Dummy Hoy stories we may not know about

— Dummy Hoy was small; was not a big man;
just 5’4 and 150 lbs

— Dummy Hoy was trained to repair shoes

— Dummy Hoy owned a shoe repair shop but
walked away to embark on a career in baseball

— Dummy Hoy was an “old man” at the age of
24 when he played his first minor league game

— Dummy Hoy, as a major league rookie, stole
82 bases setting a record that held for many
years for most bases stolen by a rookie

— Dummy Hoy’s stolen bases stats can be
funny; he only stole 33 bases his second year

— Dummy Hoy was laughed at by the manager of
Milwaukee Brewers in the 1880’s, thinking
the deaf cannot play baseball

— Dummy Hoy threw out three men at home
in one game

— Dummy Hoy had an incredible throwing
arm, collecting 45 assists in one season

— Dummy Hoy worked with his third base coach
to tell him if the pitch was a ball or a strike

— Dummy Hoy fans waved their hands while
cheering him

— Dummy Hoy’s last play of his career was in a
minor league game where he had to chase a
deep fly ball; a horse and a crowd of fans
stood in his way; he had to fight through
to catch the fly to prevent a home run.

— Dummy Hoy, after his playing days, adopted
a hearing nephew. That nephew grew up, becoming
a big sponsor of the Hearing Olympics and
owning a big bakery that delivered bread
in Los Angeles (Helm’s bakery)