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DeafWire Edition – 25 March 2023

DeafWire Edition of DeafDigest

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Mila Davis-Kent brings her 'Black Deaf Girl Magic'

A Deaf girl, Mila Davis-Kent appears in “Creed III”, the third film of the “Creed” series which is already the number one movie in the world, raking in $58 million domestically and crossing $100 million worldwide. She plays the role of Amara Creed, daughter of Jordan and Thompson’s Adonis and Bianca Creed. On her Instagram page, Mila posted, “It’s been a humbling experience. I am so honored to be part of the historical film representing inclusiveness and diversity that made the world feel like it’s normal to be Black and Brown, Deaf and use American Sign Language.”


Court orders government to pay Deaf woman

A Japanese court awarded 16.5 million yen ($123,000 USD) damages to a Deaf woman who underwent forced sterilization under a now-repealed eugenics protection law. The court found the 1948 law unconstitutional. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit in 2019 claiming she underwent sterilization surgery in 1970. Between 1948 and 1996, the eugenics protection law authorized the sterilization of people with intellectual disabilities, mental illnesses or hereditary disorders, even without their consent. About 25,000 people were sterilized, according to government data.


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Deaf Paramedic Honored By King Charles

Richard Webb Stevens, a Deaf motorcycle paramedic with London Ambulance Service (LAS) for 24 years, was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Ambulance Medal by King Charles III during a ceremony at Windsor Castle. He was one of the first ambulance responders to arrive on-scene at the Westminster terrorist attack in 2017. He also met with designers, audiologists and hearing aid companies to work on a new design for in-helmet earpiece to be compatible with his hearing aid. These updated communication systems are now being used by police forces, medical professionals and military personnel around the world. He also supported launch of a 999 British Sign Language (BSL) app for people with hearing or speech loss to connect immediately to a video call with a BSL interpreter when they need life-saving help.


Malawi Deaf Association dissatisfied with government

The government did not respond to a budget request for the fiscal year 2022-2023 by the Malawi Deaf Association to promote the use of Sign Language. They had requested funding to provide to train 300 sign language interpreters, renovate a Deaf school, and create a Malawi sign language dictionary andsay the government has made empty promises to the Deaf community but does not follow through.

The Old Fogeys

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Egypt improves detection of Deafness

The Egypt Health Ministry recognizes that 4.5 million infants are born every year and wants to promote early detection of Deaf children and encourage parents to seek assistance from hospitals. Approximately 250,000 babies are tested, but only 20,000 are taken to one of the 3,500 centers where they can receive hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other assistance to prepare the child for a future with hearing loss.

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