In the 1967 football season, Gallaudet had a
game with Frederick College and lost 43-0.

It was Frederick College in Virginia and not
Frederick Community College in Maryland which
never had a football team at all.

Anyway Ed Waterstreet, one of the Gallaudet
players, muttered after the game, saying that
Frederick College was so strong that they
made us look like babies! His teammates
agreed with him.

This college owed Gallaudet one more
game – to be played in 1968.

After the 1967 season, Frederick College,
with no warning, suddenly closed its doors
for good. And there was a newspaper story
that one nearby college wanted to recruit
the entire Frederick College football team!

It never took place.

So much for this Gallaudet one-time game with
the closed Frederick College. It parallels
the Mt Ida College that suddenly closed up
few days ago. Gallaudet had a rivalry that
started in 2007.