The May 2000 issue of Scientific American listed 20 marvels of
engineering that changed our world.
Are these marvels also deaf marvels? Yes, for most of them.

* Electrification – made possible our flashing signalers
* Automobile – shrunk our far flung deaf community
* Airplane – shrunk our already shrunk far flung deaf community
* Electronics – our electronic TTY devices
* Radio and TV – Radio, no, but TV, yes thanks to closed captions
* Computers – e-mail has made friends out of deaf strangers
* Telephone – for our TTY to hook up with
* Highways – made it possible for us to visit our distant deaf friends
* Spacecraft – made it possible for us to look for deaf space aliens
* Internet – same as computers above
* Household appliances – clunky Model 15 TTY machines were a necessity
* Health Technologies – continuing research into mysteries of deafness
* Laser and Fiber Optics – deaf to access each other faster
* High-Performance Materials – better and better hearing aid batteries