and/or across operating departments (i.e. 
faculty, marketing, development, etc..); gathers, organizes, and 
assesses information, and develops and prepares recommendations. 

c. Negotiates terms (for approval by Director of Outreach) with 
facilities vendors for services, in accordance with budget constraints 
and University policies and procedures. 

d. Assist in development of marketing materials 

e. Assist in corresponding with parties involved in Outreach 

f. Performs related duties as assigned and required.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in business, education, human service or related 
field is required. MS degree in business, education, human service 
or related field preferred. 1-2 years of event planning experience.  
Excellent interpersonal, supervisory, communication, and written 
communication skills.  Proficiency with ASL strongly preferred.  
Possess knowledge about deaf culture.  Organizational and time 
management skills.  Ability to consistently meet tight deadlines

Additional Details:
Review of applicants will begin in December.

Rochester Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity/affirmative 
action employer.  All individuals with the ability to contribute in 
meaningful ways to the university?s continuing commitment to cultural 
diversity, pluralism, and individual differences are encouraged to make 

The hiring process for this position requires a criminal background check 
and/or motor vehicle records check.  Any verbal or written offer made is 
contingent on satisfactory results, as determined by Human Resources
Salary commensurate with experience
This position is subject to available funding

Your application information and any relevant documentation such as resume 
and cover letter should be uploaded via this website KEYWORD SEARCH:IRC34610 in order to be considered 
for this position


position opening
Director of Alternative Programs
Vermont Center for the Deaf & hard-of-Hearing, Inc
Brattleboro, VT

Time Base:     Full time position

- Vermont State Administrative license
- Masters Degree of Deaf Education or related  field
- Minimum of 5 years teaching and administrative experience
- Training/experience in instruction improvement
- Proficiency in American Sign Language

- Direct all aspects of Operation for the William Center and 
Autism Program in compliance with state and federal regulations
- Oversee the supervision and development of all staff
- Communicate effectively with all stakeholder
- Develop and implement program budget
- Work closely with the directors of Special Education, Related 
Services, and Student Life

Target Hire Date: June 2010

Please send letter of interest  & resume to Kelly Therieau at

Or fax # 802-258-9574


employment opportunity
Employment Specialist
Deaf Independent Living Association Inc
Salisbury, MD

Full time

Deaf Independent Living Association Inc is a growing
organization that promotes access to services and
resources for residents of the Eastern Shore of
Maryland who are deaf or hard of hearing and provides
opportunities for full participation in all aspects
of community life.

Assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals in obtaining
and maintaining employment that is consistent with their
vocational goals. Works with local agencies  and
employers to identify potential jobs that make use of
integrated and natural supports for deaf and hard of
hearing job seekers. Uses networking to market and
increase public awareness of the agency's employment

Bachelor's Degree in human service or related field with
one year experience in employment services; experience
in teaching and/or training others; demonstration of 
adaptability, problem solving and reliability when
supervision is off-site; specific training in
supported and non-supported employment techniques;
and ability to prepare records and reports. Knowledge
of the work world and must be a team player. Fluency
in American Sign Language and issues related to 
hearing loss. Valid driver's license required.

Full Time Employee Benefits:
100 % employer contribution to medical, life and
disability benefits; 75 % employer contribution
to dental; retirement; 13 paid holidays a year;
10 paid annual leave days a year; 2 personal
leave days a year; 10 paid sick days a year and more

To apply:
Send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to:

Deaf Independent Living Association, Inc
attn: Human Resources
806 Snow Hill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804



Applications can also be completed on line at:


Search re-opened
Co-Science Directors
Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Teacher (High School Math) 
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Substitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


Position Available
Director of Student Admissions
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf                  
Philadelphia, PA

Director of Student Admissions  

This is a full-time 12-month position.  At least a Master's 
Degree in Psychology or related field. Possess proficiency in 
sign language.  Supervise a full array of clinical student/family 
support services.  Collaborate with LEAs and families regarding 
enrolment and coordinate the PDE approval process. Coordinate 
the scheduling and completion of Biannual and Triennial 
multidisciplinary evaluations ERs, IEPs and standardized 
school-wide assessment services.  Collaborate on the transition 
to school age process and the ESY/Summer Program.    

Deadline for submission is December 11, 2009.

Send letter of interest and resume/vitae to: 

Jane Homka
Executive Secretary
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144



position opening
Faculty, American Sign Language Job #0909001
Austin Community College
Austin, Texas

Closing Date: 01/08/2010

To apply go to

For information contact Haydeana Gaviria at:

Serves as full time faculty member in the American Sign Language 
and Interpreter Preparation Program. Responsible for teaching 
American Sign Language I-VI.  Participates in ongoing curriculum 
development, implementation and evaluation.

Utilizes innovative teaching strategies to meet the learning needs 
of a diverse student population.

Responsibilities include advising students, maintaining office 
hours, serving on program and College committees, maintaining 
professional competence, and participating in professional 
development activities. 

Seeking candidates who can demonstrate creativity, innovation in 
the field, and service in the profession and/or the community.

Three years work experience in Deaf Services. Candidates must 
demonstrate effective teaching techniques adaptable to a
variety of learning styles. Candidates must have effective 
planning, organization, communication, and interpersonal
skills. Candidates must be able to assist and assess student 
learning; be punctual for classes and office hours and be
able to maintain an established schedule, including possible 
evenings and weekends. Candidate must possess intermediate
knowledge of Microsoft office and be able to learn specialized 

Candidates must have Master's degree or above in American Sign 
Language; or Master's degree or above and 18 hours in American 
Sign Language/Deaf Studies/Linguistic-related coursework. 

Preferred: PhD in American Sign Language; ASLTA Certified


(updated November 15th)


- Job Developer/Interpreter - Pacoima, CA

- Community Interpreter - Los Angeles, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go 
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



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