What is considered a Dream Job, or even for that matter,
a Dream Job for the Deaf?
It is a job that is so much in demand that the desperate
employer would simply snap up the first most qualified
candidate they could find – regardless if the person is deaf.
That, in essence, is the Dream Job for the Deaf. DEAFDIGEST
editor knows of a friend, from way back in school days, who
never went to college (he attended trade school, though).
This friend worked in a technical engineering profession for many
years – but saw the handwriting on the wall – that his profession
was dying in one part of USA.
He did a web search and found an opening for the same profession
in another part of USA. He made contact with that prospective
employer – and much to his surprise – he was immediately snapped
up – and he was given generous allowance on relocation costs.
It didn’t matter he was deaf – the employer was only so glad
to give him interpreters and assistive devices.
A Dream Job for the Deaf, very certainly so.