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DeafWire Edition – 19 February 2022

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BSL Bill Update

Rosie Cooper, British Member of Parliament has introduced a bill to make British Sign Language (BSL) an official language. Parliament has up to 6 months to discuss and finalize. So far the bill has passed its second reading and is now in committee awaiting third reading.

David Buxton, chair of British Deaf Association says “Deaf people in Britain never gave up hope that their language would one day be not only recognized in law but also protected and promoted.”


Police brutality

A TikTok video went viral showing a 17-year old Deaf boy being severely beaten by the police. He was playing in an elevator in a subway station when a policeman ordered him to stop.

This incident has angered many people and the local Deaf community protested in front of the Government of Georgia’s offices.


North America

USA: The Deaf Artists Residency (DAR) at Anderson Center in Minnesota, USA gave five Deaf artists the opportunity to come together to live, work and share ideas with others thanks to funding from the National Endowment of the Arts.

MEXICO: GatoSordo is empowering Deaf people to get jobs by collaborating on training in Deaf awareness.


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First Deaf politician

Victor Zurita, a 25 year old Deaf man was elected as the first Deaf politician in Mexico’s history. He scurrently serves on the Special Commission on Attention to Persons with Disabilities of the Congress in the State of Michacan. He says the Deaf community in Mexico has been “invisible” for decades. There are only one certified interpreter for every 127,000 people.

Zurita is working on multiple legislative proposals to improve the rights of people with disabilities and promote Mexican Sign Language (MSL).


Sign language anchor at Olympics

Central Television (CCTV) is collaborating with Baidu Intelligent Cloud on the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) sign language anchor. It looks like a real person but using technology, learns and interprets into sign language. It will provide sign language interpretation of all its Olympics TV coverage 24 hours a day.



UNITED KINGDOM: Barclays has donated £100,000 to the North East Sensory Services (NESS) to help Blind and Deaf people keep in touch with friends and family and use the internet for banking and shopping.

FRANCE: A Deaf man, Patrick hosts a new health blog “Sante Signes” discussing different topics related to leading a healthy life. Recent topics: whether pre-packaged lettuce is healthier and chemicals may have been used to clean it.


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