The turnaround between the 1984-85 and the 1985-86
seasons borders on the unbelievable. The 1984-85
team went 1-19 that carried over a 16-game
losing streak into the following season. Despite
arrival of prized recruit David Hamilton, a former
NCAA-I player, the 1985-86 team continued with
the losing streak, losing five straight games,
making it a 21-game losing streak. After the
win in the 6th game of the season, team lost three
more games. At this point, team was 1-8 (and
1-24 stretching back to the previous season).
Suddenly, the team clicked – and went 14-4
for the remainder of the season, making it
a 15-12 record; the number of season wins
was the highest in history at that time.