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Anderle, Mike . councilman, Lacon, IL town council,current
Arapoglu, Dimitra . Parliament, Greece . current
Ashley, Jack – MP, United Kingdom
Bidgood, Bruce – local council member, British Columbia
Blatchford, Mary, town concillor, Nailsea, United Kingdom, current
Bonnet, Charles, Grand Council, Geneva, Switzerland, 1752 to 1768
Booth, Edmund . won 3 elections in Iowa as county clerk, 19th century
Bottini, Stefano . won 1992 election; Chamber of Deputies, Rome, Italy
Bouton, Raphael, substitute deputy, Rosny Sous Bois, France, 2012
Buxton, David . Councillor, Court Ward, London, UK
Dawkins, Keith, deaf councilman, Hartlepool, UK
Druchen-Newhoudt, Wilma, member of parliament, South Africa, current
Folendorf, Amanda, mayor, Angels Camp, CA
Franceschi, Diego Lombana, member of Parliament, Panama
Gifford, Alan . sewer commission; Goffstown, NH (early 80.s) & Kingston, MA (early 2000.s)
Gilbert, Sylvester . legislator, state & federal, Connecticut, late 18th century
Golden, Manny – minor elected position, state of Florida (1990’s)
Grady, Theodore . Deputy City/County Tax Collector, San Francisco, early 1900’s
Greaves, Rhian – member of Bristol (UK) council, June 2014 – present
Hughes, Don – Montevallo, Alabama council; stepped down July 2014
Hughes, William, Prime Minister, Australia (1915-1923)
Jarmer, Helene . member of parliament, Austria, 2009
Joshi, Raghab Bir . member, Nepal Legislative body, current
Kosa, Adam . Hungary, member of European Parliament, current
Kruse, Otto . public office, Hamburg, Germany, 19th century
Leaves, Martin – councilman, Plymouth, Great Britain
Lemmond, Charles – Pennsylvania state senator, 5 terms, 1985-2006
Lima, Pilar, Spain, senate
Lloyd, Stephen – MP, Great Britain, current
Lombana, Diego – Asemblea Nacional, Panama
Lund, Gary . mayor, Luddenden, in United Kingdom, 2006.s
Lynch, Ken – councilman, Sandy Town, UK, current
Malkowski, Gary . Ontario MPP, one term, 1990.s
MacKenzie, Francis Humberstone, Scotland, seat in Parliament, early 19th century
Mathers, Mojo – MP, New Zealand
McClintock, Robert, Florida, assorted local & minor elected positions, 1970’s & 1980’s
McMahon, William . Australia, career politician, prime minister, 1971-72
Meotti, Laurie . Hebron (CT) Board of Education board member, 2003-2004
Nicholson, Emma Harriet . Great Britain, House of Lords, European Parliament
Nolan, Kevin . town councilman, Northampton, MA, one term
Ollerenshaw, Kathleen . Councillor & Lord Mayor in Great Britain
Abdul Quadir, Councillor, Camden Township, Great Britain
Rimmer, Marie – MP, United Kingdom
Rodgers, Curtis . Circuit Clerk, Covington county, Alabama; early fifties,2 terms
Saito, Rie – assembly of Kita Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Sakurai, Samie . Hakuba Village Assembly, Japan, early 2000.s
Salzer, Marisa – member of council, Montesano, Washington, current
Shelton, Glenn . elected Constable, Unicol & Erwin counties, Tennessee; early 1980.s
Siguroardottir, Sigurlin Magret . Icelandic parliament, 2006.s
Smith, Bob . state representative, Georgia, current
Stevens, Helga . Flemish Parliament, Belgium
Tapolczai, Gergely, Hungary, member of Parliament, current
Toth, Judith . state delegate, Maryland, 1970.s-1980.s
Umaru Tanko Al-Makura – governor, Nasarawa, Nigeria
West, John . councilman, Fenland District, United Kingdom, no longer
White, Bruce . councilman, University Park, MD, early 2000.s
Wodeyar, Kanthirava Narasaraja . mayor, Mysore (Karmataka), India
Yanetani, Atsuko – city assembly in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Yokoo Yoshitomo-san – mayor, Oguro Town, Japan, 1951
Yuri of Uglich (Russia) – secretary of state, 16th century
Ziegler, Ed . town councilman, North Baltimore, Ohio (1970s-1990s)

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